Tight, Tighter, Tightest

They’d called it their ‘sixth anniversary’. Six whole months since they’d met.

Kevin and Debra had been driving back from visiting her mother and, during the seemingly endless return trip, the conversation had turned to kinks.

“Tell me one of yours and I’ll tell you one of mine,” she’d said.

He’d hardly surprised her with his. “Just can’t help it,” he said, “I have this thing about tight clothing on the female form.”

She thought it normal enough in a male. But he did seem to girl watch rather too keenly when he was with her. It was less than flattering to have him ogling other women to such a degree. ‘After all,’ she’d thought, ‘I’m a cute little package myself.’ She thought Kevin needed to focus a little more on her when they were out together. Maybe one of these days she should let him know how she felt? Punish him a little?

Debra found herself telling him that she loved wearing tight things, “Makes me feel so very feminine.” As she was telling him just how good it did feel, ‘the idea’ came. An idea that developed into a plan on how to have a little fun AND teach her ogling significant other a lesson.

A week later, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, when their fancies lightly turned to thoughts of love, she jolted him with the words, “If you let me tie you up, maybe I’ll surprise you.”

Kevin had let her of course. He’d learned to like her little surprises. He found the idea very stimulating … tied up and helpless with Debra in control might be fun.

She led him to the basement and, with two of those plastic cable ties, had Kevin just the way she wanted him. She suggested he strip down to just his boxer shorts. Debra was still in her jeans and blouse which seemed a little unfair to Kevin.

He stood with his back against the jackpost, his hands secured around it. Debra kissed him quickly on the lips and scampered upstairs with not a word.

She seemed to be gone a long time.

Debra finally reappeared wearing a bathrobe and Kevin happily wondered what, if anything, was underneath it. She’d tied her hair into two small ponytails above her ears. Kevin always thought this made her look very little-girlish. She’d applied bright red lipstick to her full lips and lots of blue eyeshadow. Somehow she seemed to lose ten years when she did this. It always turned him on because she looked somewhere in her mid-teens. He called it her ‘jailbait’ look.

Standing directly in front of him she slowly opened the robe. The look on his face made her heart bounce.

Kevin stared. His Debra had just the figure for underwear! She was deliciously too big for what she wore. Just a pink bra and pink panties. The words ‘tight’ and ‘brief’ didn’t begin to describe them. He imagined that she must have had quite a struggle getting into both. He felt himself hardening as he gazed.

She’d shopped carefully for the two garments, choosing what she thought would look best and then deliberately buying them too small. They were tight! She wouldn’t say uncomfortable, although maybe they were. As she’d told Kevin she loved tight clothing. The confining feel of both bra and panties was wonderful. She glanced at his crotch. Oh yes!! It was working on him. ‘I’ll teach you to like OTHER girls in tight clothes!’ she thought.

The thin silkiness of the bra cups looked like a coat of paint on the swells of her breasts. The skimpy straps over her shoulders cut into her softness. His eyes were drawn south!

The panties! They covered her mound but only just. Had she shaved herself he wondered? There was not a wisp of hair showing from the sides. Debra had had her lovely blonde bush up until last week! The fabric of the panties clung to the plump contours of her pussy. Her cleft showed plainly, almost as a crease. Kevin’s erection had caught somehow in his boxers and he looked down to see himself jutting out, impossibly far. He squirmed trying to release his trapped cock. It was very uncomfortable damn it, straining to be straight!

“You like the outfit?” she asked, staring at the tent that was his manhood as if asking his penis the question. “Poor little guy’s all caught up,” she added looking up at him and smiling.

She stood close to him and her perfume was in his nostrils. His cock seemed to harden more as she moved closer and closer, until her breasts in their straining cups brushed against his bare chest and her belly pressed gently against his increasing stiffness. “Like my outfit?” she asked again in a throaty whisper.

“Love it, love it!” he told her. She stepped away then and slowly turned giving him the back view. She was delighted when he groaned softly.

