New Truck

“I love your new truck.”

“You’re just a Texas girl. You like all trucks.”

“No! I like it. It’s bigger, you sit up real high —”

“Big. You like big?”

“Stop it, Jasper. You know I don’t like that kind of talk.”


“Hey, you’re not gonna park way back here, are you? The store’s way over there.”

“Nobody’s gonna scratch my new truck or bang it with a door — Oops, hold it a sec.”

“Where are you going? Jasper, what are you doing? First you tell me you don’t want to park around other cars, then you park right next to one.”

“Look over here.”


“Look over here. Out my window. They don’t even know we’re here.”


“Look out the window, dummy!”


“Ain’t that somethin’?”


“They didn’t even hear us pull up.”


“Look at her go. Go girl! Look at her suck that cock, baby!”

“Jasp… Jeez.”

“Looks like he’s about to go, doesn’t it baby. What do you think?”

“This is disgusting, Jasper.”

“I don’t see you turnin’ your head, baby.”

“Let go of my breast, Jasper.”

“Look at her! Go girl! Yee haaa!”

“Jasper! What did you blow the horn for?”

“Lookit them now! What a scramble! You see her tits bouncin’? Lookit that! He’s gonna drive away with his dick stickin’ straight up out of his pants! Man, I’ve seen everything.”

“Jasper, let go of my — Jasper!”

“How’d you like to suck on this, baby?”

“Jasper! I don’t do that kind of — Jasper, let go of my breast right now!”

“Shit, baby, nobody can see us! I got tinted windows and we’re up higher than anybody else. Nobody’d know a fuckin’ thing.”

“Jasper, get your hand out of my skirt!”

“I bet this truck wouldn’t even rock. It’s got a real stiff suspension. Hey, speakin’ of stiff, lookit this thing!”

“Jasper, put that away and get your hand out of my skirt –No, leave my panties alone! I’m telling you… Uh…Jasper…”

“Here, just swing your leg over. Watch out for the gearshift. That gearshift, not this one.”


“Shit, baby, you’re really wet and slippery. I can just slide my big cock…”


“Oh, baby, your pussy is the sweetest thing this side of the Rio Grande.”

“J… Uhnh…”

“That’s it, baby. Up and down and up and down…”


“Ride it, baby. Ride it cowgirl!” This truck ain’t even rockin’ yet.”


“Ooh, baby…”

“I’m c-coming, Jasp…”

“I feel ya, baby. I’m gonna blow… Oshit, here I go!”





“Jasper, you have to go in and get the bread.”

“Aw, baby…”

“It’s only fair, Jasper.”


“Now, Jasper.”

“All right, baby.”

New Truck, Copyright © 1999 by Sidney Durham. All rights reserved. If you steal this, I’ll send George Dubya after you.
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