Pretty Boy

I saw him leaning against the wall on Bourbon street. He was a pretty boy, young and insecure; I could tell by the way his eyes shifted around him and how he would nervously move his weight back and forth from one foot to another. He had positioned himself so that he was across the street from the local gay bar, but not close enough that people would assume he belonged there. He was probably scared someone might recognize him.

It was his eyes which betrayed him, as they stared intensely at the men hanging around the doors that opened onto the street, his hunger was blatant and palpable. I’ve seen boys like him before. I assumed he had only been with a man in his imagination. The desire must have finally driven him onto the streets and given him the courage to bring him here tonight.

I watched him a few moments, as I leaned against the wall across the street. He was probably in college, maybe this was his first or second year, or the first time around here. He was dressed too nicely in designer clothes and he had a more ‘slicked’ back look to him. He had big city written all over him. I could picture the women fawning all over him, with his baby, good looks, stylized hair and muscle pecs. He was probably a straight-A student, always trying to please his parents. But his parents weren’t here tonight and I was. I was the man that parents warned their darling boys to stay away from.

Anticipation overcame my patience and I sauntered over, navigating the moving throng of people on the street. He saw me approaching as I was about half-way across the street, and for a moment, I thought he was going to bolt; it was clear what my intentions were and the leather did not hide who I was. There is something about a man wearing leather, that suggests and speaks volumes. I could see the emotions playing rapidly across his face: fear, trepidation, dilemma and then desire. His predicament was as apparent as his surrender, when his eyes stopped looking for an escape and drank in my promise.

I watched him gulp like a fish out of water. I settled myself next to him, my body positioned so it was casually brushing his, as I enjoyed the moment of control. I watched as sweat broke out on his brow and his big doe-brown eyes turned up towards mine. His breathing immediately picked up and I saw the sudden arousal in his pants. I could almost smell his excitement and my own crotch stirred at the prospect. Damn he wanted it.

My first thoughts were to take him down an alley and be done with him just as quickly, but on further investigation, I decided I wanted to do him right and give him the world. I was going to change his life. A smile curled at the corner of my lip, “You want to come home with me?”

Ah, now the danger. Danger of the unknown, going home with a stranger. His emotions were raw and he was an open book. It was now or never and he knew it. Either he kept running or he tasted the unexplored.

I ran a gloved finger over his lips and confidently cupped his face as I leaned down to kiss him lightly on the mouth. The kiss was calculating, tender and wet. Enough to push his indecision over the edge.

He swallowed hard, before stuttering, “I don’t.I mean.I .,” A deep breath. “..Ok.”

I stroked his face, reassuring him some more and rewarding him for the right answer. I turned and knew he was following me. He was a lost puppy that needed acceptance.

* * *

I had two homes and one wasn’t far from Bourbon street. It was in the French Quarter, where I kept my sexual play haven for bringing home boys. We entered the enclosed courtyard and the gate creaked as I closed and locked it behind us. We passed the water fountain in the center of the enclosure before I led him up a flight of stairs onto a balcony and inside a ‘welcoming room’. The room was made homey and comfortable with a couch against the wall, and a TV entertainment center across from it. The carpeting was plush, with a bear skin rug on top. Pillows were strewn around the room and candles sat on the end tables.

“Do you want a drink?” I moved over to the bar in the corner and asked, “Beer or something?”

“A beer would be fine.”

I casually ignored him, letting him get settled until I brought him a Voodoo Lager and handed it to him. He smiled at me, still unsure how to act. I lit a few candles around the room.

“Have a seat.”

He looked around the room, again that indecisiveness. I wasn’t helping; I was waiting for him to make a decision. He gulped down the beer and set it on an end table, before he finally sat down on the couch. I stood before him and I shrugged the leather jacket off, dropping it on the floor. I could feel his eyes staring at me, watching me. Underneath I wore only a leather harness that accentuated my toned chest.

“What is your name?”

“Christian.” The boy licked his lips uneasily. He shifted on the couch, his back stiff, since he sat on the edge. His eyes settled on my twin nipples, before they dropped to my pants.

Casually I ran my gloved hand over the bulge in my pants, keeping his attention riveted. I lightly stroked it before shifting my weight so the leather pulled taut across it.

Christian’s breathing picked up and I watched his eyes glaze over with longing.

I moved slowly towards him, so my crotch was at his mouth’s level, before sitting down next to him. My hand trailed across his back and settled on his shoulder. I pulled him against me, and kissed him passionately. I allowed the hunger of my appetite to radiate in the kiss, pushing my tongue into his mouth, demanding that he respond. I thrust my hand between his legs and felt him hump into it, his cock straining against his pants.

