Other Bonds Than Leather

“Would I have to call you ‘Master’?” Caroline says, doing an Igor impersonation as she twists the word, “because I don’t think I could do that without giggling.”

“Not if you don’t want to.”

“But I thought the whole point of this Dom/sub thing was to make me do things I don’t want to do?”

“No. The point is to make you do things you deeply desire to do and dare not do.”

“What kind of things are they?” still smiling, but with a real question in her eyes.

“That is what we would find out together Caroline. Isn’t that why you are here?”

“I’m here, against my better judgement if truth be known, because something about you tugs at me. I think it’s your voice. I’m perfectly sane until I hear your voice and then suddenly I find myself wanting…”

“Wanting what?”

“I don’t know,” she laughs again, nervously this time, “for you to like me? To give me your approval?” her voice lowers, “To invite me into your world?”

“So being here with me is insane?” I say.

“Well look at me,” she says, holding out her arms, “What do you see? An older, heavier, woman with big thighs and small breasts, who ought to know better. I mean, I’m going to be a grandmother soon.”

Now it is my turn to laugh. I take her right hand, still flung out from her side, and hold it in both of mine. I pull her closer to me and say, “I see a woman who intrigues me. An intelligent, articulate woman whose sensuality and strength show in every thing she does.” I kiss her hand and look down at her legs, ” I see a woman who honoured my request not to wear any underwear,” she actually blushes at this, “and whose thighs invite me to open them and explore.”

“That’s exactly what I mean,” she says, pretending to be cross and pulling her hand away. “Words like that, spoken like that… how am I supposed to make sensible decisions when I’m listening to you drip words like that into my mind?”

“Listen to your lust Caroline. It will tell you what to do.”

Suddenly she looks serious. “Promise me you won’t just play with me Jonathan. Please don’t make me into a fool.”

I match her tone, making sure I am looking straight into her eyes, “I want you to trust yourself Caroline. I want you to trust me. Let go. I promise I will catch you.”

I can’t read her expression as she rifles my face for signs of betrayal or insincerity.

She looks away and asks brightly, “So do you have a dungeon oh masterly one?”

“Yes,” I say.

She raises an eyebrow, whether in disbelief or disapproval I can’t tell.

“Follow me please,” I say. I don’t look back but I’m pleased when I hear her on the stairs behind me.

“Holy Cow Batman! It’s the Batcave.” Caroline says, slapping one fist into her palm in a very believable impersonation of Robin.

I stay by the stairs switching on the spotlights one by one.

Caroline moves around the room slowly, as if she is memorizing a particularly interesting exhibition at her local museum.

She starts at the leather cross of St. Andrew, with its restraints at the four extremes of the X. Then she circles the stocks, adjusted to the right height for her head and hands. Next the leather padded hurdle, which she bends over playfully, looking back at me for comment. I switch on the next light.

“Good God,” she says, as she stares at the whips and collars and paddles hanging on the wall. “Talk about ‘Toys Fuck Us’.” Her eyes fall on the bench displaying the dildos, butt plugs, restraints and gags. She is like a sleepwalker now. Her movements are slow and her eyes go everywhere at once. She picks up the inflatable penis gag and then drops it as if it were hot after she sees what happens when she squeezes the bladder. Her fingers move gently over the black silicon of the largest butt plug. When she turns to me, her nipples are erect under her summer dress, but her eyes are in shock.

“You… use all these?” she asks.

“Not usually all at the same time,” I say.

“Women let you tie them and put these things on them and…” she is speaking very slowly. The reality of “my world”, the world she wanted to be invited into, is hitting her for the first time.

“Would you like to leave Caroline? Shall I take you back upstairs where we can have a glass of wine before you go home?”

She shakes her head slowly.

I switch on one more light and then switch off the rest.

In the center of a circle of warm bright light is a gyniechair, complete with stirrups and with additional straps at the wrists and neck.

Caroline stares at it. She has her back to me and is moving away from the chair slowly, as if she is not aware she is doing it.

I move up behind her and turn her gently by the shoulders until she is facing me.

“Close your eyes please Caroline.” My voice is calm, reasonable, compelling.

A small hesitation, a tremor of doubt, and then her eyes close.

I have to bend to kiss her. I hold her face in my hands, my thumbs gently tracing her cheekbones. My lips press on hers, but it is her tongue that enters my mouth. She is eager now. Her arms wrap around me; her whole body is trying to adhere to mine. My left hand is stroking her hair. Short, wiry, strong, sexy; her hair is a metaphor for the woman herself. The tension in her body passes slowly from anxiety to desire. I break the kiss but do not release her head from my hands.

“I want you to sit in the chair with your legs in the stirrups Caroline,” I let go of her and her head turns toward the chair.

“I want to explore the space between your thighs.” I say, leading her by the elbow towards the circle of light.

She stops at the chair, struggling to speak. We are in the struggle now, she and I; the dance has begun. I can feel her unspoken words pushing at me.

