Year of the Snake

“I wanted my fucking Valentine.”

Medusa’s wrath knew no bounds. Snakes flew from her head in all directions as she cast her eyes about the kingdom looking for her next cocksure prey. Two snakes landed in Knossos in the garden of a bare-breasted Cretan maid.

“Wrigglers!” she cried ecstatic, catching them.

Myth reversed through time to a kinder, gentler goddess. Twin trouser snake gods materialized Apollonian at her side. Two proved better than one, always. She led them to the palace, reconstituted and fully hard — one in each hand.

“I guess she had her way with you,” whispered the maid.

Seized with desire they began to suckle. Four hands, two cocks, two mouths made fast work of her. They writhed together on the low divan in countless positions. One orgasm after another wracked the maid.

“Frigid bitch made dreadlocks out of us.”

“She’s never going to get that box of candy.”

“Can I keep you two for my own?”

Her mirth-filled tongue flickered lightly along her lips thinking about all the candygasms two lovers could conjure. All night long they’d be able to last, one cock, then another, then the other, then the tongues.

Medusa shrieked mythologically, watching.

© 2013 Valentine Bonnaire. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Bio: Valentine Bonnaire’s work spans a decade in this genre. She’s been published at and Erotica Readers & This June, she’ll be in one of Maxim’s and ummmm. Wow. A new chapter begins… xxoo!

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