He groaned at my touch and tried to pull away, but I wouldn’t release him and I kept rubbing his bulge. I knew he was close to coming and I wanted him to get it out of the way so I could concentrate on spending more time with him with no worries of premature ejaculation.

His breathing was speeding up and his kisses were becoming more fervent. His hand tentatively touched my side, so I murmured a small acceptance. He slowly wound his hand behind my back and he gripped me tightly. He dragged his mouth from mine. I knew he was close. I leaned my mouth against his ear, “Cum for me.” My hand pressed into his erection and stroked it harder through his jeans.

He cried out and his hips bucked into my hand. I didn’t stop my repetitions, until he slumped against me, still clinging to my body. I stroked his hair and gave him some time to recover.

“I’m sorry,” He mumbled into my shoulder. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

“What? Cum in your pants?”

Christian squirmed at my words.

“I bet your cock and pants are sticky from the load that you just shot.”

Christian pulled away from me, his eyes big as saucers. His face had a slight tinge of red in the cheeks. He was embarrassed and my pronouncement fanned the fire in his cheeks.

My words also excited him. He probably wasn’t use to hearing this type of talk. I gathered his sexual escapades were wrought with frustration and girls that didn’t understand their own sexuality.

“Take them off, let’s see.” I popped the button on his jeans and unzipped his pants.

Christian hesitated before lifting his hips up and sliding his jeans off. He wore white boxers underneath and I could see the stain on the front of them. My eyes slid up; his face was now beet red, and I enjoyed aggravating it further, “Take your shirt off.”

Christian complied and his shirt was thrown on the floor. He had little hair on his chest, just a few places where it stood around his nipples. He balled his hands together and shoved them between his legs, looking down.

I tugged on his boxers.

Without saying a word, Christian slid the boxers off his slim hips. His cock was still engorged and laid on the thigh of his right leg. I could see some drying cum on his leg, otherwise his cock’s tip was still wet and glistening.

“You want to take care of me?” I asked.

“Yes.” Christian rushed his answer. I thought I detected an urgency in his voice.

I stood and moved in front of him. He licked his lips, whether from anticipation or nervousness, I’m not sure, probably both. I was surprised to see the open hunger on his face. Yeah, this kid wanted it all right and he was starving for it. I teased him with my zipper, relishing his reactions as I brought my cock out of my leather pants and slowly stroked myself. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes!” Christian’s hands were sweating and he rubbed his legs with them.

“You want to suck my cock?”

Christian nodded in enthusiasm. His embarrassment was quickly dissipating as his proper upbringing was forgotten in the moment.

“Grip the couch with your hands and don’t let go.” I stroked myself a little longer, while teasing him.

Christian found a place for his hands, next to his legs and he obeyed me by grabbing the couch, as he sat forward in his seat. His cock was already inflating and jutting up from his body.

“Are you going to be a good cock sucker for me?” I chided him. His cock jumped at my words and he nodded his head in assessment. I smirked at him. He was primed.

I pulled out my stiff, thick, cock.

Christian lunged for it and I grabbed his hair with my left hand. “Not so fast.”

I held his head still and moved closer to his mouth. I used my right hand to play my cock over his face, dribbling pre-cum across it. I slapped his face with my throbbing dick, first the one side and then the other.

Christian’s tongue darted out as he tried to lick at my shaft. His cock was standing straight up now, against his belly.

My own breathing was picking up and I pushed my dick inside his willing mouth. He accepted me greedily and I directed his head on and off my hard-on. My cock was thick and he had trouble taking it all. His mouth was wet and he sucked rapaciously on it. I tried pushing my shaft further back down his throat and he gagged. I did not relent. I pulled my dick out, “Breath,” I commanded and then pushed it down his throat. “Relax and swallow.”

Christian swallowed my cock, taking me to the hilt and I gasped in surprised pleasure. Most boys take awhile to learn and only after many gagging sessions. Damn, his throat was tight and it constricted around my thick cock. This was heaven. I slammed my dick down his throat a few more times and I could feel the churning in my balls as they constricted against my body.

“Yeah, suck my fat cock.”

Christian complied, his mouth becoming more earnest in his endeavors. I grabbed his head with both hands and forced him down until his nose was flat against my stomach and held him there before finally pulling out. I could see his cock bobbing up and down with his motions. The head of his shaft was engorged and pre-cum was running down the sides of his dick.