“I won’t tie you or gag you or blindfold you today,” I say, “but I want you to do what I ask. If you decide not to do what I ask, we will go back upstairs.”

This is a risk. I might lose her here. A fire of anger that stirs my cock, flashes through her eyes, but she controls it.

“If you hurt me, I will leave,” she says.

Touché. This is going to be interesting.

Caroline looks small in the chair. Without being told, she lifts her dress so that her sex is fully exposed. She has trimmed her pubic hair, but a defiant banner of gray-streaked curls covers her mons.

I stand between her brightly-lit legs and look intently at her sex. She squirms a little; perhaps uncomfortable at being so exposed.

“You look magnificent,” I say. Then, before she can reply, I say, “Please close your eyes and keep them closed. Keep your hands on the arms of the chair please.”

Caroline closes her eyes.

I count to 10. I know it will seem longer to her. She does not speak. I smile. The dance has progressed.

I run my index fingers simultaneously down the inside of her thighs. The skin is soft, getting softer as I reach the top. I stop just where the thigh joins the hip, both fingers on either side of her cunt but not touching it. Then I let go.

Caroline’s eyes are still closed. Good.

I unzip. Slowly. The sound is loud in the silence of the room.

My index fingers repeat their journey but this time lightly touching the outer labia before going away.

I pull out a condom from my pocket. I hold it close to Caroline so she will hear it ripped open and smell the latex. Then I lay it on the palm of her right hand like a promise. Her hand opens and closes but she says nothing.

On their third journey along her thighs my index fingers find the plump outer labia and spread them wide. They do not retreat this time but hold her open, glistening like an oyster in the spotlight.

“Oh God. Do it. Fuck me,” Caroline says.

I ignore her and kneel between her thighs.

Her labia are long enough to suck. I take each one into my mouth in turn, sucking hard to hold them there, then letting go.

“Don’t stop,” Caroline says, “Don’t you dare stop”.

Her clit is small but unsheathed now. I move the flesh around it with my fingers but leave it untouched. Then I turn my head sideways and push my tongue as deep into her as I can. She coats my tongue and my cock throbs.

Still inside her, I turn the tip of my tongue upwards and try to scoop out her juices.

“Fuck yes,” Caroline says.

I remove my tongue. It aches a little but it tastes wonderful.

I stand.

“Keep your eyes closed but give me the condom please Caroline.”

If she keeps the condom the dance will end.

She opens her hand and I remove the condom.

When she feels the rubber slide into her cunt she gasps. Her face telegraphs her concerns to me. Despite her words earlier, she’s still not sure if she really wants to fuck. This is happening too quickly for her.

A second or two later she realises the condom is stretched over three of my fingers.

Her laugh turns into a moan as the fingers find the Gspot.

When my tongue flicks across her clit she literally bounces in the stirrups. Her come starts when I suck her clit into my mouth and keep it there.

I knew she would be loud when she came. The sound and taste of her make me dizzy.

I withdraw my fingers and remove the condom.

She is still breathing hard when I move to stand behind her chair.

“What a wet cunt you have,” I whisper. “What a sweet tasting slit”

Then, bending forward, I push my juice-coated tongue into her mouth. She sucks. Hard.

When the kiss stops she says, “Thank you,” almost as if she were talking in her sleep.

“Open your eyes Caroline”

While she blinks at the bright light I remove her legs from the stirrups and help her down from the chair.

She leans into me and her hand goes to my erection.

“May I?” she says, moving her hand along the shaft.

“Next time perhaps,” I say and move her hand away.

“Why not?” she says in a tone that gives me a flashback of her as she must have been as a little girl, stamping her foot to get her way.

I push my cock back inside my jeans and say, “Because I want my first come to be inside you when you are bound to that cross.” I point at the X-frame across the room.

She steps away from me.

“Is that a power play Jonathon?” she says.

“No, it’s a fantasy. I want you completely open to me. I want to feel you give your whole body to me. When you are ready.”

“You are a strange man,” she says.

“Yes,” I reply.

Mimicking my earlier action she lifts my hand in hers and kisses it.

“Thank you Jonathon. I enjoyed today. But I need time to think.”

“Don’t think too hard Caroline. Let your body do the thinking just this once.”

I put my arm around her and lead her back into the real world.

After she leaves I go back to the playroom, strip and sit in the chair.

I imagine I can still feel her presence there. She has promised to come back, tomorrow, when she has had time to think.

I close my eyes and work my cock slowly.

I summon her taste and her smell. I imagine her asking to be tied to my cross. I concentrate on the image of her being pummelled into the leather and groaning with pleasure.

Caroline believes there was no bondage today. No restraints were used. She does not yet know that there are other bonds than leather and that all restraint is a matter of will.

As my spend slides over my hand and onto my belly, I think that my new bonds feel good and I shall wear them yet awhile.

© 2001 Mike Kimera. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without written permission from the author.

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