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Body PiercingLately, I’ve been thinking about getting my nipples pierced, just to find out about certain feelings I’ve been told about. If I don’t like it, it’ll take about six weeks to grow closed if anything like my ears. I could use some feedback — how do the rest of you feel about body piercing? Do men find pierced nipples to be erotic? if yes, why? If no, why not? I’m really interested in the male POV on this one. —Brcain9


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    From Ray
    Here’s my take on piercing, I would never dream of getting a facial or tongue piercing but I got a nipple piercing – it made my otherwise insensitive nipples sensitive. For the most part it is, like most piercings, just fashion – it looks great.

    A couple of years later I decided to get a genital piercing- a lorum (base of penis and top of scrotum). I don’t go around showing people so it’s a naughty thing to do, a bit of a secret turn-on. It works really well for clitoral (or anal) stimulation with a dangling piece of jewelry. So well that the feedback from my girlfriends sent me back to get a frenum (underside of the end). At first it was a fizzle – it was irritating to me and my girlfriend. Until after about six months when it fully healed and I got some properly fitted jewelry. It really works well for control, by focusing on its stimulation I can come or not by choice. Now she prefers it – she gets disappointed when I take it out.

    • serge

      you surely have to get both nipples pierced…. and try a frenum; great great great

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    From Ghost Rider
    Allie, [see entry below] if you care any thing about your teeth, ask the guy to remove the jewelry before you start giving him oral. I know it sounds wild and is a turn on to think about doing it with the barbell or rings in place but this is an excellent way to chip, crack, or break your teeth. In a relationship, it is easy to forget or get excited to the point of nibbling and hitting the jewelry. It really saves on the dental bills.

  3. Comment Import

    From Allie
    I was recently with a man who was pierced down below and it was the first time I had attempted oral in that type of situation. I need help! How can I successfully give oral to someone with a few piercings through his penis? Any tips?

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    From Kay
    I would never dare presume to tell anyone that he or she simply must get this, that, or the other pierced. What works for me may well not begin to work for them, so I can only speak for myself.

    My nipples are extremely sensitive, and I find now that the pierced one is exquisitely so. Breathe on it, and my cock starts squirming around; give it a lick, and up I go. It took me forever to get up the courage to have it done, as I was afraid of the pain just like everyone else. But it was quite tolerable, and the results have definitely been worth it. It has delivered in every way on my expectations for looks and for physical gratification.

    Would I pierce anything else, other than my ears (one of which is pierced, BTW)? No. The very idea of getting my cock pierced is enough to make me want to encase it in concrete just as a protective measure. I rather like the look of a single piercing at the eyebrow or navel as long as it’s a thin ring, but multiples or thick barbells don’t make it in terms of being attractive to my eye. A pierced nose always makes me wonder how sloppy the jewelry gets when the wearer has a bad cold, and septum piercings make me want to tie a rope to them and lead the wearer around like a cow. You don’t want to know what I think of tongue piercings; or worse, tongue splitting <ugh! cringe!>.

    Then again, I’m sure there are a lot of people who wouldn’t care for the three tattoos that I have, either, so… what’s the phrase? Chacun a son gout <wink>.

  5. Comment Import

    From Tom
    I got my nipple pierced about six years ago and would recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about it. I had wanted it done for ages but was worried that it would be painful and that I’d catch it on things. The piercing process was nothing, but it was painful for a week or so afterwards. After a while you don’t even notice it’s there but it can ache sometimes on a cold day.

    I’m 37 now and I love the fact that it’s there under my shirt and few people know. It also makes me feel sexy and daring. I had a girlfriend who didn’t like it but plenty of women seem to find it attractive. I really like nipple piercings on women but I don’t think I’ll persuade my wife to get them.

  6. Comment Import

    From Asteria
    I just have to say how much I identify with Jennifer. I totally hate the way I look. Personally I find body piercings very sexy, when done in what I consider good taste. So my natural solution to hating my body? Pierce it. I was barely one month ago when I finally worked up the courage to go get my belly button pierced. I found the cutest little barbell with a smiley face on it (my personal symbol), but I suppose that’s besides the point. When the man took me back to where he was going to actually pierce me, I admitted my total fear of pain. Now mind you I am totally into pain and love, for sexual purposes. But the thought of having some stranger stick a needle in me scared the crap out of me. He assured me that it would be no worse that having a blood sample taken at the hospital. OK, so there I went prepared for the worst. Not only did it not hurt, but I barely felt it. It takes allot, and I mean allot of care to make sure it does not become infected. But I can’t wait to go out and get my nipples and tongue pierced. The nipples for me, and the tongue for my husbands pleasure. Not to mention, that as said before, for me getting a piercing is a total rush, it’s like a natural high. I have been assured the act of piercing my nipple will be painful, but only moderately and only for a moment. And the pleasure I’ve been told of far outweighs the pain.

    Oh and PS be careful with them and make sure your lovers are too. My husband in the heat of the moment ripped my shirt off of me, catching it on the barbell and sending me to my knees in horrifying pain. So please, do be careful.

  7. Comment Import

    From Jennifer
    Hello, My name is Jennifer and I am a recovering pierce-a-holic. Perhaps you have heard of people who find the adrenaline rush from piercing addicting. I will vouch for that. I used to hate the way I looked. I was laughed at because no matter what I did I looked too innocent.

    Some male friends suggested that I do a piercing or try drugs. Drugs were out of the question. I fainted when the guy at the piercing shop showed me his penis piercing. The next week I had my belly button done. I chose a silver hoop with a jade stone. Soon after, I had my left ear cartilege pierced. I got dizzy, but it felt so good! Then I started dating a piercing apprentice. FREE piercings! All I could handle. I had the belly button done again, and the other ear cartilege, and then my tongue. My mouth was numb, the needle pinched, I drooled all over myself and the piercer. I swelled up and talked funny for a few hours. I was not advised how to care for the thing – only told no oral sex for a few weeks, and no smoking. I went out and ate steak for dinner. Ripped the booger. It healed ok. I got a bigger ring in it. When it healed, I LOVED giving head!

    Then my body rejected the belly rings. I replaced them by getting my tragus (the little nobby thing at the opening of the ear) done with a pretty lady with bright pink hair that patted my cheek and called me “momma.” By this time the jewelry adorning my body was worth more than my savings. I was poor.

    An inability to breathe due to a sinus problem meant I had to remove my beloved tongue ring. The rest came out when I had surgery. All that are left are the two on my earlobe that Mom did when I was six – and the tragus. Some day I may give up the tragus.

    I am starting to value the look of innocence I was once so ashamed of, but I really, really miss the rush I got from piercing.


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