Use Me

Story inspired by the song ‘Use Me‘ by Bill Withers

My friends feel it’s their appointed duty
They keep trying to tell me
All you want to do is use me.

She’s been in my bedroom, lying in wait for me to get home. I find her on my bed, on her belly, stark raving naked, with her chin resting in her left hand, which is propped up by her elbow. Her legs are lazily moving back and forth the way a cat might flick its tail as it lay sleepily in the sunlight streaming through a window.

When she sees me, she says, “About fucking time you got here.” Her tone isn’t confrontational; in fact, it’s the opposite. Casual, relaxed, lackadaisical. At first glance, she might appear to be bored. That is, until you make eye contact. Then, you’ll see an intensity so sharp that you’d swear you could spot those twin bright green, glowing orbs in complete darkness.

She says, “Come closer,” No “Good to see you, Darling.” No “How was work, Dear?” No “I’ve been thinking of you all day long.” Not even a “Please.” Just an instruction. I obey.

She sits up and starts fiddling with the fly of my slacks. She does this without breaking eye contact; it’s possible she thinks some instinctual part of me might bolt if she doesn’t maintain her gaze.

If I were to listen to my friends, I’d do it. She’s wrong for me, they say. Everyone knows it, they say. She’s manipulative and clingy and jealous and needy and greedy and selfish. She’s probably cheating on me, too. She cares no more for me than a predator would for the tasty morsel in its jaws. My pants are around my ankles and my prick is in her soft hands, her delicately-manicured fingers with the long, bright red nails running up and down my shaft. At this point, she begins staring at her handiwork as my cock becomes erect with astonishing speed. No need to keep eye contact anymore; I’m not going anywhere.

At first, she works slowly. Soft hands stroke my cock. She licks and swirls around the head, barely caressing it with her tongue, compelling me to move forward in hopes that the barely perceptible sensations she’s creating will become more intense. She’s causing me to ache for more. She’s causing me to need more.

I begin to shake with angst. Only then does she provide more. My cock goes into her wet mouth slowly, an inch at first, then out. Then she takes two inches, then out, then three. I want to beg for more but past experience has told me not to. If she thinks I demand too much of her, she just might leave the room in outrage, feigned or otherwise. It’s best to take what she wants to offer, in the way she wants to offer it.

Her tongue and her mouth feel so good on my cock that it feels like only seconds before I’m already on the verge of cumming. Of course, this will never do, not for her. She’s not doing this for my pleasure. She’s only getting me hard as quickly as possible for her own needs. She can sense how aroused I am, so she stops sucking and says, “Lie down.”

Again, I obey. I settle onto my bed, on my back and she climbs on top of me almost before I do so. As she sits down in my lap, guiding my cock into her pussy with her hand, she lets out a low growl from deep within her throat. She starts riding my cock, with every thrust of her hips letting out another growl. Before too long, the noises coming from her throat are blending into one long groan.

She’s a purely sexual creature. No inhibitions, no reservations, no mental blocks keeping her from completely embracing the pleasures of her body. Because of this, she starts having orgasm after orgasm with astonishing speed, each more intense than the last, each coming more quickly than the last until they’re practically one on top of the other in an endless succession. Her arms and legs shake and her body rocks with spasms and seizures so severe that a casual observer might think of calling 9-1-1. Her moans become screams and I can feel her whole body shaking and I can’t help it anymore and I let go of the last bit of reserve I have and I cum too, letting the massive orgasm consume me for what feels like an hour. I find myself with my hands on her hips, guiding her pelvis back and forth, still riding my cock, in hopes I can extract a little bit more of this marvelous sensation before it fades.

She will have none of that. She rolls off my body, her limbs still quivering, and onto her back next to me on the bed. She’s breathing hard, and her skin has a sheen of perspiration. She raises her legs and hooks her arms underneath them, lifting her torso and exposing her pussy to me. “Eat me,” she says. Again, it’s not a request.

