Silk Appetizer

“I dare you,” I said, just loud enough for him to hear over the background music. We’d placed our orders, dinner would take awhile to prepare and with the promise of a healthy tip, the waiter to leave us alone until it was ready.

“What, right here—now?” He asked, slightly taken aback. My heartbeat quickened and I smiled, nodding.

“Yeah, right here, right now. Hold out your hand.” My smile broadened at the look on his face as he watched me wriggle and squirm. His outstretched hand rested palm up on the table, awaiting the prize. I slid them over my ankles then placed the small, warm bundle in his hand. A tiny bit of silk passed from my hand to his then once more was hidden beneath the table.

I was the only one who heard his zipper rasping as he dragged it down. He squirmed, a little self-consciously, freeing himself and sighed when he managed it. Taking a deep breath, he checked to make sure no one was watching, before whispering, “Done.”

“Good,” I replied and felt my excitement take off. The restaurant wasn’t terribly busy, with only a smattering of patrons here and there. None were close to our corner table, so if we were careful no one would be the wiser. “Turn your chair around this way a bit, I want to see what you’re doing.”

After another quick look around, he moved his chair so that he faced towards me. The white linen tablecloth, which had covered his lower body, now lay draped over one knee. One hand struggled to conceal his crotch, while the other held my panties beside him.

Turning my chair, I slid my bottom forward and spread my knees, offering him the view he desperately wanted. I lowered my eyes and his followed to the hem of my skirt. Grasping the thin material, I slowly drew it upwards. Stocking tops and soft, naked inner thighs, then moist pink folds were unveiled.

He moaned, his fantasy taking place right before his eyes. With the tip of a finger I traced an invisible line from the top of my freshly shaven pubes downward. I twirled my finger around the swollen pearl-like nubbin that topped my slit. Gently stroking along my slick inner lips, I turned my gaze towards him.

“Show me. Do it.” I reminded him of what he’d confided to me. The tiny wisp of silk was wrapped around his full blown erection and tight-fisted he began to stroke. His breath grew ragged as he focused on my sex and I knew he’d only take minutes to achieve his goal. He thrust his legs forward, toes pointed, thighs tensed, in an effort to quicken his headlong rush towards climax.

“Spread your legs Annie, please,” he whispered. He was lost in his fantasy; I’d become just a tool for his pleasure. Easing my knees apart a little more, the cool air played against my exposed flesh and I shivered. Goosebumps crept up my inner thighs and I tensed the muscles. Labia flexed lewdly and my juices began to trickle. With index and ring finger I spread myself; my hard clit stood proudly exposed. I tweaked it, and gasped at the sensation I created, wanting more.

I watched his hands, one lustily pumping the hard shaft of his erection, silk-draped and angry looking. The other dropped lower, giving attention to his sperm filled sack. Peering higher I saw his mouth gaping and his brow shiny with perspiration, which he ignored. My heartbeat seemed so loud, drumming in my ears as I rubbed my clitoris hard. The tiny shaft, pumped full of hot blood, throbbed beneath my eager fingers.

“Cum with me,” I groaned. The wild beating of my heart roared in my ears as I approached climax. Plunging a finger deeply inside, clenching, holding it as tightly as muscles allowed. Another joined it and I began the age-old dance of self-pleasure. Palm flat against my clit, rubbing it back and forth, in between each inward thrust. Unable to stifle a groan, I shuddered but kept my eyes on him, showing him my arousal. A deep breath drawn raggedly in, the twitching muscles in my thighs gave warning of imminent, mindless bliss. The tingling of tongue and fingertips, and my toes curled as it washed over me. Exploding lights blinded me, as my world became just my fingers and cunt. Clenched tight, throbbing and rhythmic sucking became my focal point for the duration. Hot liquid seeped over my fingers to pool beneath me. I sighed as I refocused slowly, returning to the corner table and him.

His eruption followed mine, moments after I regained my senses. Eyes glazed with lust, his fist tightened even more as he pumped. The heavy vein was swollen and the crown wept pre-cum into the soft silk he masturbated with.

Pulling my fingers free, I leaned forward and ran them over his lips. Our knees brushed just as he sucked my finger in. That was all it took. His hand plunged down to the root and I watched it swell even larger. The tip expanded and he tensed, every muscle tightened as he shot. The first eruption hit my inner thigh; the panties took up the next, as he madly repositioned them. He shuddered at each successive spasm; his hand milked the long shaft and fingers probing his tightened sack. Finally he was spent; the panties, soaked with his thick offering and growing cool against the heated, sensitive glans. He carefully wiped himself, smiling all the time.

“Now me. Come here and clean your cum off me.” The request wasn’t part of his fantasy, but of mine. Stuffing my panties into his jacket pocket, he tucked himself back into his slacks and zipped them. He pushed his chair back just a few inches and bent forward, his lips to my inner thigh. His soft tongue on my flesh, at first shocked me. I hadn’t been sure he’d comply. Sighing with pleasure, I wound my fingers into his hair, guiding him as he licked me clean.

The kiss we shared was spiced, pleasantly, with the taste of us both. When dinner arrived, we sat smiling and gazing lovingly into the others eyes.

As he ate his meal, his hand continually fondled the sticky, silken panties in his pocket. We talked of nothing in particular, feeding each other titbits of choice meat or cheese. Sucking and licking clean the proffered digits, always smiling.

As we made ready to leave, I noticed that his erection had returned.

“Silk Appetizer” © 2002 Jude Mason. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form is prohibited without written approval of the author.

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