Melanie and Jay go to the Bookstore and have Buttsex

Melanie stepped out of the Ford Focus into the biting November cold. She immediately berated herself for not wearing a coat. She always looked fat when she wore a coat. And of course her skirt wasn’t doing much to keep her warm. But then, neither were her strappy high-heeled sandals nor her thin rayon blouse.

Jay took his sweet time getting out of the car. He was wearing the black trench coat that he always wore. He smiled at her obvious discomfort.

“I told you to wear a coat, but then, hey, what do I know.”

“Hurry up, asshole. I’m freezing.” She wrapped her arms around her middle and bobbed up and down in a fight against the shivers.

“Well, that ain’t my fault.” He made a show of checking for his wallet and his keys and God only knew what else he might have in his coat.

A particularly strong gust of wind tore across the parking lot. It picked up shopping bags and flung them into the air, it sent cigarette butts rolling across the ground, and it ripped right through Melanie’s clothes and cut to her bones. She gasped.

“Hurry the fuck up. Shit.”

“Okay, okay, I’m coming. Keep your panties on.”

He hurriedly locked and shut the car door and scrambled to where she stood in the parking lot. Despite the fact that he was attractive, could be a bit of an ass, and was a relentless flirt, their relationship had never become sexual. There was an effeminate quality about Jay. It was in the way he cradled his cigarette instead of just holding it, and in the way he crossed his legs when he sat down. There was more to it, but for the most part, it was that quality that had kept him squarely in the friendzone.

She punched him in the arm as soon as he came close enough. “Dick.”

Together they walked up to the bookstore, with Melanie trying to position herself so Jay blocked the majority of the wind. The doors opened magically with a swoosh and a wonderful warm breeze came flowing out of the building.

She stepped inside and almost laughed aloud at the sudden comfort. Row after row of books were on display. Romance and Sci-Fi and Mystery and Horror and Crime and on and on. They didn’t call the place “Bazillions of Books” for nothing. It had to be at least a hundred thousand square feet of nothing but books. Well, nothing but books and coffee, and greeting cards, and sunglasses for some reason, and what the hell were those shirts doing hanging on the wall anyway, and were those DVD’s next to the register?

“Hopefully they’ll have that new Star Trek book I’ve been waiting for.” She looked up at Jay but he wasn’t paying any attention. It looked like his eyes were about to fall out of his head and his mouth was hanging open just a little. She turned and found a tall blonde in the Young Adult section. It must have taken the woman the better part of the morning to squeeze her boobs into a top that small. And what the hell was she doing in Young Adult anyway? She must be at least twenty-five.

“Uh, hello. Earth to Pigman.”

“What?” Jay looked like he just woke up.

“Why not just walk over there and tear her clothes off?”

“What, I’m a guy, we can’t help it.”

“That’s just an excuse to behave like a cretin.”

“No it isn’t. It’s biological. It’s in the design. Why do you think a guy’s wangdanger is out front? It’s so that it’s already pointing at whatever he’s looking at.”

“You’re mental.”

“No, seriously. I heard somewhere that the average guy has like two thousand sexual fantasies every day.”

“That’s impossible.”

“I don’t know. I’ve already had, like, three just since we got to the bookstore.”

“What? About who?”

“Well, there was the lady over there,” he pointed to the blonde bimbo, “and the lady back there by the magazines,” he pointed to a woman way back in the rear of the store that she could hardly see, “and don’t think for a minute I didn’t notice how hard your nipples got when we were out in the parking lot.”

“You had a sex fantasy about me!”


She didn’t know what to say. She was completely flabbergasted.

“It’s not a big deal. Haven’t you ever had a fantasy about me?”


“Oh, well thanks a lot, Mel.”

Now she felt bad. Somehow men had a way of doing things they shouldn’t do and making her feel bad about what they did.

They walked farther into the store. “So, have you had a lot of fantasies about me?”

“I don’t know. An average amount, I guess.”

