Mistress Elvira’s Animal Farm

“I’m having problems with my pet,” Albertina began. “Just lately, Rex, he’s, hmm, it’s his behaviour.”

Sitting behind her desk, Elvira smiled helpfully at the distraught, leather-clad dominatrix. “His behaviour? He’s housetrained, I take it?”

“Of course,” replied Albertina, letting Rex off his leash. “He’s thoroughly housetrained.”

Elvira fixed her gaze on Albertina’s pet. A full-grown Caucasian, Rex certainly looked healthy and housetrained in his mid-twenties, with a glossy black mane; his eyes, ocean-blue. Albertina bought only blue eyed men, Elvira knew. He flexed his pectorals, wagging each one in turn as he stared, expressionless, at the rack of paddles, dildoes and nipple pegs lining the wall.

“He understands commands?”

Albertina tutted. “Naturally. He can do a Rubik cube in under twenty minutes.”

“Works out regularly?” Elvira squeezed a hard, veined bicep.

“Every day. He jogs on his treadmill. He catches a ball. He eats a healthy, balanced diet. His bowels are regular.”

Elvira nodded. She stroked his hairy, muscled flanks. She lifted his limp penis, and heavy ball sac. “Is he neutered? Sometimes they go quiet for a while when you have them tied.”

“He’s been tied, but that was years ago,” Albertina affirmed. “He went off his food after the operation, but he soon reverted back to his usual self.”

“Has he been frisky lately, coming when he’s not supposed to, that sort of thing?”

“Just the opposite,” Albertina said, after a longish pause. “I can’t get him to come at all. I’ve tried everything, but he refuses to respond.”

“Okay,” said Elvira, thinking. “Let’s test his reflexes. Rex! Push-ups. Give me fifty good ones, mister.”

Rex went down onto his toes and fingertips-fingertips, Elvira noted. The muscles in his back, his rear deltoids and trapezium, bunched and flexed like a panther’s as he rapped off fifty sharp push-ups, without pausing.

“So far, so good,’ Elvira thought. Moving over to the examination couch, she sat and raised her rubber mini skirt further up over her thighs. “Rex, over my knee.”

Grinning sorrowfully, Rex scampered across the carpet. He paused at Elvira’s boots, as if waiting for the command to lick the sole of her stilettos. When the command was not forthcoming, he draped himself over her waiting knee.

“Slight hesitation,” said Elvira to Albertina. ‘And he’s supposedly housetrained,’ she thought, smugly.

“Cute ass, though. Do you spank it regularly?”

“Every day,” said Albertina, glaring at Rex.

Elvira waited while Rex settled himself, then raised her hand. Flattening her palm, she let it fall on the offered buttocks. Elvira spanked Rex’s ass. She spanked lightly, harder, patterning the sides, centre, the sensitive, fleshier undersides at the tops of his thighs. His skin, she noted, bruised a fetching pink before fading. She wondered how he’d react to the paddle. She found herself blushing, breathing harder. Guiltily, she looked at Albertina.

“Get off me, mutt,” Elvira said, injecting a note of disdain into her voice. “Lick that off.”

Rex poked out his diamond studded tongue, and lapped up the silver trail of pre-come on Elvira’s rubber skirt.

“Rex! Back on the couch. Kneel.”

“Shall I do the honours?” said Elvira, her gaze directing Albertina’s attention to the rack of dildos by the side of the couch.

“I’ll do it,” snapped Alberta.

‘My, you’re a possessive bitch,’ Elvira thought, closing the window blinds.

Albertina reached into her holdall. She produced a huge, black rubber strap-on. Elvira’s eyes widened. Poor Rex! Albertina unsnapped her leather skirt, slipped out of her thong and began buckling on the torpedo shaped penis.

“I’ll help you with that,” Elvira offered, her hands fastening the harness around Albertina’s hips. “More lube?”

