The Connection

No work would be done today. He knew it. It was over before it began.

His mind was completely occupied by her image, her smile, her voice, her breathing, rising and falling.

He had left her this morning, wearing his old oversized college T-shirt, and nothing else except the saliva from his tongue on her cunt, and her asshole, her hair marvelously tousled, feet licked clean, toes sucked, eyes sparkling, and ass reddened from the multitude of collisions they had last night.

She was standing, hands on hips, smiling broadly…nipples hard and poking the inside of the fabric, reaching out to him as he left for work. He saw those fingers, her snatch trickling with fluid, and knew where she was headed.

She always worked at the kitchen window, leg up, looking out, pocket rocket poised at her pussy, firing off orgasm after orgasm. It shook him to think of her writhing, soaring until he returned.

She would then move to the sofa for some A&E, and a quiet finger fuck, until she and her passion were reunited. Re-ignited.

His cock raged, hard. He had to adjust it, but the adjustment fired his passion deeper, and he grasped the shaft, under his desk, through his worsteds. Her image flared up again. Now, she appeared leg up at that window, foot on the counter, hips gyrating to the rocket, fluid running down her leg. Fluid he could still taste, smell.

He unzipped his pants.

Hold all his calls.

As he grasped his cock, she spasmed, leaned forward, and her tits spilled into the sink, nipples touching the ice cool stainless. She nearly lost her balance on that cum, and sank to her knees.

He jerked himself slowly, and the motion moved his pants further down his legs, until he stepped from them, kicked off his shoes, and stood naked and barefoot on the executive carpeting.

She appeared again.

This time, she was a wanton bitch in heat, she loved to play that–crawling on her hands and knees feeling the air lap at her hot wet cunt, as she made her way across the floor, to the mirror on the closet door. She watched herself approach like a cat curious of its’ reflection, and she rolled over, spread her legs wide, to finger her moist lips, tap her clit, and pretend to feel his cock slamming into her cunt.

Ah memories, hours ago, though they be..

That night was so intense, they grappled at each other for hours, she sucked his cock briefly, but wanted it inside her snatch, yes, fuck me right away, and he was there, poised and hot at her thighs licking the insides of them, kissing the crook of her legs as his organ bumped against her clit, sending shockwaves of ecstasy through her body. It was a night without controls.

She raised her ass to the mirror, and opened her legs wide, fingers in and out circling her clit, head up, watching her own expressions of joy as she fucked herself to another pinnacle….

Naked now, at the office.

He shot halfway across the room, the first stream landing near the door, the second drizzling out and down his hand, onto the floor via his thigh. His cock remained hard. Relentless. Images holding it aloft.

As he walked, it bobbed obscenely, and wagged defying him to fuck it down. His balls swayed heavy with cum, unjettisoned. He watched her in his mind, her image rolling like a projector, noisy with passion, lust.

She flashed her finger about her cunt, and felt the rise again, and the moisture. She crawled to and across the sofa anointing the pillows with her juice, her scent, feeling her nipples drag across the sofa cushions. She reached for the phone.

He answered.


“Hi…I’m finger fucking myself…”

“I’m naked in the office…god it’s as hard as steel, baby..”

“God, bring it home….I need it really bad…”

“Yes…yes…we’ll 69, get kinky…”

“No baby, I need to be fucked blind…to be fucked until I explode…to be fucked until I can’t walk….until…you…can’t walk…my pussy’s on fire…fuck, I need your COCK!!!

The screams could be heard throughout the building, as he ran naked from the office to his car, carrying his clothes. His cock bobbed as he ran, and the onlookers, gasped…

The traffic subsided as he drove, clothes in the back seat, gripping his cock.

His car crashed onto the lawn. She had the door opened for him, and she poised at the door, ass up, cunt exposed as he entered the house, then her. They collided, and sighed as they began to thrust at each other, careening and caressing bare flesh, and feeling their bodies nearly explode with wanton grace and glory.

Her tits ground into the floor, and nipples rubbed against a crack in the hardwood, as they fucked and ground to an explosive orgasm that sent rivers of cum inside her, and her own fluids splashing from her throbbing cunt onto the floor.

They lay descending with each other, door still open as the day passed, and night crept in the room….

Copyright © March 28, 2001, by Alan, at .All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced or otherwise published without written permission from the author.

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