Tyler’s Love

Eddie’s asshole, slick with lube, fit nicely around Tyler’s cock. Every muscle was constricted and tight, massaging Tyler’s dick better than hands or mouth ever could.

“You’ve got a nice asshole, you know that?”

Eddie tried to reply, but couldn’t get much past the ball gag.

“Aw, shut up…” Tyler whispered into his lover’s ear, and then resumed thrusting.

Eddie’s butt cheeks had already been spanked a bright pink, and his face was streaked with tears from gagging on Tyler’s dick. Now, he was crunched into a tight ball, Tyler’s long, lean body wrapped around him. One of Tyler’s hands worked Eddie’s cock; the other had him by the hair.

“Do you like it?” Tyler said, burying himself up to the hilt in his lover’s ass, “Do you like having my cock in your little fuckhole?”

More garbled words. Spit leaked out the sides of Eddie’s gorgeous lips.

Tyler pulled out a little and started to move in short little plunges.

“Do you like it?”

Eddie’s cock throbbed out the answer as Tyler stroked it.

“You know what?” Tyler said, making each thrust longer.


Eddie’s breathing was all ragged snorts.

“You know what?” Tyler repeated.

He pulled back on Eddie’s hair as hard as he could, and jammed his dick forward at the same time.

Eddie tried to scream, but only made a throaty gargle.

“I don’t give a fuck if you like it,” Tyler hissed into Eddie’s ear.

Eddie gargled again. Tyler pulled him off faster.

“You’re my little fuckhole,” Tyler said, flecks of spittle covering Eddie’s cheek. “You’re mine to fuck. Mine to ruin and spoil.”

Tyler’s hand went to Eddie’s exposed throat. He squeezed, just hard enough for it to be dangerous.

“And I’ll take your tight little ass…”

He pushed himself in to the hilt again.

“…any fucking time…”

His fingers clenched tighter around both cock and throat.

“…I want.”

“Mmmph! Mmmmmmphh…”

Eddie’s cock erupted. Semen hit the bedsheets so hard that droplets splashed back against Tyler’s fingers.

Tyler crushed into Eddie harder. Tyler’s flesh soaked up his lover’s sweat, while his muscles felt every orgasmic shudder.

Once the sheets were sticky and the room reeked of come, Tyler gently slipped his cock out of Eddie’s ass. He kissed Eddie on the cheek, his lips savouring the slick coating of spit and tears, snot and sweat.

Tyler delicately unhooked the gag. Eddie drew in hard, rasping breaths.

“Tyler… My God… that was…”

Tyler’s hand seized Eddie’s throat and cut off his words with a squeeze.

“I am your fucking God,” he said, “And I don’t remember saying we were finished.”

Eddie’s eyes bulged as Tyler straddled his chest. Tyler’s cock, still dripping with lube from the assfucking, plunged into Eddie’s mouth.

“Take it all, fuckhole. I’m not pulling out ’til I finish.”

He fucked Eddie’s mouth as hard as he had his ass. He relished every wet, choking gag. And, true to his word, he kept it in until his own orgasm.

The real pleasure wasn’t the sensation of climaxing, or the feeling of come shooting out and filling up Eddie’s mouth. No, the real pleasure was seeing Eddie’s eyes filled with fear and awe as he looked up at Tyler and saw a God.

Only after Eddie had spat out every bit of come did Tyler give his lover a deep kiss. He swirled his tongue around Eddie’s gums, picked out each flavour: come, spit, lubricant, ass, bile, even some blood. Everything bad, everything disgusting, blended into one slave’s wholesome little mouth.

Tyler pulled away from the kiss and smiled. Eddie, sobbing, smiled back.

“I love you…” Eddie said.

“I love you, too, fuckhole,” Tyler said, and meant every word.

© 2012 Elliot DeLocke. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Bio: Elliot DeLocke was born in small town Australia and raised in big city Southeast Asia. Having spent so much time abroad, he has since returned to Australia. He works in local government by day and writes by night. He’s interested in fantasy and horror, feminism and history, politics and poetry, and how human sexuality connects it all together. He’s battled wildfires and insomnia to be here, and feels very grateful to have the chance to share his stories.

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