Safari Tuesday

The click of the turn signal indicator was the only sound that could be heard as the CD player changed discs. She had forgotten what was next, after all there were five more in the machine, or was it nine? No matter; there were plenty. She lived amongst plenty. The best of everything. He provided all that for her. Everything. Almost everything. She had loneliness too, and unfortunately, plenty of it. But then it was Tuesday, and Tuesdays were for taking care of loneliness. Tuesdays were for hunting. Foraging for fuck.

The soft, sexy sounds of Luther Vandross filled the minivan. For her, Luther was sex. Every time she heard his music she was reminded of it. She wanted it—needed it. Smooth and silky. Hard with implications of slow, deep penetration—that endless kind of fucking when it doesn’t matter if you live or die. Few artists prompted her body to respond like he did, coaxing liquid desire to form along the edges of her sex. She squirmed in her seat as a familiar ache teased the emptiness between her legs. Nipples pressed hard against her sports bra, as Luther and his perfect lips sung softly, brushing the baby soft hairs on her cunt. God, how she despised that word. It was so obscene. But then it was Tuesday, and on Tuesdays she had a cunt—a perfect, aching cunt that had been meticulously groomed desirably short—Tuesday short.

Being a once weekly predator was exciting. It granted her a sense of personal power and confidence. Her body wasn’t perfect. Two kids and nigh on forty years had seen to that. To be exact, she was only thirty-eight and those years had not been as hard on her as with some of her friends. Still, admitting to being close to forty was sacrilege. That milestone was another two long years down the road. She was softer where younger women were firm. But she was soft in the right places. Her curves were intact. Long dancer legs still went all the way up. The tiny wrinkles that framed her eyes and lingered at the corners of her mouth had been earned with frequent use of a drop dead, sexy smile. They added character to her beauty. They garnished her power. And she could feel it building—momentum for the hunt.

It amused her when she thought about the way she prowled for a man who was willing to get hard for her. Here she was, a middle-aged, ex-soccer mom, out trolling for a penis. What amused her was that she played the role of both bait and captor. The men she seduced, for the most part, never had a chance. They could say no, but rarely did. When men thought they were in charge and taking what they desired, she was actually the one consuming them, feeding on the lust she urged into the delicious hardness she craved. It could be argued it was a mutual thing, but to her, it wasn’t about mutual. There was no sharing. She had one mission; feed the beast that lie awake inside of her. To quell the cravings of the beast she had to take what she needed without mercy and without remorse. Even in the instance when she had a strange man’s penis pushing against the back of her throat, she was the one in control. She fed on the rush—the sex of it all.

Earlier that month she had driven by a soccer field across town from where she lived. The complex was far enough from her home that there was no chance that any of the parents there would know her. Her kids had outgrown the game a few years earlier, but she remembered the social aspects of soccer. It would be an easy kill. She knew there were many weak husbands who would be part of the flock. It would be easy to cull one from the herd and wear him down with unrelenting temptation. And she had done so with precision. She only had to cross and re-cross her legs twice before she had the man she wanted.

He had been standing by the fence watching the game. She sat three rows up in the bleachers looking for a suitable man. He must have felt her presence because he turned to look into the faces scattered in the bleachers behind him. When their eyes met, she slowly uncrossed her legs in her best Sharon Stone imitation. His eyes fell from hers as if on command as she slowly re-crossed them. No man could resist a glimpse of paradise. Let him see it twice and you could lead him around by his dick if he though he was going to get some of it. Men were so like dogs. They would do tricks for a taste of paradise. Little did he know that he had just been selected? Little did he know the tricks he would be doing for her amusement—and pleasure.

The second time he turned to look, she uncrossed her legs slowly and gripped the hem of her skirt in her fist and squeezed. She didn’t lift it at all, just added enough of a shiver to let him know she wanted his eyes to touch her there. She rolled up on her toes slightly, first with one leg then the other, before lifting her right leg high to cross them again. He looked into her eyes and she had him—she took him down by the throat with a deadly smile and a silent invitation. He belonged to her. She could smell the kill.

She rose and headed for the parking lot, never looking back. She knew he would follow. His cock had to be filling with hot blood and the firmness of desire. The thoughts of seeing him standing in front of her with his dick bobbing to his heartbeat made her lick her lips. After turning the corner around behind the gymnasium, she pressed the unlock button on her keychain. The van chirped as the locks sprang open. After only three steps onto the gravel parking lot, she heard the crunch of footsteps behind her. He was right where she knew he would be. She smiled and turned slowly when she reached her vehicle.

