Roasting Coffee

“But, Master, do I have to?”

“Stop whining, Mary Beth. This will do you good,” Master said.

“But what if something happens?”

“What could happen? You’ll please me, and help me see if my device works. Enough. Now out of the car with you.”

Mary Beth gave one last hopeless look at her Master. He didn’t notice. He was busy playing with the remote control unit he’d built to accompany the little vibrating egg he’d made. The egg, of course, was inside of Mary Beth’s cunt.

Mary Beth slid out of the car and slammed the door. She turned, and, making sure Master was fiddling with the remote control, stuck out her tongue at him. She jumped and screamed as the egg gave a sudden lurch.

“I saw that, Mary Beth. No more tongue until I’ve placed it just where I want it,” Master called through the open car window.

“Sheesh,” Mary Beth muttered. “Everybody’s a comedian.”

It was a warm summer night. Mary Beth wore a simple low cut summer dress and sandals. Master had insisted she wear panties to make sure the egg stayed inside of her. If he hadn’t, she certainly wouldn’t be wearing any. Not on a night like this.

She swung her big straw purse over her shoulder and looked up at the crescent moon. It was lovely tonight. Not a cloud in the sky, and there was a slight breeze blowing in off of the Sound. She smiled at a young man coming out of the grocery store. She felt like smiling at everyone tonight, maybe even Ray the clerk.

As she passed through the door of the supermarket, she felt the egg within her begin to vibrate. She paused and turned to see if Master was looking. He was. She nodded her head to let him know the egg was working at this distance from the car. Master and his gadgets. They always meant some sort of trouble for Mary Beth. This one seemed harmless enough. Her job was to let Master know how far the remote control device worked. The store was the test.

The buzz from the vibrating egg felt wonderful. Mary Beth wanted to sit down right there in front of the bakery counter and play with herself. Instead she found herself eyeing the baguettes. Although she was at the grocery story to try out Master’s device, she thought she’d also pick up a few things for breakfast. Well, baguettes would make a nice breakfast bread. Mary Beth grabbed one and put it in the little red shopping basket she held. The vibrator went up another notch. She grabbed another baguette. You could never have too much of a good thing.

The store was nearly deserted at this late hour. Near midnight was Mary Beth’s favorite time to shop. Especially if she were trying out one of Master’s gadgets. She swung through the produce section just as the water sprinklers went on over the vegetables. Master must have turned up the vibrator another notch because her cunt was being tossed like salad now. She could also hear the vibrator hum. She was glad no one else was around. Her eye caught the green of the zucchinis and the cucumbers. Lovely vegetables. But maybe not for breakfast. She swished by them and passed to the back of the store.

Her nipples were aching. Mary Beth looked down at her dress. They looked like giant thumbs protruding through her bra and her dress. Anyone could see them. She bet Ray the clerk would love that. She crossed her fingers and wished for Ray to be anywhere else but in the store tonight. She was getting so wet. She imagined her panties slipping off at the checkout. She giggled.

She mentally went over her list: bread. Got that. Coffee, milk, and butter. She had eggs at home. Mary Beth turned down the aisle where tea and coffee were stocked. She put down her little red basket and contemplated the various coffee beans in front of her. The vibrator stopped. She was grateful. Maybe her nipples would go down now.

She took one of the bags provided for the coffee beans, and, on her tiptoes, reached up and tried pushing in the plastic opening of the container holding the beans. She could never remember which way to push, but she seemed to have gotten it right tonight. The beans came pouring out and into the bag. When the bag was full, Mary Beth pulled it away from the opening. At that moment the vibrator came on again with the greatest force Mary Beth had experienced. She jumped.

The bag of coffee beans, in its arc down from above Mary Beth’s head, jumped too. Coffee beans went flying everywhere. Mostly they went flying down Mary Beth’s low cut summer dress and came to rest in her bra.