Albertina removed her glasses; without them, her face appeared naked. She looked younger, less like herself, yet Elvira found the sight of her undeniably arousing; with her red hair loose, spilling over her small shoulders in a wave of flames; with her abundant breasts bunched up by her leather bodice, and her sinewy hips sporting a huge cock, like a rhino’s horn. She resembled a mythical figure, a female satyr, a priapic valkyrie.

“No thanks,” said Albertina, sounding businesslike. “He’s used to it.”

The phallus toting dominatrix positioned herself behind her pet. “Rex, spread!” she said, and Rex grinned. The grin turned into a loud groan; Albertina’s hips smacked into his buttocks. She started fucking, sweatier, coarser, her reddening body slammed repeatedly, her hips thrusting the bridled penis deeper and deeper into Rex’s asshole.

“Come, Rex!”

Rex groaned; Albertina smacked his ass.

“Come, you stupid beast!” she said. Nothing. His penis wagged, like the tail of a dog trying to please, but it refused to spurt. Cursing, Albertina cuffed his ears and pulled his hair. Withdrawing her penis, she looked close to tears.

“See what I mean? He’s hopeless. I might just as well have him castrated.”

“I don’t know if there’s anything I can do,” said Elvira. “Maybe it’s his hormones or something. My advice would be, take him to a specialist.”

“Elvira, if I may speak frankly, I came to you because you’re discreet. Rex is, Rex is special, a pedigree. He comes from a famous line. I’ll be the laughing stock of the village if word gets out he can’t perform properly.”

Elvira shook her head. No, sorry. What could she do? However, seeing Albertina humbled and almost grovelling at her feet, she relented. “Give me a week to sort him out.”

“I want him back by Saturday,” said Albertina. “It’s Croft’s next Saturday and I’ve got him entered in the best ejaculation category. He always wins first prize.”

Albertina put her clothes back on. She looked pointedly at Elvira. “Always.”

‘Always, huh?’ Elvira breathed a sigh of relief after Albertina left her office. She turned to Rex, who knelt shame-faced in the corner.

Elvira frowned. What to do with this one? Maybe he was secretly wanking. That might explain his impotency. That could be fixed. She decided to restrain his wrists behind his back and use the thumb cuffs.

Rex stared up at her with that same boyish charm he’d shown earlier. “Mistress?”

“Rex, you’ll keep that muzzle of yours shut unless I say otherwise. I don’t tolerate noisy animals on my farm. Got it, mutt?”

Rex nodded, lowered his eyes.

‘At least he’s obedient,’ Elvira thought, chaining him up in the courtyard. She decided to leave Rex there overnight while she decided about how best to solve his problem. ‘He’ll wait,’ she decided. She had another animal that needed re-training first. Nero.

Nero was Elvira’s most valuable stallion, a magnificent animal, coal-black, six foot five, with a body as hard as polished ebony. But Nero was getting uppity. At the stable door, Elvira paused, deep in thought. It was as though all this business, this strictly private and confidential business had gone to his handsome, arrogant head. In part, this was Sally Anne’s fault.

Elvira recalled clearly the first time she’d met Sally Anne Mayfield, a keen amateur rider. She’d made an appointment with Elvira. Something about wanting to check out Elvira’s stables for a paper she was writing on man saddles and harnesses, or something like, Elvira couldn’t remember what, exactly.

In the stable, Sally Anne stared at Nero. Her gaze never left his oiled, naked body as Elvira scrubbed his dark skin with a brush. She asked permission to stroke his flank, and, bemused, Elivra agreed. Nero’s nostrils flared. He grunted as Sally Anne neared.

“Nero! None of that, ” Elvira growled, swiping his muscular buttocks with the brush.

“He isn’t dangerous, is he? You hear about these things. Some men bite, they say.”

“Nero’s a big softy once you get to know him, and he hasn’t bitten anyone yet. The only thing he’s ever bitten is a rubber gag when I flog his sweet ass!”

Sally Ann looked thoughtfully at Nero. She removed her riding hat, and her blonde hair tumbled down over her shoulders. “Elvira, have you ever wondered what it would be like to have intercourse with one of these magnificent creatures?”

“God, no,” said Elvira. “That’s illegal.”