“What’s the rush?” he asked.

“Rush?” she replied, cocking her head. “You’re only three quick steps behind me, so which of us is really the one rushing here?”

“No, I mean…” he stammered, not expecting to be found out so quickly.

‘Funny, funny man,’ she thought to herself. ‘You saw something you wanted. What men like you all want, and you think it belongs to you. Now you act surprised because you think I don’t know why you followed me like a little, lost puppy. Be a good boy and maybe I’ll let you have some of it. Be good at it and maybe you can have all of it.’

“You mean,” she interrupted, “you saw my pussy. Twice. You saw what I wanted you to see, and now you’ve followed me out here to the parking lot to do what?”

He was flustered. She could tell she had one of the weaker ones. Not weak in a physical sense. No. She’d never settle for the slight ones. Only a strong man who was weak with a very hard penis pushing against the fabric of his sweatpants would do. He was a perfect specimen. A perfect kill. The momentum she had earlier had been joined with a companion ache. It was time to feed the beast within.

He shook his head as he lifted both hands up, an obvious sign of surrender. “I thought that we…you…you know…I’m not sure what I was thinking.” His hands dropped to his sides and he turned and started to walk away.

“You thought that maybe I’d spread my legs for you so you could get a closer look at how perfectly I’ve trimmed the soft hair on my pussy.” She paused for effect, waiting for the image to register in his man brain before continuing. “Or maybe you thought I wanted you to come out here so you could bend me over fuck me from behind.”

He stopped in his tracks and turned around with a look of paralyzed lust on his face. Talk about primed for doing tricks. This man would have walked over hot burning coals to get into her pants.

She punched the button to roll open the sliding door on her van and said, “If you’ll be a good boy and please me by licking my pussy, I’ll let you come in my mouth.”

His cock twitched in his pants as he heard her words. Absently, he wiped his hand over his mouth that hung open in disbelief. She could see him shifting from the defeated male to a man once more being ruled by his dick. This man was going to please her with the tricks of her choosing.

She stepped into the van and sat in the swivel captain’s chair next to the window opposite the door. He sat in the seat next to her, as she pressed the button on her keychain to close the sliding door. She swiveled her seat to face him. Her legs were crossed high, displaying the edges of silk stockings.

“So…what did you see that made your cock so hard?” she asked quietly.

“It’s between your legs,” he said, never breaking her gaze.

“Would you like me to show it to you again?”


She uncrossed her legs slowly, squeezing her thigh muscles tightly together. The thrill of the hunt swirled up her spine as the pressure on a throbbing clit rolled perfectly. His lips were dry from breathing through his mouth, and he moistened them with his tongue as he watched her legs. She started to open her legs then stopped, bringing her knees back together. In an instant she decided he was going to have to work for it. She wanted him to take it from her.

“I want you to put your hands on my knees and force my legs open,” she said, her voice was thick with a rising lust.

He knelt before her and slipped his fingers between her knees and slowly began to spread her legs. She resisted him. The hunt had begun. Her fantasy was underway. Thrill pounded in her heart. The anticipation of a stranger forcing her legs apart so he could put his mouth on her most tender place drove her wild. The rush thrust her head back against the seat as she tried to keep her legs together. She had to fight him. It would be wrong to let him lick her pussy. She had to resist because what he wanted to do to her was so very bad. She would be such a naughty girl for allowing him to use his tongue. The beast in her fed on the sensations of the darkly sexual desire to lure a strange man out to her van and then let him eat her pussy. She was a junkie for that flashing instant where her flirtations pushed him beyond the point he could resist. The whole dynamic changed as the sensation of being forced to submit to him as he started to overpower her. Feeling him, feeling his hands force her legs open so he could lick her sweet little pussy was her drug of choice. She loved it when she became fuck.

That was how her fantasy always played out. She loved to tease and then play like she really didn’t want the sex she flaunted. The bait and the captor persona were alive and welded together with a raging lust. It was such an incredible high to fight back. She loved the power it gave her when she was ready to lose the battle. In a twisted sort of way, it absolved her of what she had orchestrated. It would be so much more acceptable when his mouth finally covered her sex if she had resisted, fighting him to keep it from happening. It would be his fault then. Fantasy permitted her decadence. Fantasy made it all acceptable. Fantasy gave her permission to give in and ultimately relax into the pleasure that was her primary objective.