“And what am I doing in these fantasies anyway.”

“I ain’t going there.”

“What? If you’re going to have sex thoughts about me, then I think I have a right to know what they’re about. It only seems fair to me.”

“No, fair would be if you had sex fantasies about me. Which, by all means, go ahead, I won’t mind.”

“How do I know you aren’t imagining me doing some kind of sick and depraved perverted stuff with a chicken if you don’t tell me what they’re about.”

“You really want to know?”


“Well, you know how I’ve always said that I like strong, independent women?”


“Well, to be perfectly honest, it goes a little bit farther than that. I like really strong women. Domineering women.”


“Do I have to spell it out? I like dominatrix type women, you know, whips and chains and that kind of thing.”

“Oh. Interesting.” Maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea to press him about his fantasies after all.

“So, you have fantasies about me tying you up, whipping you, and stuff like that.”

“Sometimes. Most of the time it’s just you making me do things.”

“What kind of things?”

“Oh man, I knew I shouldn’t have said anything. You think I’m a pervie now, don’t you?

“I didn’t say that, you fucking pervert.”

“You know, actually, hold on a second.”

He walked off, leaving Melanie alone in the Sci-Fi racks. She browsed through the greats, L. Ron Hubbard, Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov. They were all dead, and she had read all of their books, but she couldn’t walk past without looking, and secretly hoping there would be a new one, an undiscovered one that this time would be revealed for her and her alone.

She turned to the Star Trek section. The new book she had been hoping for was not there. Someone was going to have to hurry up and get that book out. Captain Picard was in trouble, damn it. He might need her help, and where would the Enterprise be if Ensign Melanie Bailey wasn’t there to lend a hand.

Jay came back over. He thrust a thick, leather-bound book out to her. “Here.”

“What’s this.” She took the heavy tome from him and read the gold lettering. “The Ultimate Guide to Female Domination. I didn’t know they carried this kind of book here.”

“Oh yeah, they’re right next to the gardening books.”

She flipped randomly through the pages, it was at least three inches thick, and stopped somewhere around the middle. She made a show of clearing her throat and put on the air of someone who was giving a formal speech and read from the page, “A well trained slave can be trusted, for the most part, not to touch his penis without the permission of his Mistress, however, most males do not possess the necessary willpower to control their urges. For this reason, there are a multitude of very effective chastity devices available. With these devices, a Mistress can be sure that her pets can only enjoy an orgasm when She wants.”

“Maybe you should skip that page.” Jay reached for the book but she pulled it away from his grasp.

“Do you want me to have this book?”

“That’s up to you.”

“No, that’s not what I asked you. Do you want me to have this book?”

He was slow to answer, but finally, “Yes.”

She snapped the book shut with a whump and handed it back to him. “Then go buy it for me.”

As Jay moved off toward the register, she thought she heard him mutter, “Yes, Mistress,” but couldn’t be sure.

He walked awkwardly, carrying the book low and in both hands. A realization suddenly came to her as she watched the way he bent over slightly and shuffle-stepped across the store; he had a hard on. Upon closer inspection, she could see the flush in his cheeks, and how his skin had become shiny with a thin layer of sweat. He must really be into the female domination thing if something as simple as buying a book for her got him this excited.

Melanie waited for him beside the front entrance while he stood in line. There were four people in front of him, none of which were purchasing a book, but rather an assortment of the items she had noticed earlier. Copies of “Titanic” and other movies filled their shopping baskets, along with tee shirts and candles.

Jay finally finished at the register and joined her at the doors. “You ready to go?”

It was time to try something. “Yeah, say, why don’t you go pull the car up? That way I don’t have to walk in the cold.”

“Yeah right. I told you, it’s not my fault you didn’t want to wear a coat.”

She used the, you just fucked up more than you can even begin to understand look, and he froze in his tracks. “Are you going to bring the car up or not?”

“You’re serious?”