“Technically, I guess. If you get caught doing it.”

“The only thing these thoroughbreds are good for is racing and beating.”

Sally Anne nodded, smiled. Lowering her voice, she asked, “Elvira, how would you like it if I gave you a thousand porn creds to be alone with this handsome fellow for a couple of hours?”

‘Oh crap. I got a nineteen year old pervert on my hands,’ Elvira thought, her gaze travelling up and down Sally Anne’s body. She felt suddenly jealous. She felt like responding with, ‘so what’s wrong with me if you want to get laid so bad?’

“A thousand creds? That’s a lot of money. You sure you got it.”

“Yes ma’am. Mommy owns all the torture gardens in Porn City.”

So that had been that. Cash was cash, Elvira had told herself. Soon, once word got around, Nero was bringing in a regular income for Elvira. She stopped riding him. She got him a mattress, and an eiderdown duvet. She put in a night light, red, and hung curtains over the stable window for privacy’s sake. What those women did with him was nobody’s business but their own. Nobody didn’t need to know anything about that.

Nero! Elvira muttered to herself, and poured a large whiskey. She thought about showering, but changed her mind. She liked the musky smell of her cunt. It was affirmation that she was a woman, a strong-minded woman running her own business. And she’d do it her way, without busybody goody two-shoes trying to shut her down just because she catered for some illicit fun with the farm animals. No sir!

Still feeling anxious, Elvira changed into her nightclothes. She slipped into a filmy scrap of lace, the one she wore when she went seducing the stable girls, or was preparing to get laid by any of her regular girlfriends.

She put on a Roberta Flack disc. Roberta had such a sinewy, suggestive voice. She took her whiskey over to the window, which overlooked the floodlit courtyard, the stables where her animals were tethered. She thought of Rex. She imagined herself as Sally Anne, the precocious blonde, her unnatural desires. She drained her whisky. What would Sally Anne make of Rex? she wondered. It was a crazy idea, disgusting and thrilling. For a moment, Elvira doubted if she had the courage to go though with it. She blushed.

‘Nearly midnight, already. If I’m going to do this, better be now,’ she resolved, and went to the back step. Rex stirred when she nudged him with her foot.

“Rex! Wake up.”


“Rex, come on in, follow!”

Elvira noted the sleepy apprehension in Rex’s doleful eyes, the interested erection forming between his hairy thighs.

‘I can’t believe I’m actually doing this,” she said to herself. Harder than she intended, she pulled him into the house by his collar. ‘Before anyone sees,’ she excused herself.

Lit, perfumed candles filled the bedroom with an intimate glow, and Elvira nearly changed her mind. What would her girlfriends say if they could see her in a see-through nightie, sans underwear, alone in her bedroom with a man? What about Albertina? What about the law? She poured herself another whiskey. ‘Ain’t broken no laws, yet,’ she said to herself.

‘I wonder if he actually thinks I’m attractive, sexy?’ Elvira knew she was sexy looking, desirable. It had never occurred to her before tonight what a mere man might think. For all she knew, men were incapable of an aesthetic evaluation. Men were creatures of impulse, governed by testosterone and the need to ejaculate their disgusting sperm. Men were primal creatures, a different species. Men were just like dogs or horses, except not so affectionate as a dog or horse. Men were dumb animals. Animals.

“Rex,” she said, “sit there in the corner, and you don’t move unless I say so, you big dumb animal.”

Elvira walked around the room, hips swaying. She leaned over the satin bed, straightening pillows.

“Y’know what these are, Rex? They’re pillows. We rest our heads on them when we sleep.” Elvira smiled to herself. “Sometimes, they got another use too. We like to put them under us when we’re, you know, makes the dildo slide in deeper.”

Elvira reclined on the bed, raised one thigh. “That’s what we use, Carol and me when we’re in bed together. We get naked, slowly undressing, touching and kissing. Then Carol lies between my thighs, rubbing, kissing, fucking me, too.”

