She nearly hit her brother with the door. He was rushing out as she was stumbling in from the heat and a 12-hour day in a musty loft with no air conditioning.

“Oh, Margie, Hi! Can’t talk, gotta run.”

“Jimmy? Well … did you want something? What are you …?”

He kissed his sister on the cheek. “Really gotta boogie, Marge. I just had to see Audrey ’bout something. See you guys tonight at dinner.”

“Well … okay. Audrey?”

“Yeah, see ya. I gotta go pick up Rachel now at the airport.”

He skipped down the stairs as Marjorie cast a ‘what’s-going-on’ glance at her roommate and lover.

Audrey smiled, shrugged and took a sip of tea from the cup balanced daintily in her hands. Audrey was so good at feigning innocence only an idiot wouldn’t know she was guilty of some outrage or another.

“Okay, spill it. What are you up to with my little brother?” Marjorie slid the paper bag in her arm to the counter, twisted her mouth and blew a wisp of rusty-red hair away from her eye.

“Oh, nothing. He just asked me for a little favor.”

“Why is my brother asking you for favors? What favor?” Marjorie’s right eyebrow arched. Audrey was lying through her teeth. She could tell by the way her nipples threatened to poke holes through her T-shirt. Every time Audrey lied, her nipples gave her away.

Audrey flipped her blonde ponytail off her shoulder and feigned indignation. She was good at that too. She was such an actress.

“It’s personal, for crissakes.”

“Uh-uh, you’re my girlfriend—that doesn’t give you any privileges vis a vis having personal business with my brother.”

“Marge … I’m warning you, it’s personal and confidential.”

Marjorie stepped toward Audrey until their breasts nearly touched; then she continued to crowd the smaller woman until she bent her back over the counter.

She reached up and tweaked Audrey’s nipples through her T-shirt. “These tell me you’re full of baloney.”

“Oh, God! Do it again, I think I just wet my shorts.”

“C’mon, you silly bitch. Don’t make me get rough, it’s too damned hot.”

“Keep talking dirty to me and I’ll lose it, I swear.”

“Jesus … no wonder they named you ODD-drey.”

She backed off. “Screw it, I’m taking a shower. You can keep your silly little secrets. Jimmy will tell me anyway. He always does.”

“Not about this, I’ll betcha. Hey, wait for me.”



“You’re not getting into that shower with me until you spill the beans.”

“Aw, now who’s being a bitch?”

Marjorie stripped right in the kitchen. No matter how many times Audrey saw that tall, lean, pale, freckled body, it was always like the first time, and it always made her crazy to get her hands all over it.

Marjorie turned her back with a saucy tilt of her shoulder. “Ciao!”

“Aw, Marjorie, c’mon … I’m hot too … I … God, I’m hot. Please?”

She turned on the shower. “I can’t hear you.”

“Okay-okay! But, you gotta promise first.”

Marjorie looked back over her shoulder as she placed one foot in the shower stall. “Promise what?”

“That you won’t be … upset.”

Marjorie stepped back out of the stall and turned slowly. Her eyebrow had arched to cathedral heights. “What are you up to with my brother?”

“Okay, I’ll tell you, but … do you promise? You gotta promise.”

“Hmm, okay … what?”

Audrey tugged at her ponytail. She always did that when she was nervous—or in trouble.

“First … I gotta tell you what a terrific kid Jimmy is.”

“I know that.”

“Yeah, but I mean, what a terrific kid … He’s a great guy, you know. And that girlfriend of his—well, they’re practically engaged, I know, but …”

“What are you blathering about?”

“Well, you know, he really, absolutely adores her, and she’s one really lucky girl because he’s such a terrific guy and …”

“Will you get to the point?”

“You’re not going to get mad, or anything … right?”

“Audrey! What is going on with you and Jimmy?”

“Well … well … I … well …”


“I … taught-him-how-to-eat-pussy … there … okay?”

Marjorie gave her head a quick shake. “Huh? What the fuck did you just say?”

“Um … I taught your brother … how to … eat … pussy.”

Marjorie’s chin appeared to fall down near her cleavage. She said nothing.

“Margie … now you promised …”


“Just listen, okay? See, your brother, well, he loves that girl Rachel so much, and he told me he wanted to please her every way, you know … sexually. And that he had tried to give her head, but he hadn’t had much experience and he thought he screwed up and he wanted someone to teach him, you know, how to do it right, so …”

“He asked you?”

“Jesus, Marge, he’s a smart kid. Who best to teach you how to properly eat a woman than a lesbian?”

“Not my lesbian … and not my brother.”

“Marjorie, please don’t get mad. I mean, it isn’t like he could have asked you.”

“I … Jesus … I don’t believe this.”

“Well, cripes, it isn’t like it’s anything to be jealous about. I only did it as a favor.”

“Jesus, if the mailman asks you for the favor of a blow job, are you going to give him one?”

“We don’t have a mailman, Marge; she’s a female letter carrier. And she’s not your sister. I mean, let’s be real.”

“Real? Did you … did he …?”

“Well, yeah, he’s a quick learner. That Rachel, my God, her eyes’ll be popping out of her head once Jimmy starts …”


“Aw, Marge, please don’t be upset.”

“How the hell am I supposed to be? My girlfriend tells me she’s been teaching my brother … my brother for crissakes … how to eat her pussy, and I’m supposed to say, sure it’s okay by me.”

“I just thought … oh, Margie. He was really sweet. He just wants to be able to please his girl. It was all really … well, innocent. I said no, at first, and he said that was okay, but he just seemed so disappointed. How many guys are so devoted to their girlfriends? I mean, they’re making the announcement tonight, aren’t they?”

Marjorie watched Audrey’s eyes brim and spill over. This was no coquettish routine.

“Oh, for crissakes, c’mere.”

Audrey ran into her arms, peppering her cheek with kisses until Marjorie bestowed a full mouth reassuring kiss.

“How can you have two degrees and be such a daffy bitch?”

Audrey shrugged and buried her face into Marjorie’s shoulder. They embraced without a word for a moment, then Marjorie stripped her down. Both naked now, Marjorie pulled her into the shower, then turned and placed her palms against the tiled wall.

“Soap my ass and back.”

Audrey happily complied.


“So what, Marge?”

“How was he?”

“Well, it’s gotta be in the genes, that’s all I can say.”


“He’s almost as good as his sis, with a bit more practice …”

“He’ll practice on Rachel … get it.”

“Yes, ma’am.”



“This is so twisted.”

“No it’s not.”

“It’s practically incest.”

“Don’t be silly.” Audrey grinned and gave Marjorie a soapy slap on the ass.


“Oh, did that sting? Let me kiss it.”

“You’re nuts. ODD-drey.”

“I love you, Margie. How ’bout we make an announcement tonight too?”

“So, that’s why you wanted to move back to Massachusetts.”

“Think your mom and dad will stand the shock? Two engagements in one night?”

“I haven’t said ‘yes.'”

Audrey reached between Marjorie’s thighs. “You will once I get to lathering up your pussy.”

“Ohhh! You daffy bitch.”

“I love it when you talk nasty to me. Now, say ‘yes’.”






© 2007 Robert Buckley. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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