The Gay Picture Show

The floor of the old baroque theatre showing ‘Aaron in the Sheets’ was littered with paper cups and used condoms. The whole place reeked of sweat and cum, plus it was stifling hot. But Denyce was determined to see this through. This was her first assignment, a kickoff of her career. Okay it was a small downtown mag. But, it was a start.

She had never been to a gay picture show before and as she sat in the darkness, she made notes as to what she thought a gay flick would be like. She also jotted down a list of titles for her article. ‘A Woman’s View of Gay Sex.’ Or maybe ‘A Female’s Perspective on Gay Male Porn. It had to be something classy. Denyce never thought porn, gay or straight could be classy. She just couldn’t get past the ‘men in raincoats’ syndrome.

Sounds of moaning and flesh slapping against flesh permeated the air. She looked around her to see the denizens of this unfamiliar world banging each other or banging themselves. Denyce tried to suppress a laugh. “Damn, the movie hadn’t even started yet. Talk about being in heat.” The writer said to herself. “This is going to be fun, I can see it already.” Denyce scribbled her thoughts on her pad. What a person will do to get a byline.

The screen lit up and Denyce turned her attention to the action happening up there. Whoa, she thought. The actors are gorgeous. The actor/character Aaron had the smoothest ebony skin. He was so dark; it was hard to distinguish his skin from his short black hair. He was tall or so he seemed on the twenty-foot screen. The other was called Paul. He was pale, not as muscular as the other but still possessed a nice body. Paul had dark hair and gray eyes. Denyce scribbled furiously in the dark.

The quality of the film was much better than Denyce had expected. She thought it would be some amateur handheld camera type of thing. And the actors were actually acting. Denyce had heard that the acting in most of these porn flicks were worse than those old nineteen fifties teen horror movies. She continued scribbling.

The action started in a gay bar. Aaron met Paul there. Twenty minutes into the film, Aaron saved Paul from a rather vicious gang-bang in an alley behind the bar. The struck up a friendship and parted. Some days later, they met again in a gym. They relationship started there.

There were stolen kisses, fondling, stroking and a steamy shower scene. Denyce was surprised again as her prejudices were wiped away. She expected brutality. Fist fucking, forced fellatio, blood on the shower stall floor. Instead, there was tenderness and true love. The scene was so romantic; she wondered whether the actors were acting or truly in love. She scribbled some more, looked up at the screen and froze. Her pen poised in midair.

There on the screen, extending out of a tuft of curly black pubic hair was an eleven foot chocolate cock. It was thick and veined, just aching to be touched and kissed. The low moaning that was a steady hum in the theatre rose in volume. It matched the guttural moaning on the screen as the camera panned back. The two bodies were covered with a mixture soap and shampoo. Aaron was leaning against the wall, water running down his muscular body. The water accentuated every muscle and sinew of this gorgeous creature.

Paul was down on his knees, gently fondling the huge black balls while licking the head. Denyce sat open mouthed, a small drop of saliva falling lightly to her shirt. She was so enthralled, she didn’t notice the notepad slip from her fingers and drop to the floor. Her attention was focused on the pre-cum oozing from Aaron’s huge muscle and the subtle flick of his lover’s tongue as the pearl dropped deftly upon it.

Denyce began to squirm in her seat. It never occurred to her that watching two men fucking in a gym could be such a turn-on. She never thought it would be like this. She felt her nipples harden and wetness pool in her panties. Still staring at the screen, as if hypnotized, she opened her shirt and reached into her bra. Her nipples were puckered and hard. The writer unhooked the front closures and two large brown breasts jumped to freedom. In the dark, she rolled her quarter inch nipples between her fingers, praying for a quick release. She could not remember when she wanted such much to climax. Her embarrassment at getting hot lasted only a moment. She had to touch herself, no matter what, no matter where, no matter who was watching she had to touch herself.

Denyce closed her eyes and envisioned the black lover pushing his wet rod inside her. She opened her eyes again and saw Paul greedily taking the whole length of Aaron’s cock in his mouth, while gently squeezing the huge balls. Aaron ran his hands through Paul’s hair with one hand while guiding his cock with the other. The sound of the running water was as soothing and arousing for Denyce as it was for the actors. Unable to stand it any longer, she unzipped her jeans and reached down inside her panties. Just as she touched the thick lips of her labia, Aaron had the most intense orgasm she had ever witnessed.

Aaron leaned his head against the wall and screamed his pleasure. When he pulled his muscle out of Paul’s mouth, cum spewed forth like a geyser covering Paul’s face. Denyce had feverishly inserted her fingers into her waiting cunt. She pushed and pulled, matching the rhythm of Paul’s sucking. As Aaron started to cum, so did she. With her free hand she balled up her shirt and stuffed it in her mouth so her cries would be stifled. When the wave of excitement subsided, she put her fingers in her mouth, savoring the salty taste. Her eyes never left the screen.