She was the sweetest, sexiest thing he’d ever seen. The panties, brief and hi-cut, only half covered her buttocks, cutting into the soft roundness of her ass. She stood with her feet apart and then bent to touch the floor with her finger tips. The swell of her mound was plainly visible between her legs. Debra’s offered ass was round and soft and the tiny panties seemed far too small. He wondered how she could wear anything so tight. He squirmed and his cock freed itself to lie vertically against his belly, a proud ridge up the front of the shorts. Oh but that ass of hers was irresistible. She straightened and turned, her eyes on his erection. Debra smiled and licked her lips.

She came and knelt in front of him and reached for the waistband of his shorts and began pulling them down. Kevin watched as she exposed the dark, red head of his cock, its little slit gaped and seemed to look back at him.

Looking down like that into her skimpy bra he wondered how it managed to contain the heavy breasts. The thin straps, the few stitches at each join, the press of the flesh against the thin fabric of the cups. ‘Verily, her cups runneth over!’ dear God! He was hard!

She drew the shorts down and down and his beautiful cock waved free, just inches from her face. For the first time Debra felt her body’s hunger threaten the little scene she had planned. She wanted to press her face against the underside of the beautiful thing, feel the press of his pubic hair, his balls against her lips.

Debra got to her feet and walked over to his workbench. He marvelled at the twitch and wiggle of her sweet ass. The full swell of her buttocks, the two dimples where the valley of her spine flared into soft flesh. The creases where ass became thigh. She picked something up and turned to walk back. Her breasts jostled and bounced in the bra. For the first time he noticed her nipples, they were proud now. Debra’s nibbleable nipples!

She had a bungee hung round her neck. One of those he’d used to strap stuff on the back of his now-sold Honda. The hooks dangled level with her breasts.

“Kevin likes girls in tight things doesn’t he?”

He nodded and swallowed and wondered what was next.

Debra turned away again and reached for the bungee hooks and pulled one down and hooked it under the side of her panties. Then she pulled the other down and did the same on the other side. When she let go of the hooks Debra gasped as the crotch of the panties grabbed at her. On either side of her the panties were pulled up almost level with her bra. The tightness between her legs! Oh God! Oh yes!! Deliciously tight!

Kevin squirmed as he imagined the crotch of the panties at the junction of Debra’s sweet thighs.

She walked slowly away from him again, exaggerating the movements of her hips. The panties began working their way across her buttocks and into the cleavage of her ass. It was the wickedest sensation imaginable, like being violated. Deeper and tighter, tighter at the back, tighter at the front, ever tighter. Every step was a teasing thrill, her panty crotch was making beautiful love to her pussy! She wondered how it must look.

Kevin had only ever imagined something like this. His mind flicked back and forth between the mental image of what must be happening between Debra’s legs and the visual one of her panties seeming to disappear into her body. Damn it! He was so aroused he couldn’t keep still. She turned and began wiggling her way back to him. Oh God! She hadn’t shaved herself completely after all! Just trimmed to the bikini line. Now her straining panties divided her pussy and a small bush of her blonde curls showed defiantly from either side. “For God’s sake Debra!” he exclaimed

“Yes my love?” she said, pretending to wonder what was bothering him.

“You’re killing me!” he said very quietly.

She smiled one of her little-girl smiles. She clamped her thighs tightly together and giggled, “I think I’m killing me too!” She cocked her hips first one way and then the other, “This is for you my Kevin. You like girls in tight clothes don’t you?” She made an open-arms-look-at-me gesture. “And I like wearing tight clothing,” she repeated the gesture, “so this is perfect for us both.”

Each time she’d thrown her arms wide the bungee had seemed to pull the panties up tighter. ‘How can she bear that?’ he wondered. Oh but his cock was aching with desire. He wished he could touch himself. “Please untie me Debra.”

She shook her head and looked down at his cock, “Oh my! Look, he’s drooling. I wonder why.”