“Yes, I’m serious. Do it.” Silently she added, and don’t think for a minute I didn’t notice how hard your cock got when I said that.

“Okay. If that’s what you want, I’ll do it.”

“I’ll take that.” She took the book from his hand and he scurried out the door. As she waited, she looked through the table of contents. There were a lot of chapters, but some of their titles stuck in her mind. Titles like; The Need for Discipline, The Value of Humiliation, and Should He Suck Cock.

She wasn’t paying any attention to her surroundings, and when the young woman walked over and started talking it surprised her. “He bought that for you, huh?” It was the girl from the register.

“Uh, yeah, I suppose so.”

“Well, it might seem a little weird at first, but believe me, you’re damn lucky. My boyfriend bought that same book for me about a year ago, and I’ve been happier ever since.”


“Oh yeah. I make him clean the house, mow the lawn, pay the bills, do the grocery shopping, pick up the dry cleaning, and anything else I can think of and he thanks me for it. And in the bedroom, I always come first.”

“You always come first?”

“Yup, I only let him have one after I’ve had ten. That’s one of the tips in the book. And of course if he ever does anything I don’t like, I reset the counter, just to make sure he stays on his toes.”

She remembered the quote from the book. “Do you keep him in one of those chastity thingies?”

“I do now, yeah.” She pulled a thin golden chain from beneath her shirt. There was a small silver key hanging from it. “That took awhile for him to get used to though. I only started locking it about a month ago. Before that I used these little seal things it came with. That way he could get out, if he absolutely had to, but not without my knowing about it. Now that I’m sure it’s safe I keep it locked. There is no way he can get out of it without me letting him out. You would not believe how much easier a guy is to handle if you’ve got the key to his cock. They’ll do anything for an orgasm, especially if they’ve been waiting for a couple weeks.”

“I can understand the making him do things for you, and all that, but don’t you feel a little silly spanking a grown man?”

“Not at all. As a matter of fact,” she leaned in conspiratorially, “it gets me fucking hot. Especially when I’ve got a good reason for it. Like if I caught him looking at another woman or something, then I can smack the hell out of him, and he knows he deserves it. And he loves it when I hurt him. I think sometimes he lets me catch him at stuff just so I’ll hit him harder.”

The Focus pulled up outside the doors and Jay got out. He walked back inside the store, giving the cashier a, what did I miss look.

“Well,” said the cashier. “I guess I’ll leave you to it. Remember what I said.” She turned to Jay and made a sound like wapish before she returned to the front desk.

“That was weird,” he said. “You should have seen the look she gave me when I bought the book.”

“I can imagine.”

“What were you two talking about anyway?”

“None of your business.” She moved to the door and waited. And waited. “Well?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” He reached out and opened the door.

“You’re not very good at this, are you?”

“I’m trying. I just, you know, wasn’t exactly prepared or anything.”

She walked out to the car, and Jay quickly ran out to open the driver side door for her. She patted him on the cheek and said, “Good boy.” The grin he gave was priceless, like some dopey dog ecstatic over a treat.

She took a left when she pulled out of the parking lot instead of a right and made her way toward the seedier part of town. It was several minutes of driving the wrong way home before Jay finally asked, “Where are you going?”

“Wherever I want,” was her blunt reply. She had been thinking of the line the whole time she drove, waiting for the opportunity to use it. It did not turn out to be as satisfying as she had hoped.

Fifteen minutes later she pulled into a parking lot under a neon sign that flashed, “Adult Books, Novelties, Movies.”

“What are we doing here?” Jay asked.

“Whatever I want.” That felt slightly more satisfying.

Jay got out of the car and walked around to open her door. They quickly made their way into the grungy building and as soon as they entered the elderly man behind the counter shouted out, “Hey Jay, how you doin’?”

“Not bad, Paul, how are you?”

“Hangin’ in there. Got yourself a lady with you this time, huh? A pretty lady too.” Paul looked her up and down. She had the feeling the old man now knew her measurements better than she did.