Mary Beth spluttered. She put her hand into the top of her dress to try and pull out the beans. A woman laughed. Embarrassed, Mary Beth looked up. As the gray-haired woman pushed her cart by Mary Beth, she said in an English accent, “Got something in your pocket, do you?” Mary Beth smiled weakly. The woman laughed again and passed by her. Just great, Mary Beth thought. It would be a Brit. She’s probably glad she drinks tea.

Mary Beth tried wiggling the beans out of her bra. A few fell out and clattered noisily as they dropped on the floor. She had this vision of Ray accusing her of stealing the beans. He’d probably want to frisk her. She had to get them out of her bra. She put her hand down the front of her dress and pulled some more out. Unsure what to do with them, she threw them back into the coffee bag she’d put down in front of the grinder.

Mary Beth was grateful that the vibrator had stopped again. She didn’t think she could deal with all these coffee beans and an itch between her legs. Her efforts to remove the beans were making her very warm. She could smell the beans more clearly now as they warmed up. Just great. Now she was roasting the beans. She’d never wanted to roast coffee beans. For god’s sake, she wasn’t Martha Stewart.

Although there were still many beans caught in her bra, Mary Beth decided to hurry and get out of the store. She poured the beans in the bag into the grinder and turned it on. While the beans, the ones in the bag not in her bra, were grinding, she tried scooping a few more out. As she was fumbling in her bra she looked up. Passing by the aisle was a nice looking middle-aged man. She smiled guiltily. The man quickly looked away. Wonderful. Now she’d get arrested for trying to pick up men in the neighborhood grocery store.

When the grinder finished, Mary Beth quickly closed the bag and went on her way through the store. Milk and butter. Two things left. She walked toward the dairy section which was on the other end of the store. Of course. Occasionally a coffee bean would drop out of her dress. Mary Beth wondered if this is what Hansel and Gretel felt like. Would some giant South American bird follow after her and eat all of the beans she dropped so that she would never find her way out of the store again? She shook her head and tried to concentrate. At least the vibrator wasn’t on.

She picked up the milk and butter and headed back to the checkout counter at the front of the store. The smell of roasting coffee was overpowering. Mary Beth raced out into the main aisle, and then abruptly stopped. There was only one checkout counter open. And Ray was the clerk.

Keeping her head down to avoid Ray’s eyes, Mary Beth put her little red basket on the conveyer belt. She could feel Ray ogling her. From beneath her lashes she watched Ray. He was sniffing the air like the bloodhound he was undoubtedly related to, probably on his mother’s side.

Mary Beth decided to come clean.

“Look, Ray, I’m sorry. But I’ve made a big mess in the coffee aisle. I dropped some beans.”

“Don’t worry. Someone will sweep it up. Got some on you, did you?” He leered.

If there was one thing Mary Beth couldn’t stand, it was Ray leering. She wondered how long she’d be sent to prison if she were to conk Ray on the head with the little red basket. The vibrator came on again, and loudly. She wondered if her sentence would be extended if she also put Master’s head in a little red shopping basket.

Mary Beth paid Ray, careful not to touch his hands, grabbed her bags of groceries, and flew out the door. She could see Master from the doorway. He had a great big grin on his face. The red basket idea was sounding most reasonable to Mary Beth.

She charged across the parking lot. Master opened the door for her from the inside of the car. Mary Beth flung the groceries in the back seat and flopped into the car.

“Well, how’d it go?”

“It works,” Mary Beth said.

Master was sniffing.

“Smells like coffee in here.”

“Well, it should. I spilled the beans down my dress thanks to you and that vibrator. See?” Mary Beth plunged her hand down the front of her dress and pulled out a coffee bean.

Master laughed. He slid his hand up Mary Beth’s dress until his fingers were touching the wetness between her legs. He lightly rubbed her wet crotch and leaned over and kissed her. Looking down into her coffee bean laden bra, he started to laugh.

“You know, Mary Beth, I’ve always said you’re Seattle’s Best.”

Copyright 2001 by S. F. Mayfair. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without written permission from the author.

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