You Rang Madam?

“You rang madam?”

“Yes Hudson, I rang.”

“What is it madam?” She stood, hands resting on the back of the sofa, her back to the window.

“Come over here and lift my dress up at the back.”

“Madam!” his voice registered his shock.

“Well?” her voice registered mild irritation. Hudson stood just inside the door, as if rooted to the spot.

“Madam. madam I can’t. I couldn’t.” The unflappable Hudson was very flustered.

“Hudson, you can and you will,” her voice softened suddenly, “surely you’d like to lift up the back of Madam’s dress?”

“No Madam!”

“I’m told I have a very pretty bottom, a bottom a man would like to look at.”

“Madam, this is unfair.”

“Oh come on Hudson, I’ve seen you glancing at lady visitors with lust in those unsmiling eyes of yours.”

“Never Madam!”

“Oh yes Hudson. And at my bosom when I wear something a little daring.”

“Madam, I assure you .”

“Hudson, I’m teasing you.” He relaxed a little. But she wasn’t finished.

“So, come and lift up my dress and give me your opinion. Come tell me I have a pretty bottom” Hudson swallowed audibly and ventured, “Madam, I can tell you from here.”

“But I’d like you to make sure!” Her voice had a commanding ring to it and three generations of Hudsons-in-service seemed to nudge him forward. Before he could check himself he had crossed the room to stand behind his mistress.

“That’s better. Now, tell me what you think.”

Slowly, carefully, he reached out and lifted the hem, exposing her white skin to the sunlight streaming in through the window.


Hudson swallowed and said in a loud whisper, “It is a very pretty bottom indeed Madam.”

“How pretty Hudson? Is it a bottom to be admired?”

Her panties were brief, flimsy pink things, crossing the hemispheres of her ass, exposing more than they covered. He felt drawn to touch, perhaps even to kiss.

“Are you just telling me what you think I want to hear?”

“No Madam,” he sounded shocked that she would ever doubt his word, “it is a perfect bottom, firm and soft and…” He stopped, sensing he’d said too much.

“How can you know it’s firm and soft Hudson? Perhaps you’d like to feel it to make sure?”

“Oh no Madam,” he blurted out.

“Oh yes Hudson,” she said quietly, “I think perhaps you should make sure.”

He was tiring a little of the game she was playing. His cock was erect and the sight of her ass and her panties was so very, very tempting. He reached out and ran his hand over a buttock.

He heard her intake of breath and steeled himself for a rebuke. None came.

“Do you realise Hudson that I am very, very aroused.”

Another shock. He’d not have expected to hear her tell him something like that, not ever.

“I’ve been thinking about this moment for so very long. I need you Hudson. I need you to . I need you to, to fuck me.”

“Madam!” He was shocked to the core by what she had said and her use of that word.

She ignored him and went on, “My husband needs an heir Hudson and I’ve yet to produce one. We’ve had all the tests and poor Oliver is short on his sperm count, very short.”

“I see Madam.”

“Do you Hudson? Just look upon this as a service to the family, if you must.”

“If you put it that way Madam.”

“Yes Madam, no Madam! For heaven’s sake Hudson, I thought you’d love trying to get your mistress with child.”

He looked down at his hand, still resting on that lovely buttock. There was nothing he’d like more.

“Madam, I’d be delighted to try.” He caressed her, letting his fingers dip down and venture between the tops of her thighs. “And Madam does have the most exquisite bottom.”

She shivered and squirmed under his hand. “Thank you Hudson, I’d rather hoped you’d like it.”

When she turned to face him he was sure he could feel the heat of her arousal. She dropped to her knees and reached for his fly.


“Hush Hudson, let me do this.” She said the words softly as she fumbled with his zipper.

Letting her struggle his erect cock out was a sweet agony. Embarrassment and sense of station fought with arousal. Arousal began winning.

Finally she had him free and he looked down in utter disbelief as she gripped his cock in her small hand and stared at it.

“Hudson! It’s beautiful. I think it will be perfect for the job.”

“Thank you Madam,” he paused, “Why me Madam?”

“Why Hudson?” she paused and smiled up at him, “because I can’t imagine giving myself to any of the awful men in our so-called circle of friends.”

She slid her hand down to the root of his cock and reached out with the other. Just the head of Hudson’s cock peeped out. “Isn’t this what they call a two hander Hudson?”

“I think I’m quite normally endowed Madam,” he said, wishing she’d stop tormenting him, but enjoying it immensely.

She giggled. “Normally endowed, normally endowed. Hudson you are a stuffy soul. You’ve got a lovely big cock, just perfect for stuffing in my cunt.”

Hudson was speechless.

“Shocked you did I?” She got to her feet and with her face an inch from his, said, “Cunt Hudson, cunt, cunt, cunt, cock, cock, cock.” She put her arms around him and ground her belly against his erection. “I’ve never said those words before Hudson. Cock and cunt, that’s what you and I are, for the next however-long-it-takes. My cunt and your cock.”

“Of course Madam,” he said, but this time there was humour in his voice and he was smiling.

“Would you like to see what makes the cleavage you’re always ogling?”

“Madam, I don’t ogle.”

“Hudson, you are an wicked ogler. Now, unbutton me.”

She moved a little away from him and thrust out her bosom slightly, by way of invitation. He’d all but surrendered to her scheme now and he reached out and began unfastening the buttons of her blouse. Madam wasn’t as in control as she had been. He could hear her rapid, nervous breathing, her breasts rose and fell, keeping time deliciously. Hudson could feel her heat on his face. “Your hands are trembling Hudson,” she told him.

“Yes Madam.”