“Oh my God, you know the porno store guy. You really are a pervert.”

“No, no, no. Jay ain’t no pervert there, missy. He’s got good taste in porno. I don’t cater to perverts here. But a good, healthy young man like Jay, with a nice strong set a balls, well, it’s boys like him that keep me in business. Don’t see too many foxy ladies like yourself in here though. What can ol’ Paul do for a sexy little minx like you? You want some lovin’?”


“Well now, that ain’t no way to be. I got that there Viagra in the back, give me a right hard cock any time I need it. Just ’cause I’m old don’t mean I ain’t got urges, if you know what I mean. I got lots of experience you know. I’m better at it than any of these young pups you been with before, I guarantee.”

Melanie was thinking about bolting for the door when Jay finally interrupted the dirty old man. “Chill out Paul. This is Melanie, you know, the girl I told you about.”

“That’s Melanie. Well, well, I guess that’s different then.”

“You told this guy about me?”

“What can I get for you? You need some more lube?”

“You told this guy about me?”

“No, not right now, we’re here on her dime today, Paul. I’m just along for the ride.”

“What the hell did you say to him about me?”

“Now don’t you worry none, missy. He was always a gentleman when he was talking about your tits. Now, what can I get for you?”

Against her better judgment, Melanie decided to stay. If for no other reason, she was really looking forward to beating the piss out of Jay, and this was the only place in town where she could get the type of supplies she would need to do it right.

“I’m not really sure what I’m looking for. Maybe I could just look around for a little while?”

“Suit yourself, but if you need anything,” wink, “you know where to find me.”

“Yeah, thanks.” She turned to Jay. “You go find a paddle, or a whip or something. I’m going to look around.”

Jay moved toward the back of the store, and Melanie walked through the clothes racks. There were various kinds of lingerie mixed with strange outfits made from rubber and vinyl. She pulled a black bustier from one of the racks and held it against her chest. At the counter, Paul let out a groan as her breasts were pushed up. It looked like it would be a pretty good fit. She found a pair of black calf-length leather boots with silver-tipped stilettos, a black garter belt, and a pair of fishnet stockings, all of which looked like something a hot dominatrix would wear. And then, up on the wall she saw something she could not take her attention from. It was magnificent, with leather straps and glistening buckles and sparkling studs and a big black rubber cock.

“That right there,” said Paul, “is the best strap-on dildo in the store. I call it The Widowmaker. It’s got a clitoral stimulator built in, so that you can get off on it just as much as the person you’re putting it to.”

“I’ll take it. Hurry.” She handed the dirty old man the clothes she had selected, along with The Widowmaker and urged him to be quick. She wanted to surprise Jay with it. “Give me a bottle of that lube you were talking about too.”

“No problem at all, missy. Hope you enjoy it.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will.”

“Best be careful with that too, you know. You got to ease it in, nice and slow, don’t just ram it home.” Paul used a very descriptive hand gesture to illustrate his point.

“I’m just going to go check on Jay.” There was something very disturbing about the old one-legged pervert.

Jay was holding a riding crop and a long wooden paddle when she found him at the back of the store. He seemed to be weighing them in his hands.

Melanie walked up to Jay, giving a slight nod to the inflated woman that was looking down at her from high on the wall. “Well, what did you find?”

“I was trying to decide which one you would like better. The riding crop is really sexy, but the paddle has the bigger impact. What do you think?”

She took the crop from his hand and gave it a few swings. It made a very nice slicing sound as she slashed it through the air, and she liked the way she could wrap her fist tightly around it. When she took the paddle she was immediately struck by its weight. It was heavier than she would have imagined, and holding the massive object made her feel powerful.

“I think you should get them both.”

“Okay. We’ll also need some restraints I suppose.” He moved to one of the racks of items. “This here’s a kit. It looks like its got all the essentials in one box.”

