Sword and Sorceress

“Whutcha drawin’?” asked Vic, resting her chin on my shoulder. I hadn’t even heard her enter the room.

“Pictures,” I mumbled. I thought of drawing as a secret pleasure, like masturbation with pencils. Vic’s eyes on my artwork made me very self-conscious. She seemed like a trespasser in the magical country of my mind, and the violation sent chills down my back.

“I’ve always wanted to be a fantasy illustrator,” I explained. She was looking at my sketch of a naked, long-haired maiden riding a female centaur who held a bow and arrows in one of her strong hands.

“Mmm,” grinned Vic, who was spending the weekend at my place. We had been seeing each other for three months, and I figured that we were at a turning-point: either she would soon lose interest in me, or we would start getting to know each other more seriously. “Let me see what else you’ve got,” she demanded, reaching for my folder of drawings. Her curiosity was making me fidgety. It was also making my nipples hard.

Vic’s grin spread toward her ears when she saw my picture of a surprised mermaid in a net held by four sturdy fisherwomen who were hauling her into their boat. The next picture showed a naked witch making a potion in her medieval kitchen. She was a little woman with an intense expression. “That looks like you,” laughed Vic.

The next drawing showed a lightly-dressed elf-girl with pointed ears whose arms were held behind her back by a woman soldier in armor. They were standing in an old forest. “Captured,” smirked Vic. “Do you want to be captured, little wild thing?”

“Oh yes,” I sighed, shivering. “By a brave woman who won’t let me go,” I blurted before I could stop myself.

Vic pulled both my arms behind my back. “You won’t get away from me, my girl,” she laughed. “You can’t resist my magic powers.” She marched me into the bedroom, then picked me up and threw me onto my bed. I landed with my hair flying. I was breathing hard.

All captives have to be stripped,” she told me. “You have to be searched for hidden weapons.” She grabbed my shirt in both hands and ripped.

“Hey!” I protested. I liked that shirt.

“Hostages have no rights,” she reminded me. “Anyway, I’ll replace it.” Once my shirt was in shreds, I pulled them off and sat defiantly in my bra and jeans. To my surprise, Vic pulled a sheathed hunting knife out of her pocket, drew the blade, slid it between my breasts and neatly cut my bra in half. She teased each of my nipples with the sharp point while I tried to hold my breath.

“Give me your belt,” she growled. I didn’t even consider refusing.

She wrapped my leather belt thoughtfully around one hand as though considering its potential. “Jeans off,” she ordered. I carefully pulled them down, leaving my panties in place.

Vic wore an evil grin. “Don’t know how to please your new owner, do you, little slave? You’ll learn. Doggy position, facing the wall.”

I scrambled to arrange myself on all fours on a bouncy mattress. My cotton-covered butt was directly in her line of fire.

I felt the cool kiss of her knife before I heard the sound of ripping cloth and felt the air on my naked ass. I barely had time to adjust to my exposed state before my own belt sang through the air and landed on one of my bare cheeks. A second later, I felt as if a lit match had been touched to my skin. I yelled.

“Such a singer you are,” Vic scolded. “That was nothing, but it’s all you’ll get for now, drama queen. On your back.”

I carefully lowered my ass to the bed and let the rest of my body follow. Vic looked immensely tall as she stood beside me, grinning down. The sting of the belt was fading as it spread through my guts and sent tingles into my cunt and clit.

Vic knew where I kept a very long coil of cotton rope. She searched for it in my closet and came out holding it with both hands. I lay still, feeling luxuriously helpless and very alert, as she tied my hands and feet to the four posts of my brass bed.

She gently stroked my face. “Still feeling rebellious?” she teased. She trailed two fingers down my sensitive belly and slid them easily into my wet snatch. “Ahh,” she remarked. “You know what comes next, don’t you?” She pushed her fingers in deeper, exploring my inner folds.

I didn’t know whether Vic expected me to show how much pleasure she was giving me or if my enthusiasm would be punished. As I squirmed on her fingers and my dilemma, a moan arose from my cunt, forced its way through my heart and escaped from my mouth.

Vic laughed. “The slut likes being ravished. Wait until the rest of my army gets a crack at you.” She fucked me harder, watching my reactions. I could feel an orgasm gathering strength in the pit of my cunt and striking sparks in my clit.

Vic pulled her wet fingers out of me. “That’s enough, greedy bitch. You need to learn that you don’t make the decisions here.” I jerked in my ropes, tempted to remind her whose apartment she was in. Vic chuckled and rolled my nipples between her fingers, smearing my own juice on me. “Best not to provoke me, little one,” she reminded me.

Vic strolled, lanky and smug, to my bureau where she pulled a black silk scarf out of the top drawer. She grinned as she tied it around my eyes. “Wait for me,” she crooned before she pressed her mouth to mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth. My hips bucked, and she withdrew as though I had pushed her away. Then she left the room.

Alone in the dark, I felt as if my bed had turned into a warm pool full of sea-creatures with tentacles that could stroke me to frenzy as I sank deeper and deeper. I wanted Vic to come back and finish what she’d started. In the meanwhile, the suspense was an adventure in itself.

I was jerked back to reality by the feeling of some cool thing pressed against my lips. “I want you to see this,” my captor explained, untying my blindfold. She was straddling me, wearing her strap-on sparkling silicone cock and nothing else. I was tempted to ask for trouble by telling her that she didn’t look much like a male earthling. She did look like an armed attacker from another planet, however, and that seemed to be her intention. Reality, as they say, is overrated.

Without being told, I took her magic wand into my mouth and showed her how much I wanted it. She pushed it toward my throat until the drool ran down my chin. “Good girl,” she purred. My desire to please her was really kicking in; I had never expected her to visit my fantasy world, let alone stake a claim on it.

“Next time you get it in the ass,” she growled as she guided her cock into my hungry cunt. I must have been born to be filled by a foreign object, and I hugged it by flexing my muscles. Make me tell you I’m yours, I thought, and promise to keep me forever. But I didn’t really want an empty promise, and she didn’t make one.

I came, and I didn’t want her to stop. She licked her index finger and eased it into my ass as a threat or a promise. As she worked me in two places, I could swear that I came again in my ass as though I had another clit in there.

Vic fucked me until I came again and again. By then I felt as if I had been so bewitched that the lightest touch could make me delirious. I wanted her taste in my mouth to make me feel grounded. “Vic,” I begged, “let me lick your snatch. Don’t you want to feel my tongue?”

“That’s Captain Vic to you,” she smirked. “I better see some gratitude for this favor, halfling.” She took off her belt and then untied my hands so I could use them to serve her. She straddled my face and let me bury my tongue in her wet heat as I held her muscular butt-cheeks. Her clit seemed to vibrate as I tickled it, and her earthy smell filled my nose. She came in hard, short spasms, then rested on me while she gathered strength to take me again.

Did we live happily ever after? It’s too soon to say. I only know that ever since last weekend, Captain Vic has kept me too busy to do much drawing.

She told me to write a true story instead, and she watched to make sure I wouldn’t hide it or tear it up after I was finished. I hope you like it.

© 2002 by Jean Roberta. Not to be reproduced without author’s permission.

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