Every time I even think of Stella, my dick gets hard. Don’t matter what I’m doin’ or who I’m with. Man, I miss her. And it seems like she’s poppin’ into my head all the time, now.

Then, the other day Baby was in, makin’ her semi-weekly payment. Seems she still thinks she can catch the mister with another dame. Suits me fine. Anyways, she’s leanin’ over my desk and I’m bangin’ her when all of a sudden I get this overwhelmin’ feelin’ about Stella. I look down at her ass and all I can think of is … I wish this was Stella’s ass slappin’ my belly. Just the thought of it gets me all hot about it. That perfeck, round, delicious pair of orbs I could never get enough of. Ya’ should see them. Never a better butt was born.

All of a sudden, I just explode in Baby’s pussy like ya’ wouldn’t believe. I think even she knew I’d shot more come into her than ever. She was squealin’ like … well, like she never squealed before that I heard. Afterwards, I pulled my pants up and sat down at my desk while she pulled herself together.

I’d like to think it was all the thinkin’ I was doin’ about her, or somthin’, but no sooner was Baby out the door than who comes in but Stella herself. If I hadn’t just emptied a load into Baby I woulda sprung to attention right away bein’ as she was wearin’ her all time best outfit. White blouse. Black skirt. Two inch black pumps. No stockin’s. She’d wear that in the office sometimes and I swear I wasn’t worth a damn all day.

“Still bangin’ the client’s wifes, huh?” she says.

“Who says I was bangin’ her?”

“Oh, nothin’,” she says, “except she was puttin’ her panties in her handbag, that’s all.”

“That’s all you know. She ain’t no client’s wife. I’ll have ya’ know that’s a bona fide client.”

“Comin’ up in the world,” she says.

“Yeah, her ol’ man is … nevermind. So, what brings ya’ around, Stell? Miss me?”

She comes around my desk, the way she use to do all the time. Sits right down on the corner of the desk like she ain’t missed a day the last three … four months.

“I think you’ve been missin’ me,” she says, and gives me a little smile.

“Ya’ know I have, Stell.”

I put my hand on her knee and she don’t do nothin’, so I slide it up her thigh a little.

“I got somethin’ to tell ya’, Boss,” she says.

“Oh, yeah?”

I pull her leg towards me. She has to get off the desk. Then I pull her some more until I got her standin’ right in front of me.

“I wanted to ask ya’ somethin’,” she says.

I push her skirt up her thighs until I see her panties. Perfect! White cotton. I just love white cotton panties. Not that frilly, lacey stuff. Just pure white, smooth cotton. Even though I’d just done it with Baby, my cock is really stirrin’.

“Ya’ know ya’ still owe me for two weeks,” she says.

I pull her panties down to her knees. She leans back on my desk and lifts her legs up to my chair so I can pull them all the way off.

“I know, Stell. And I’ll pay ya’ in full at the end of the week.”

She spreads her legs a little wider and I put my face right up to her pussy.

“This job payin’ ya’ good?” she says.

“Ya’ could say that.”

I push her skirt up even higher, so it’s around her waist. Then I start lickin’ her pussy the way I know she likes it. I lick it from the bottom all the way to her clit which I grab with my lips and pull it a little. Stella lays back on my desk, knockin’ practically everything on it to the ground but who gives a shit, right?

“I need ya’ to do somethin’ for me,” she says.

She puts her legs up over my shoulders and pulls my head closer to her cunt. Now I’m stickin’ my tongue in her, fuckin’ her good with it. She grabs the edge of the desk which is over her head. My tongue flicks in and out of her and over her clit. Then I suck her pussy lips into my mouth and I feel her creamy thighs get tight around my head.

She ain’t talkin’ now on account she’s comin’ all over my face and desk. What she didn’t knock on the floor before gets shoved over now as she drags her arms around and grabs my head. She’s squeezin’ me so hard I start thinkin’ my head’s gonna pop like a zit until I feel her get real tense all of a sudden and then she relaxes all over.

Now my cock is ready so I pull my pants down. But first, I gotta have her tits. I told ya’ about her ass, right? Well, her tits ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at, neither. Nice, firm, round morsels ya’ just want to lay your head on and fall asleep. So I open up her blouse while she’s reachin’ down to my cock.

I gotta push her bra up, which I don’t know why she wears one ’cause I swear she’s got the firmest pair of knockers ya’ ever want to see. One tit takes two hands and then some. So I start massagin’ it while nibblin’ on her nipple, and I’m tellin’ ya’ her nipples was plenty hard right then. So I wrap my lips around one and I feel her pull my cock to her pussy.

Baby’s a good fuck and there ain’t no denyin’ that. Don’t get me wrong. But Stella … Stella’s in a league by herself. When my cock slips into her it’s like slippin’ your foot into a shoe that’s been made special just for you. I can feel the warm, wet muscles pullin’ me into her. Huggin’ me like.

She puts her legs around my waist and uses her feet to push me in deeper. I let her tit slip out of my mouth and grab the edge of the desk. Her tits are rubbin’ against my chest, her nipples rollin’ against mine with each plunge.

“Boss,” she says.

I can feel my cock startin’ to twitch like it does just before I come. Then, just as I’m gonna unload in her …

“I’m gettin’ married,” she says.

Her pussy squeezes my cock just the way she always does. I can’t stop it. A sudden release between my legs and with one more push into her I stop and feel all the come shoot out of me.

She’s sittin’ on my desk, straightenin’ her bra and blouse. Her skirt is still hiked up to her hips. I’m sittin’ on my chair, my dick limp and come dribblin’ onto the seat.

“Gettin’ married?”

“Yeah, married,” she says.

She gets off the desk and pulls her skirt back into place.

“Who too?”

“No-one ya’ know,” she says. “He’s a real nice guy, though.”

“When did that happen?”

She picks her purse off the floor, opens it and pulls out an envelope.

“I want ya’ to be there,” she says. “Next Saturday. Ya”ll like him.”

“Is that the favour ya’ wanted?”

She looks in the mirror and smooths her hair in a couple places.

“No, Boss,” she says. “I’d like ya’ to give me away.”

“Give ya’ away?”

“Yeah,’ she says. “Ya’ know, you’re the closest thing I got to a family.”

She goes to the door.


“Yeah, Boss?” she says.

I pick her panties off the floor.

“Don’t forget these.”

“Keep ’em,” she says. “For old times sake.”

So you’re prob’ly wonderin’ why I’m sittin’ here tellin’ ya’ about this, right? I should be at the church givin’ Stella away, like she asked, right? Well, your prob’ly right, but I guess I’d feel a little funny, that’s all. I mean, seein’ her all dressed up like that, she’s prob’ly even more delicious than usual. I don’t think I could take that.

It wouldn’t be right, anyway. Be honest. How would it look if the guy givin’ her away’s got a big hard-on for her? And, like I said, every time I even think of Stella, my dick gets hard.

© 2004 Nick Santa Rosa. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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