Stone Angels

The closed graveyard was a wonderland of gothic memorials. And on a warm day, perfect for a figurative photography project.

“Twist your arm a bit more,” Pete said. “Perfect.” Another image captured.

Linda pointed at the next crypt. “Those angels are the same height as me. Maybe with that wispy fabric?”

Her naked body barely covered, she mirrored the posture of one of the statues.

“Great shot,” Pete said. “Fancy trying to embrace it?”

“Sure. It’s a bit cold though, be quick.”

A few memorials later, another inspiration. “Look there, the angel lying across the top.”

“Brilliant,” she said. “Help me up.”

Pete took the shot from different positions. “Your bum looks great from here.”

Linda giggled. “Arty nudes means no pussy, remember?”

“Can’t help it if I like yours.”

She grinned back at him. “Well, maybe a quickie right here?”

Linda pressed herself against the cold, hard angel as she came. She felt Pete’s cock thust deep one last time, then he groaned.

Linda opened her eyes and followed the angel’s finger, which pointed to letters carved into the stone: ‘Confident of the life to come’.

Linda felt a cold wash of panic. Fuck, forgotten my pill again.

© 2015 Ian D Smith. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

About the Author: I live in the South-West of the UK, with my wife, our dogs and horses. I am a professional scientist who has recently started writing non-fiction and fiction as a creative hobby, with some modest success in being published. Non-fiction is an outlet for my butterfly mind, fiction for my vivid imagination. I enjoy reading and trying to write romantic and realistic erotica.

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