Paul sucked the last drop of cum from the huge chocolate rod. He bounced the balls lightly trying to force more cum from his lover’s wand. Denyce’s panties were so wet; she became uncomfortable sitting in the already sticky seat.

The lovers had changed positions. Paul was facing the wall of the shower stall with his arms outstretched. Aaron was behind him with one hand on caressing the white man’s chest, rubbing his nipple, while the other pumped Paul’s deep red hard-on. Denyce’s pussy was still wet and heat started to rise again. She touched her clit and brought her fingers to her lips. Suddenly hands reached out and grabbed her wrist and shoulder.

In her moment of panic, Denyce heard a soft male voice whisper in her ear. “Makes you hot doesn’t it? You get off on two queers humping each other.” “Wha…?” The reporter started as her fingers disappeared into his mouth. That mouth gently sucked the cream off her fingers then kissed them lightly. Denyce attempted to turn around, but was held fast by the stranger’s strong hand. “No. Don’t turn around. Just keep looking at the screen.” He released her hand and began to massage her shoulders. “I’ve been watching you, pretty lady. You’re so hot right now; you could hump a rhino.” The stranger chuckled. “They can do that to you, those two up there. They know how to fuck. This is just the beginning.”

Denyce wanted to scream. She should scream. Yeah, she should scream, a lone woman being attacked in a gay movie house. Yep, there would be a byline all right. It just wouldn’t be hers. She didn’t scream. The voice didn’t sound threatening or anything. So, she didn’t scream. Why, she would never figure out.

The hands moved down and slowly caressed the full bottom of Denyce’s breasts. “You really are pretty. Real pretty.” Though the writer was scared out of her wits, the touch pleased her. The stranger rubbed Denyce’s nipples with the palm of his hands then rolled the nipples between his fingers. She looked down at her breasts. “I said look at the screen.” The voice in the dark softly commanded. “Why you have a gun or something?” Denyce couldn’t believe how calm she was. “Are you going to hurt me?” She asked quietly. “No.”

The fondling was hypnotic and Denyce leaned back and slumped in her seat. She stared at the screen as the camera zoomed in on Paul’s red cock, making the velvet tip as big as a loveseat. She watched as the black hand of his lover furiously pumped the shaft until semen began spurting onto the shower wall. The camera lovingly focused on the white creamy fluid mingling with the water and run down to the drain. She had never seen anything so sensual. The walls of Denyce’s cunt started to contract. She wanted someone inside her, preferably the actor who played Aaron.

She noticed that the stranger’s hands were smooth. Whoever this guy was, he wasn’t a laborer. “Who are…? “S-s-sh. Just enjoy the ride, pretty lady.” He responded softly in her ear.

On screen, the pace slowed and the film moved along. A grateful writer breathed a sigh as her body relaxed. She dug in her backpack for a tissue and search the floor for her notepad. There were scenes of lunches, meetings at coffee shops, the protagonists at places of work. She saw that Paul was older and just recently coming to grip with his homosexuality. Aaron was younger and new to this life. Though he had some encounter, he had never been in love. There was another meeting for dinner and then the lovers went to Paul’s apartment.

The hands continued to fondle Denyce’s breasts, pinch and pull her nipples, sending shockwaves coursing throughout her body. The hands left for a moment and she heard ice being moved around in a paper cup. The hands returned. They were wet and cold and when they touched her nipples, she thought they would jump off her breasts and stand on their own. Every nerve in her body tingled. Involuntarily she moaned and whispered. “Oh, that feels good. It feels so good.” She raised her legs and reached into her deep, wet hole. “So good.” “Do yourself.” He commanded. He didn’t have to say it twice. She pushed her fingers deeper, her walls contracting, drenching her fingers. The bubbling of her impending orgasm grew more intense, though slowly inching its way to the top. Her body arched and she bucked against the seat. Cream flowed from her like a river as he unknown, unseen lover stood and reached over her. He pulled her fingers from her pulsing cunt and inserted his own. They went deep inside her and brought out a dollop of her honey. “Delicious.” He whispered as he sucked his finger. “Absolutely delicious.”

On screen, the scene changed again and the lovers were in Paul’s large bed. They kissed, fondled and whispered unintelligible things to each other. Aaron tugged Paul’s hair and pulled his head back. He whispered his love for Paul, then pushed his tongue deep into his lover’s mouth. The kiss was long and passionate. Paul stroked Aaron’s soft cock and Aaron returned the favor. Paul was beginning to harden and Aaron pushed him back on the bed. Reclining, face up on the bed, Paul’s deep pink cock stood at attention. Aaron lay on top of him, kissing and licking the hardening nipples then continuing down to Paul’s stomach. As Aaron continued his journey, he began stroking his own hard flesh, cum dripping from the tip. By the time he had reached Paul’s nest of dark pubic hair, Aaron was moaning and spurting streams of cum on his lover’s body. He massaged his juice over Paul’s belly and ready prick.

