One Night Stand

I do not like one night interludes
Sometimes the morning intrudes
On my desire to satisfy, as well as being satisfied
However, my lust cannot be denied
I must stretch out moments and then
Remember what it is like pleasing you again and again

I yearn to taste you
Licking you from your forehead to your knees
Allowing my tongue to encourage your eyes
To awaken because this is not a dream
Let my throat become wet from drinking
Your creamy libation and I’m thinking
You’ll reach that orgasm after some sucking and licking

I need more than one night to make sure you’re satisfied
I want this friends-with-benefits transaction to be signed and verified
I wish I could fuck you EVERY day
Allowing you to experience ecstasy my way

All I need is another hour
For my body to play with yours
I can make it feel like years
And you’ll never want to go

Sucking and licking
Thinking about pussy dripping
All over your shaft
My top lips
Get first dibs
Because they were hungry and
Wanted to swallow it

Inviting your thickness to stretch my walls
Allowing my pussy lips to kiss your balls
Trying to slide in deeper than I thought possible
Trying to choke it with a Kegel, as if this dick was hostile
Taking your thickness
Switching positions
Now on all fours
So you can explore
My magnificent backside
As you backslide
Gripping handfuls of ass like
You’re about to create an ovation
Standing up in my pussy
Like this was your creation
Rocking and stroking it
Starting at a manageable pace
You’re waiting for my orgasm
That’s a marathon and not a race

We just need one more hour
To lock lips
Lock hips
To build this “beneficial” friendship
Then later we can reminisce
About that one night
That we both can’t forget.

Now, I want some more

Are you ready?

© 2015 Iris Perkins. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

About the Author: Iris Perkins is a published author, daughter and friend to many.

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