Eyes closed, she began caressing herself, rubbing the sides of her clitoris. Harder, Elvira rubbed. She gave a moan of pleasure. Her nightie rolled up over her breasts, the watery caress of the material receding over her sifting tummy, the coral of her ribcage, her floating breasts, nipples pointed upward, resolute and swollen. Her thighs drifted further apart. Elvira saw movement, like breakers chopping the tide, dancing shadows lengthened and shortened the room, the bed, the animal in the corner.

“Rex,” she growled. “What do you think you’re doing, bad boy?”

Her lashes fluttered anxiously. Men were physically stronger than women. It was only the will of a woman, her indomitable spirit that kept a man in his rightful place. ‘I can feel my will ebbing, flowing, flowing like a little river broken free of its banks,’ Elvira realised. How strong, how determined was Rex, she wondered.

“Would you like it if I opened myself wide? You can see up inside me, Rex.”

Elvira’s body flowed, parted. She imagined his hard, urgent body milking hot moisture from her willing body. She pressed her hands against her cunt, wanting more than her touch, more than Rex’s unblinking gaze as he neared her bed. She felt his hand grip her ankle. He pulled. Her tight, hot cunt sucked her finger deeper into the flowing warmth. Elvira flipped over onto her hands and knees.

“Come on, Rex. Come to momma.”

Elvira stifled her moans into the pillow, her pleasure building, a pressure inside spreading in warm, tingling waves from the epicentre; her cunt. She called to Rex again, her hands slapping her bottom. The sharp sounding smack, she hoped, would tempt the animal to mount. Looking over her shoulder, brushing a lock of hair from her eyes, Elvira saw Rex rearing up. She had a sudden moment of clarity, ‘Oh my, I’m about to be fucked by a man!’ Then the fear was replaced by the thrill, the hunger for fucking. Sex.

She felt his cock skid over her cunt lips and knock raggedly at her anus. “Whoah, boy! Not there!” Elvira said, shaking, wanting him badly. She reached under her belly and guided his cock into her cunt.

“Ah, Rex!” Elvira gasped.

Rex paused. She could feel his breath on the nape of her neck. She could feel him inside; feel his thighs huddled to hers, feel his flat stomach tight to the cheeks of her ass. She felt his confusion, his desire too.

“Mistress?” he said softly, kissing her neck, her jaw, cupping her hanging breasts and pulling her nipples.

“Rex!” Elvira cried out, his ragged thrusts harder, firmer. Long, deep strokes, pressed against her cervix. Elvira bowed her back, arched, her ass swivelled, changing the angle of the cock thrusting deeper inside.

“Yes!” Elvira screamed, ramming her hips back against the tensing of his thighs.

“Fuck momma, Rex. Fuck momma’s cunt!”

Elvira bit her lip, and pushed her ass violently against Rex’s spurting cock. She screamed as pure pleasure liquefied her centre. She felt Rex strain, tighten, his cock flooding her womb with a lake of sperm.

Still tingling and shaking, she waited for the swelling in his cock to go down before disengaging. The feeling of a man on her back, his warm body, his cock in spasm inside her cunt, made Elvira feel dizzy, confused and perverted. But damn, she could see now why Sally Anne kept coming back for more!

Later, Elvira lay on the bed, tired but not sleepy. She concentrated on the feeling of Rex’s sperm trickling out, flowing and meandering down the insides of her thighs. She didn’t feel in the least repulsed. In the shower, she heard him singing Nat King Cole as he groomed himself. Let there be romance, let there be love. Not a bad voice, she considered. She’d miss Rex, she realised. She felt envious of Albertina. She reached for the phone, and dialled her number as Rex entered the bedroom.

“Bad boy,” she said with a smile. “Come and clean up the mess you made,” she said, spreading her thighs. “I’m gonna talk to your Mistress about you. We got a lot of talking to do. Hi Albertina, just a quick call about Rex,” she purred. “No, I’m afraid he’s still the same, yes, but say, I can offer you a suitable replacement until we sort this problem out. Nero. You interested? Good, Albertina. I’ll see you in the morning. Ciao!”

© 2005 G. Russell. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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