I can taste my own semen mingled with the strong scent of her pussy juices. The first time I did this, I had to fight the urge to vomit. Now, I’m used to it. It’s amazing what one can accommodate oneself to for the sake of the ultimate goal. My tongue goes deep into her pussy, swirling around and playing with her salty-tasting flesh and then with her clitoris, and then with her pussy again, and then with her clit again, and then with the tightly puckered cavity of her anus. My tongue has to force its way past her sphincter muscles’ natural resistance to probing, but for only a moment. She starts making those guttural noises again, from so deep within her body they sound almost masculine.

She’s the only woman I’ve ever met who can make me feel like a god when it comes to fucking her. With other women, I’ve had normal limits when it comes to staying power. I have an orgasm, my cock goes limp and I get sleepy, just like virtually every other man on the planet. Not with her. I’ve just had a massive orgasm, but I’m still rock-hard and ready for more.

I’m moving on pure instinct, now. She doesn’t have to instruct me. She’s still on her back, her arms hooked underneath her legs. I sit up and penetrate her pussy again, for just a few thrusts, letting my cock get fully lubricated. I withdraw and start pushing it into her anus. It takes effort to push the head of my cock inside, and she howls as I do so. Once the head is in, however, the difficult part is over. The shaft disappears inside her body and she shrieks as I bear down until my testicles are pressed against her buttocks. I slowly withdraw and the look on her face is that of a sudden relief from pain. So I push forward again, and she’s feeling exquisite agony as my cock goes as far inside her asshole as it can.

I start thrusting faster and faster, but as her tight little anus gets used to my penis, the painful sensations in her body are being replaced by those of pleasure. The mask of intensity on her face is still there, but she’s growling and grunting, “More. More. Fuck me, yes! More! Faster! Faster! Harder!” Again, she’s not asking and again, I’m doing her bidding.

She’s screaming now, the sounds of which are mingled with those of my pelvis slapping against her buttocks and she convulses again and, like a freight train, the orgasm hits me and through me, her and I can feel her sphincter muscles squeezing my cock as it pulses and throbs inside her. Now I’m the one making guttural noises like a rutting animal, continuing to thrust as much as I can until my penis, finally exhausted, starts becoming flaccid and it slips out of her asshole. I roll off her onto the other side of the bed.

Her whole body is shaking. That’s not stopping her from still trying to get as much out of me as she can. She starts sucking my cock again, doing something straight out of the dirtiest pornographic movies, because she can. As exhausted as I am, I can’t help but feel a tingle inside my balls and if she keeps this up, there’s a very real chance I’ll be ready to go again in just a few minutes.

That, however, is not in the cards tonight. Once she’s licked my cock clean of her and my fluids, she seems satisfied and she gets up off the bed. I’m barely conscious of her movements as she gets dressed; all I can focus on is slowing my breathing and the racing beat of my heart so I can think clearly again.

She kisses me on the lips, inducing me to open my eyes. She’s fully dressed now. Jeans, T-shirt, sandals. She might have just walked into my apartment off the street. She probably did. “That was fun,” she says. “Catch you next time.” She leaves the room and I hear the door close behind her.

She’s all wrong for me. My family says that. My friends say that. I know it’s true, but…the last words she says remind me that she’ll be coming back. That thought creates a new surge of energy in my penis. If she hadn’t just left, I’d be in the mood to do this all over again.

I wanna spread the news
that if it feels this good getting used,
You just keep on using me…
Until you use me up.

* * * * *

I’m in no condition to drive. My arms and legs are shaking, my heart is pounding, my pussy’s throbbing and my asshole’s screaming at me in pain. It’s taking everything I have to keep focused on the road. It’s taking even more for me to keep from turning this car around and going back to fuck him again. As much as he’s taken from me tonight, I still have more to give.

It ain’t too bad the way you’re using me
‘Cause I sure am using you
to do the things you do…
To do the things you do.

© 2010 J.T. Benjamin. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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