And so it went. He did not fail her. He soon realized her resistance was part of the game because her hands were over her head gripping the high seat back. She was moaning and alternately lifting her legs, squirming in her seat, trying to escape his efforts. She fought to keep her pussy from him, while at the same time she was dying inside for his mouth to suck the sweetness from her.

His beard was rough as he brushed against the insides of her thighs. Her squirming caused her bottom to slide forward in the seat pushing her prize closer to him. Slowly her resistance began to wane as he wrestled to spread her legs further apart. His elbows wedged her thighs open as his fingers found the edges of her panties.

“No, leave them on,” she panted. “Eat me through my panties. Make me come for you like that.”

He growled with a renewed lust as she redoubled her struggling. Both of his hands slipped behind her bottom as he pulled her to him, forcing her legs apart with his shoulders. She felt his breath hot and burning through her panties. He was so close. His mouth was open—hovering so close. This was so naughty. So wrong. She couldn’t prevent it from happening. He was going to eat her pussy. His mouth was going to take her, he was going to eat her right through her…

She screamed and grabbed the back of his head with one hand as he closed his mouth over her panties and the aching pussy they did little to protect. She came violently. Her other hand squeezed her breast, rolling the nipple between the heel of her hand and the tips of her fingers. Her orgasm accelerated, rolling to another level as he chewed at her through the soaking silk between her legs. He pushed harder, her legs slowly giving way, enabling him to take the prize he had earned. The momentum had shifted. It had spread. It was a contagion. They were both infected with fuck.

“Now pull my panties aside and lick me,” she hissed, still clutching a handful of his hair at the back of his head.

His fingers slipped underneath the silk, knuckles sliding across her swollen clit before he roughly jerking them to the side. He hesitated long enough to draw a breath and take in the feast before him. With a slow lingering tongue he licked through the length of her. She followed him, rolling her hips to give him full access. He licked her again, and she grabbed his head with her other hand.

“Umm, that’s it,” she moaned. “Lick me nice and slow, baby. Mmm, God, long and slow just like that!”

He licked her again and again. Her arms and hands were frozen in place feeling his head moving, then guiding him and pivoting her hips to capture his tongue. The pace was excruciatingly slow. The tip of his tongue would linger and swirl so slowly around her opening, teasing and probing before moving up and flattening out to blanket her clit.

“Ohh, that’s sooo good. You lick me so good, so so good,” she whimpered, repeating herself as her voice trailed away.

He changed his pace slightly. Each time the flat of his tongue covered her clit, he’d remain there motionless, waiting for her clit to flex before taking the tip of his tongue and drawing tiny circles around her pearl. After a few circles his tongue would stop above her clitoral hood and push down slowly, pinching her clit before it would spring free as his tongue passed over it. His perfection was pushing her over the edge again. He quickened the pace with the circles until she began to clutch harder at the hair on his head. He trapped her clit beneath his tongue and pushed his mouth onto her shaking from side-to-side and she started to come again. She thrashed as he sucked her clit into his mouth and rolled it gently between his tongue and his upper teeth, sucking her deeply. Her orgasm was followed immediately with a crescendo she did not expect. Both of her heels dug into the backs of his shoulders as a shriek of deliverance froze in an open mouth scream of silent submission. Death came and went in the space of a single heartbeat.

Her eyes were closed and her head was leaning back on the seat, his head still cradled in her hands. She felt him move away, slipping her panties back into place and her allowing her to bring her legs together.

“Is it my turn?” he asked.

She opened her eyes and saw him sitting across from her with his penis in his hand, stroking it slowly.

“Are you asking?” she replied, satisfied that the game was not over.


“Then what do you want?” she asked, playing with him. She wanted to hear it. She wanted to hear him tell her that he wanted to put his cock in her mouth.

“I want you to suck me,” he said finally.

She knelt between his knees and took him by the wrists and placed his arms on the armrests. Grabbing his cock by the base with both hands she licked his sweet spot once and then sucked him greedily into her mouth. He moaned long and slow before his breath caught in his throat when she moved on him. She stayed down on him for a couple of seconds, moving only her tongue against the sensitive underside of his shaft before rocking back on her haunches.

“Like that?” she asked, licking him off her lips.


“Would you like me to do that again?” she asked sweetly, already knowing the answer.

“Yes, please, yes!” he begged.