He looked down. Yes, his cock was drooling, as she put it. Kevin watched a perfect, tiny, glistening jewel of precum as it slid off the head of his cock and slid down. Another began to form, welling up out of the tiny slit in his cock head.

She bent and very, very, gently licked the end of his cock, scooping the glistening droplet with the tip of her tongue. To her delight his cock twitched violently and his whole body jerked as if an electric charge had gone through him.

Debra loved the sweet taste of him. She straightened and let him watch as she slowly licked her lips with a pink tongue tip. Debra wasn’t as cool and collected as she was pretending. She felt the glow spreading through her, across her chest and that insistent heat in the pit of her stomach.

Her breasts jostled in her little bra with every movement she made. Why they didn’t pop out was beyond him. Her nipples were very obvious now, poking proudly against the thin nylon.

The action of the panties between her legs was driving her wild as they seemed to find and torment every nerve ending.

“I can’t take much more of this,” said Kevin, his voice just a croak.

“Not too much longer my sweet, girl-ogling Kevin,” she said. “I think you should focus more on little Debra.” She slid a hand down over her belly and forced it down into her panties. “Now, did you ever see anything as tight as this? Tighter, tighter my love.” She thrust her fingers further under finding heat and wetness.

Kevin couldn’t believe how affected he was by what she did next. Her nipples were so plain to see, trying to stand erect while the tight fabric tried to keep them flat. Now Debra began to slowly scratch across her nipples through the bra. He could actually hear her nails on the nylon. She stood, eyes closed, slowly raking across the jutting little nylon-covered bulges. Rubbing her knees together and biting her lip. Her arousal showed in her every action. He looked down, his cock head was still leaking – ‘drooling’ she’d said. That’s what it was doing, drooling, as if it could see her. His erection was an aching, insistent presence. He needed release so badly now that he thought he’d go mad.

Debra’s arousal was every bit as great as Kevin imagined. Her nails on her nipples were sending messages to her pussy. That tortured pussy was about to betray her. She seemed to be trembling all over. Unable to help herself she sank onto the cold, bare concrete. The crotch of her panties cut into her and this time she did cry out. It hurt but it was a beautiful hurt, oh God, they were tight! She sprawled at Kevin’s feet and her hands went to her pussy. Her fingers found her clit. With desperate urgency she began pleasuring herself through the wet nylon.

Kevin watched fascinated. He wanted to help her, join her, get into her with his straining cock. He watched her writhing on the floor at his feet and found himself squirming too, his cock waving, futilely seeking the touch, the caress that would trigger the release of the awful pressure inside him.

Finally she came, sobbing and struggling on the floor. Her eyes were fixed on his, her hand trapped between her thighs as she humped through her climax, then her seemingly endless spasms as she went through the aftershocks.

She lay still at last, fighting for breath.

Kevin thought he’d lose his mind! The need was awful. He longed for her, desperate to reach this unreachable climax. He’d have done anything to get his hands on his cock. His whole being seemed focused on his erection. The thought of plunging himself into her!! Nothing else mattered and he was ready to plead, beg, anything. Horny? He’d never imagined it was possible to feel or endure this level of arousal.

Eventually her heart and lungs fought back to normal and she struggled to her knees, reaching for him. Her hand wrapped around his cock and gently squeezed. Intended as a loving gesture, it was all Kevin needed to trigger him. He sobbed, crouched over and just came! His whole body seemed to spasm as his juices spurted. He came and came, helplessly. Near perfect white arcs, pumped from his cock, pumped as if from a secret heart between his thighs. Four times, from him to her. Her face, her breasts. Then, gentle diminishing spills and Kevin was done, spent. Finally that mix of utter joy and gentle sadness that always follows!

“See what happens when you watch girls in tight clothes?” she whispered.

Debra began planning how to make it up to him that evening.

Kevin? Kevin was thinking about what to do to that tortured, torturing pussy in those wicked panties. First he must help it escape.

It would be quite an evening!

© 2003 Julius. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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