“Suck it harder, cock sucker.” I was getting close and my movements became more frenetic. My balls tightened and I felt the cum welling up my shaft. I yanked it out of his mouth and used my right hand to beat off. The first spray of cum landed on his cheek, thick white gobs of it. Christian opened his mouth and the second explosion landed on his lips. He licked his lips when the third fell upon his chin. The fourth and fifth splashed his other cheek. I was crying out from the pleasure and milking my shaft, squeezing the last bits of cum out of it and onto his pretty boy face.

Afterwards my knees felt weak, but I braced myself and stayed standing. I smiled at the cum all over Christian’s face. He was looking at me expectantly and not moving while the cum ran down his face. The sight alone kept me excited, enough so, my cock laid fat and half erect. I used my finger and gathered the cum onto it, and pushed it into his mouth. He sucked on my finger, cleaning the glove off. I repeated this several times until he had sucked all the cum from my finger.

I knew I wasn’t through with him. He wasn’t leaving until I had his sweet, virgin ass. I was in a bit of a quandary as I didn’t want to scare him off by taking him to my black room. Even though it was apparent to me he was more than willing and in the perfect mind frame, he might not see it that way, yet. I finally decided on the bedroom. As much as I wanted to tie him up, again logic ruled over emotion. Maybe another time.

I grabbed his right nipple and pulled. He gasped at the sensation but he did not move away from my touch, as much as I twisted and turned it. I pulled harder, guiding him off the couch. I led him down the dark hallway to my bedroom, bypassing the locked door of my dungeon

The bedroom had mirrors on the ceiling and full length closet doors. It was decorated in mono-chrome colors with black and white plush carpeting, black bed spread and cherry-wood furniture.

Christian trembled as we entered the room. I pulled him against my body and tentatively kissed him, exploring his lips, teeth and mouth. He looped his arms around my neck and pulled his body tight against mine. I could feel his swollen cock pressing against my leg.

“Go ahead, rub it against my leg. I want to feel how hard you are.”

Christian excitedly began grinding against my leg and short, rapid, hot breaths brushed my throat. “But,” I cautioned, “Don’t cum.”

His actions slowed down with my warning, but he didn’t completely stop. He felt good against my body. His heat penetrated my skin and his body seemed to fit snugly against my side.

“Undress me.”

Christian smiled. His hands ran over my chest for the first time, grazing my nipples and winding through my dark hair before he moved behind me and undid the harness. He moved back in front of me and slipped it off my body, gently setting it on the floor. He kept watching my face and when I didn’t say anything, his hands wound around my arms, feeling my biceps before pulling the gloves off my hands. His touch was tentative and exploring and I watched his fascination as he inspected my body. His hands finally went to my pants. I stopped him and sat down on the bed, indicating my boots first. He drew one off and then the other before he returned eagerly to my pants. This time I stood and allowed him to draw them off my body. I stepped out of them when Christian pulled them down to my ankles. His hands wound around my legs and they traveled back up my body until he was standing before me again.

“You’re incredible,” he breathed. “What is your name?”


“Denis,” He said, as if committing it to memory. “Would you kiss me again? I like it when you kiss me.”

How could I resist such a request? I cupped his face with both my hands and bent down to kiss him fiercely. He shuddered and melted against me. He tried to probe his tongue into my mouth before I pushed it out with mine, brutalizing his mouth with my teeth. I could feel his erection pressing against my leg and his hand strayed down to my cock, grabbing it and stroking it with his fist, bringing it to life. My swelling dick encouraged him more, as his fingers wrapped around my shaft and squeezed it. He groaned into my mouth and his hips bucked against my leg.

I looped an arm behind him and moved him to the bed. I laid him down and moved until we were wrapped around each other, with me on top. “You know I want to fuck you.”

“I want you to as well.” Christian breathed against my body.

We shimmied up the bed, the whole time Christian’s hand never leaving my sex. His hands felt good as he stroked and played. It was obvious by the way he was touching me that he had never done this before. I wanted him to know what he had been missing. I wanted him to feel fulfilled for the first time in his life. “You know what would get me ready?”

“What?” Christian asked.

I leaned my lips against his ear and whispered, “It would make me really hot if I could spank you.” I waited in anticipation for his reaction. I wasn’t sure how he would handle it and I knew I was taking a chance in asking it.

“Spank me?”

“Yeah, across my lap.”

Christian stared at me a moment, turning it over, in his mind. I’m not sure exactly what he was thinking but he wanted to please me, and it didn’t take long for him to agree.