As Aaron moaned louder, Denyce felt the stranger’s hands leave her breasts a second time. She heard the sound of a zipper and before she could move, the stranger leaped over the next seat and straddled her. Denyce came face to face with the biggest, most beautiful cock she had ever seen. Like its counterpart on the screen, it was thick, black, veined and pulsing. The hands that were massaging her breasts now massaged the massive rod. A pearl of pre-cum peeked out from the velvet head. Impulsively Denyce stuck out her tongue and flicked the pearl from the cock tip. The salty tastes heightened her senses.

She took his heavy balls in her hands. The sacs were hard and tight, aching to be relieved of their load. She heard a breath escape his lips as she brought her face closer to him. Denyce kissed the glans then opened her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the hot muscle. She felt the large vein pulsate under her tongue and she knew he would be coming soon.

Aaron slowly massaged his cum on Paul’s cock, which involuntarily moved up and down as if beckoning the lover to come and play. The combination of cum, saliva and lubricant gave it a glorious sheen. “I want to come in you.” Paul whispered on screen. “I want to feel your tight ass pull me deep inside you.” He sat up and kissed Aaron’s eyes, nose and lips. “I love you.” “I love you.” Aaron whispered back. He caressed Paul’s face and held him in his arms. “My ass is yours, Paul, my love.” Aaron lay on his stomach, his legs spread and a look of complete euphoria on his face. Paul massaged and kissed the top of the perfectly round ass. As Paul moved down, Aaron raise himself slightly on his knees. Paul’s face was directly in front of Aaron’s pleasure hole. He gently spread Aaron’s cheeks apart and kissed the waiting hole. He buttered two of his fingers and inserted them into the black anus. Aaron made a slight sound as Paul kissed the area again. Then he massaged the tip of his cock with a little of the cum that leaked and gently inserted it into his lover’s puckered canal. Paul slowly pushed his rod in and out until the entire length of his rod disappeared into the wanting anus.

“Mmm.” Denyce whispered as she worked on the stranger’s prick. He laced his fingers in her hair and moved his cock forcibly but gently back and forth in her mouth. She felt his glans hit the back of her throat. The vein throbbed harder, his balls constricted and then it came. Hot stringy cum slid down her throat. Just when she thought she would choke, he pulled back from her. The remainder of his cum landing on her chin and shirt. Paul pushed his cock deep inside Aaron’s ass. Then pulled out and pushed in again, his balls contacting with Aaron’s. Paul’s face became red as his pleasure started to rise. He slammed his muscle against his lover and exploded. He grunted as he felt his jism pour into Aaron’s hole. The young black man cried out, lost in the sensation of the moment. Paul pushed one last time, howled and fell exhausted on top of his lover. Aaron reached behind him, found Paul’s hand and they laced their fingers together. Paul kissed Aaron’s ear and whispered to him. Then they laid together, awash in their own love.

The camera pulled back, panned the room then faded to black. Denyce’s cunt was on fire. She looked up at the face in the shadow above her. “Don’t leave me like this.” She begged. He nodded, grabbed her legs, pulling her down into the seat so her pussy was near his chest. While she pulled at her nipples, he brought his lips down and licked the folds of her labia. He nibbled at the spongy flesh and gently pulled her swollen clit. He swirled his tongue around her sex until she couldn’t stand it any longer. The stranger, whose outline was beginning to look familiar to Denyce, felt her pussy quiver and her body respond. “Oh-h-h” Denyce moaned as the dark face buried itself in her sopping cunt. She felt his softened cock curl upon itself against her back.

He forced his long tongue in and out of her hole as the walls of her cunt closed in around it. As the sensation of her desire got closer, she gripped the back of her seat and bucked against his tongue. She felt as if she could pull his entire body into her cunt. She could hear him make gulping sounds as if downing a stein of beer. Denyce moaned loudly as she reached her climax, splashing cream onto the dark face. When her body relaxed, he lowered her to his hips and pulled her up right. He bent down and kissed her. She could taste herself on his tongue as he searched her mouth. The screen behind him brightened as the credits started to roll. She sat shocked as she saw his face. “Thank you, pretty lady.” He said quietly. “That was a nice ride.” He stepped over her, bent down and kissed her again. “Glad you enjoyed my movie.” Then he leaped over the seats and disappeared into the darkness.

© 2000 LilyOrchid. All rights reserved. Please do not publish or reprint all or any part of this without written permission of author.

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