She dropped a hand and it grasped his rigid cock. “You’re very aroused too Hudson.”

“And you Madam,” he said, asserting himself for the first time, “aren’t you just a little eager too?”

“Eager? Eager Hudson? If I told you just how eager I am you’d be ashamed of me.”

The last button came undone and he opened the blouse. Her bra was white and lacy and perhaps a little too small. She was heavy breasted, too big she knew, but, as she watched Hudson gazing at her, she knew he saw no fault.

“Well Hudson?”

“Magnificent Madam, magnificent.”

She gave his cock a painful squeeze and Hudson gasped.

“Not too big? I think they’re too big.”

“They, are, beautiful Madam,” he told her, emphasisng each word.

She reached a hand behind one of the cushions on the sofa and produced a small bottle. She handed it to him and, reaching behind, she undid the hooks on her bra. Hudson watched in delighted disbelief as she let the bra slide off her breasts. She had big, big breasts and big nipples. “You’re going to fuck my tits Hudson. How does that sound, coming from your Mistress’s mouth Hudson? You’re going to fuck my tits.”

For the second time she got to her knees in front of him. She took the bottle from his hand and squirted lubricant between her breasts. Then, cupping her hands under them she held them apart and moved towards him on her knees.

When his cock was nudging her chest she pressed her breasts together, trapping it between them.

Hudson thrust, how could he not? Eyes closed, he slowly tit-fucked her’that was the word in his head’tit-fucked. He put his hands on her shoulders. She forced her breasts together. Both had their eyes closed. Both registered their enjoyment with sighs and groans.

She loved the thrust of his hardness, the pressures on her breasts from plunging cock and squeezing hands. She squeezed until it hurt, making herself tight for him. Her nipples jutted alarmingly. His cockhead peeped and hid, peeped and hid in that cleavage.

Hudson was in heaven. What he was doing and who he was doing it to. God but she was lovely, he thought her breasts the most beautiful things in the world and, having his cock between them? . beyond his wildest imaginings. Suddenly he felt the first uncoiling sensation of orgasm. “Oh God!”

She drew away, terrified they’d gone too far. Madam wanted Hudson inside her for that, inside.

They both stared down at his glistening cock. Hudson willing himself not to come, she afraid that he would. The end of his cock lifted gently just once and a single pulse of white come drooled out and fell to the carpet.

“Oh no!” she said softly.

But no more. No uncontrolled spurting from Hudson’s cock.

“It’s alright Madam, it’s alright, we can still . we can still..” “You mean we can still fuck Hudson,” there was relief and delight in her voice. She was very close to tears at that moment. She needed to conceive. But at that moment, the need between her legs was for gratification. Madam needed that cock.

She turned away and bracing her hands on the back of the sofa, thrust out that pretty bottom.

“Well Hudson, pull down my panties and fuck me.”

“Yes Madam.” No reluctance now, he lifted her skirt again and tucked it into its own waistband. He swore he could hear his own heartbeat as he pulled her panties down. They were trapped between her buttocks and up in her crotch. Despite his eagerness, he savoured peeling them out. Her spread legs stopped him getting the scrap of nylon past her knees. She dipped at the waist, tipping her bottom higher. The cloven swell of her pussy peeped out at Hudson, a delicious invitation.

Still fully clothed, his cock jutting out, Hudson moved close and guided himself between the tops of her thighs. His cock was still slippery with lubricant and her pussy was slick and ready with her arousal. He slid into her so easily, the hot knife and the soft butter.

Hudson buried his full length into her and she sighed her joy. She was hot, incredibly so, seeming to scald his cock.

He reached round, under her, needing to touch, to cup her lovely breasts. “Hudson, this is beautiful, how good it feels.”

“Yes Madam, it does.” There was humour in his words. They sounded ridiculous and there was a strange satisfaction in the mistress-servant situation.

He released her breasts and his hands slid to her hips. The thrusting began. His cock filled her. Its length and girth perfect for her soft tightness. As it thrust and withdrew, thrust and withdrew, she felt the wonderful emptying and filling. Empty, full, empty, full, the one a beautiful ache, the other a perfect satisfaction

She answered with thrusts of her own. She became more desperate as his urgency grew. She was the impaled, he the impaler. She was writhing and bucking as if to tear his cock off inside her. He thrust and slammed, careless of hurting or bruising her. They came together, gasping and sobbing. She felt his cock spasm and swell as he gushed into her. Her pussy clutched and rippled, milking him like a hot, hungry mouth.

Finally, spent, he rested on her back gasping for air, feeling weak and wonderful.

She took his weight happily. She was filled with his juices. Her orgasm had been a wonderful, terrible thing. How she’d longed for that cock within her. Hudson had been everything she’d hoped he’d be. Again? Certainly. Soon? Very soon. Many times. As many times as it took, More times than it took. Happiness welled in her. She scissored her thighs, Madam was on cloud nine.
Hudson crossed the room, his legs still a little unsteady, he was still breathing hard.

“Thank you Hudson.”

He turned at the door, “Will that be all Madam?”

“No it won’t Hudson,” she smiled a very feminine smile, “perhaps tomorrow?”

“Certainly Madam.”

She felt a trickle between her thighs. Damn, she must lie down, get her hips elevated.


“Yes Hudson.”

“Yours is indeed a very pretty bottom.”

Outside the drawing room, Hudson leaned his back against the door, closed his eyes and smiled. He’d almost mentioned his long-ago vasectomy. He pictured her pretty, pretty bottom, beckoning over the coming weeks and months. And the lovely rest of her.

Madam would be ringing again soon, he was sure.

© 2007 Julius. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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