She went down on him again with a zealous hunger. This time she stayed down a little longer, although not quite as deeply as before. She held her head motionless and used her tongue, slipping along the silky underbelly of his length. His cock was thick, and she stroked him with her tongue waiting for him to show her that he wanted more. He flexed in her mouth and thrust slightly. That was the more she wanted to feel and she moaned her approval. He flexed and thrust again and she gave him permission to fuck her mouth by meeting his motion with a deeper penetration. Again he thrust and she went down until she could take no more of him. Slowly, she came back up and sat back once more.

“Please don’t stop. I’m so close,” he pleaded.

She squeezed the base of his cock and he groaned. He would do anything she asked at that point. But she had to hear it. She had to hear him beg her to suck him off completely. Her ears burned for the words that he wanted to come in her mouth. She wanted to know that in his mind he was fucking her mouth. It had to happen that way or she could not grant his wish.

“Close to what?” she asked, coaxing from him what she wanted to hear.

“So close. So close to coming.”

“Hmm, I bet you’re going to come a lot,” she taunted teasingly, squeezing him again.

“Please,” he begged.

“Please what?” she asked.

“Please suck me. Finish me.”

“Do you want me to suck you off, or would you rather fuck my mouth until you come?” She made it easy for him. The answer was what she wanted to hear.

He looked at her with a renewed lust and said, “I want to come in your mouth. I want to fuck that sweet mouth until I come. I want it now.”

“So fuck me then. Fuck my sweet little mouth,” she said and leaned over him, going down on him once again, squeezing the root of his cock as her tongue teased his sweet spot. She only took him partially into her mouth. There had to be room for him to move. Feeling his shaft sliding across her lips and over her tongue was what she needed to feel. Her wish was soon granted. His hips rose slightly and fell away before rising back into the embrace of her suckling. She welcomed each thrust with a deep moan of satisfaction. Her tongue swirled and licked each time he withdrew. His motions became jerky and his penis trembled. She felt him coming from deep inside, swelling and pulsing in her hands as he erupted in her mouth. She sucked and swallowed as he filled her mouth with hot come. Rapid contractions pounded in her hands and mouth as he spasmed with each one until they slowed and his girth slowly began to diminish. She could feel his whole body melt away into a blissful state of relaxation. Nothing pleased her more than to feel a man melting in her mouth, signaling another sweet kill for her to savor.

She sat back, returning to her seat and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She reached down into her purse and pushed the keychain button that operated the sliding door. As the door slid open he tucked his flagging member back into his sweats and looked at her with eyes that begged to ask a question.

“It’s time for you to go,” she said flatly.

It was over. He knew he had been dismissed. There would be no further conversation and there was no point in trying. The look on her face said that it was finished, and there was no chance in hell that it would ever happen again.

* * *

She relaxed back into the driver’s seat and smiled as she remembered how he tasted. It had been so perfect that time. Everything had come to a close just as she had planned it. Absently, she licked her lips and searched for the salty taste of a lust that had long since disappeared. All of this imagery going on in the privacy of her head had had the desired effect. She was wet with her own lust, and the ache between her legs reminded her of an urgency she was going to have to address very soon. It was time to focus on the hunt of the day.

The CD player fell silent as the next song queued up. She flipped on the turn indicator before pulling into the parking lot of the new fitness center. A day earlier she had stopped by for the tour and an unsuspecting fitness consultant named Colin had caught her eye. She made sure he had noticed her interest. Her heart rate quickened as she anticipated working her new prey. He was going to help her with the ache. It would be the perfect game of cat and mouse.

She would make sure he had to touch her. He was going to have to show her how to use the machinery. His powerful hands were going to have to position her arms and legs correctly on each device to prevent injury and ensure she was getting the maximum effect. Such a tease she would be in the midst of her helplessness. How difficult it was going to be to keep from reaching out and stroking the gorgeous cock she had noticed on the tour a day earlier that was profiled in his spandex shorts. She would allow him to catch her looking at it. He would know she wanted it. That was part of the hunt. The fantasy would be played out once again. She would make him stir and swell with an innocent brush of her hand. He would have no choice but to yield to the lust that would overcome her defenses. There was no doubt the ache between her legs would be quenched.

The beast in her would feed greedily on his strength and that incredible thickness. Her loneliness would be forgotten while the adrenaline of a fresh kill pumped through her veins. It was her time to howl. Time to feed. After all, it was safari Tuesday.

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