I swung my legs off the bed and sat up. He crawled across my lap. His erection was pressed between my legs. He raised his ass for me. This motion immediately turned me on. This boy was unbelievable. I scooted to free my erection which was caught between our bodies. It stood up straight against my belly. I used my right hand to slap his ass lightly. He seemed to accept it well and I could feel him scooting around beneath me. The next smack came on his other ass cheek, but harder. Again Christian accepted it and didn’t move away from me. I began alternating blows between his cheeks, the spanking sound was loud as my hand hit his flesh. I picked up the tempo, my cock becoming engorged from the exertion. Christian was groaning and I could feel his cock pressing harder against my leg, encouraging my actions. His ass was turning red and I could see my hand print left behind each blow.

It didn’t take long before I was breathing heavily and all I could think about was getting inside of him. I stopped the motion and pushed him off of me. He slid onto his knees on the floor. I leaned over and opened the end table draw. Inside was a packet of condoms. I pulled one out and I handed him the condom. “Put it on me.”

Christian’s eyes were wide again, but he opened the foil and extracted the condom. He put it on the end of my dick and rolled it down reverently.

After he was done, I grabbed the Ky jelly and applied some to the condom. I motioned him onto the bed. Christian climbed back onto the bed and laid down. I spread his legs and put a lot of lubrication on my finger. I slid my finger into his ass, and Christian gasped at the sensation. I began to wonder if he had been putting things up his ass before me, the way he willingly accepted me. To make sure I slid two fingers inside of him. He seemed more than eager to take them. I grinned at his response, “My, aren’t you a little whore? What else have you been sticking up your hole?”

“Nothing.” Christian muttered, then added, “Well, I mean.You’re the first.”

“That isn’t what I was asking.”

“Just.things.” Christian looked embarrassed and wouldn’t meet my eyes again.

“Things?” I prodded, “What kinds of things?”

Christian didn’t respond and I decided he was too shy for me to press the issue further at this time; perhaps later.

I moved up next to Christian and moved him onto his side. I spooned his body, took his leg and draped it over mine. Christian half turned to look at my face. I guided my cock against his willing hole. “Is this what you want?”

“More than anything.” Christian said, “I want you to fuck me.”

I half laughed at his boldness. He was a strange combination of timidity and audacity. To my surprise, I pushed my cock in and felt him eagerly slam back onto my shaft! I grunted, and realized we needed a different position if I was to hammer him as he seemed to want. I fucked him a few times, before I pulled out.

He cried out from the absence of my cock.

“You’re going to be my bitch?” I asked him.

“When ever you want.”

“Turn over and assume the doggy position.” I tried not to show him my surprised reaction.

He moved quickly onto all fours, but left his ass high in the air as he rested his head and arms on the pillow.

“When ever I want?” I verified, hoping I might see him again.


“You’re mine to use?” I validated.


Damn this virgin boy was blossoming before my eyes. I grabbed his hips and positioned my cock against his wanting hole. “Take my cock, you slut.”

Without warning Christian impaled himself, moving back onto my cock and rocking back and forth. I could only grunt from the sensation. He constricted his ass muscles around my cock, squeezing it tight before moving off.

“Such a pretty whore.” I slammed my dick into him, “You know you want this. Take it all!”

“Fuck me, Denis, please.”

It was good that I had cum before because this felt too good. I didn’t want it to end. Both our bodies were sweated up and I had it rolling down my face. I could smell his musty, male arousal and his young body flexed beneath mine.

My hips began moving of their own accord. I was slamming into him and pulling out, before pummeling his oil, slicked, ass again and again and again. He was rocking so hard back and forth, I almost slipped out a few times, before his ass would grab my cock and squeeze it, sucking me back inside. It was Christian that begged me to cum first. I reached around and grabbed his engorged dick. As soon as I touched him, he cried out my name and jets of cum flew over my hand, his body and the bed. His ass muscles spasmed with his orgasm and I cried out as I slammed my whole dick into his tight boy hole. My hips thrashed involuntarily with each orgasm that ripped up my shaft, filling the condom.

Exhausted we both slumped forward, with me on top of him. I was still inside his hot body before I pulled out and rolled onto my back. I gazed up at our reflections in the mirror above the bed. Without any warning, it seemed as if I was seeing myself in Christian’s place, young and insecure, lying next to an experienced older man; wanting him to love me. The realization that this memory wasn’t that long ago left me feeling dispassionate and alone.

© 2003 M.K. Bowes. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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