I want to be spanked.

I want to be spanked with my ass high in the air
legs spread cunt exposed
squishy wet slaps
that ring through me like a bell
across the bare walls
and echo back.

I want to feel that velvet shock wave
surging from my bent belly
quaking through my body
tits to toes
and booming back in shudders and gasps.

I need to be pushed past propriety
over the edge falling
through the keyhole
into that wonderland world
where order and chaos collide
matter and antimatter
leaving only NOW in their wake.

I long to be breached
thrust through
knowing I can trust
I am safe under this siege of
pain and pleasure
that won’t forsake or forget:
I can lose myself
and know I will always be found.

I must have your need
for my surrender
my blessing to overtake overwhelm overpower
overcoming my restraint;
like stinging nettles
that suck to the surface
the life blood that pulses below
so that healing may arise,
the sting of your hand
commands my crimson joy passion terror triumph
and renders me naked.

© 2003 Scorpio Mystique. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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