Melanie looked. There were wrist and ankle cuffs, a blindfold, a gag with an orange ball, a collar, and several restraint straps. “What about one of those chastity belt thingies. Do you think we should get one of those?”

“No. I doubt they carry those here anyway. I think they’re really hard to come by. You have to order them from Europe or something.”

“Oh, I see.” She didn’t want to push the issue at the moment. But if she enjoyed this little experiment, it would be a subject worth revisiting. More than anything else she had been exposed to over the last few hours, the chastity belt fascinated her. The idea of owning a man’s orgasm was appealing on levels she never even considered before.

“So, what’s in the bag?” Jay asked.

“Just a few things I picked up. You’ll find out later.”

He smiled broadly, the glow was back in his cheeks, the “I’m so horny I can barely stand it” look.

A swipe of Jay’s credit card later they were back in the Focus and heading toward Melanie’s house. She did her best to keep her mind on driving, but it was hard not to think about The Widowmaker resting in the trunk. She could almost hear it calling out to her, making promises of future pleasures like some genie in a bottle offering three wishes for a rubdown.

Jay was looking rather nervous, but whether it was because of this new step in their relationship, or because she was driving seventy in a thirty-five was impossible to tell.

She made it back to the old Victorian in record time, but neither Melanie nor Jay exited the car. The moment had arrived and it was one of those turning points from which there could be no return.

“You really want to do this?” Melanie reached out and placed her hand on his thigh, just a little incentive for him to give the answer she wanted.

“I have wanted this for as long as I can remember, Mel.”

She squeezed his thigh and brushed her hand a little higher, his cock was struggling forward in a vain attempt to reach her. She could see it bulging against his pants. It looked like it must be uncomfortable. Without thinking about it, she pulled down his zipper and fished her fingers inside. Jay moaned in delight as she grasped him and pulled his cock free. It leapt out like a jack in the box.

“It’s so cute,” she said.

“Cute? That’s not exactly how a guy wants to hear his dick described, you know.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I meant to say, huge. It’s so huge. As a matter of fact, you better put that thing away before it hurts somebody. Is that better?”

“Not really.”

She wrapped her hand around his shaft and caressed him, slowly and deliberately, using his own secretions as lubrication. He swelled even larger in her hand and she could feel the strain of blood against veins, pounding out with each quickened heartbeat. “Is that better?”


“Are you ready to go inside?”

“God yes.”

“Okay, let’s go.” She gripped him firmly and pulled, forcing him to swing toward the driver’s seat. She opened the door and stepped out with her keys in one hand and his cock in the other, pulling him along with her, laughing as he scrambled over the gear selector, trying to keep up with her.

“What are you doing?”

“You said you were ready, come on.” She used his dick as a leash and led him around to the back of the car.

A quick little fantasy, about a neighbor walking past, flitted through her mind. She would stand there, Jay’s cock in her hand, hidden from view behind her, but only barely, listening to Mrs. Davidson chatting away about how someone really should do something about the Thompson’s dogs barking all night long. Maybe she would stroke him, make him squirm, or even bring him to orgasm. His face would contort and he would grunt with gratification and Mrs. Davidson would walk on, thinking about what a strange young man he was.

She smiled and traced her fingernail along the little cleft on the underside of the head of his cock. She tossed him the keys. “Open it up.”

He did as she said, pulling the three plain paper bags from the trunk as she continued to tease him.

He stood in front of her with his arms full and a desperate look in his eyes. It wasn’t a look that said stop. He was begging for her to go farther with him. She delved back into the opening in his pants and grasped him by the scrotum, pulling it free as well, bringing all of him that should be private into the open air.

“How does it feel to know I’ve got you by the balls?”

“You always did have.”

Something about the simple way he answered made her realize the truth of it. She had never seen him as anything more than a friend until today, but looking back on the years she had known him, he had always looked at her a little too long, stood a little too close. There had been moments in their relationship when she was sure he had meant to kiss her, but he never had. She thought about the nights they had spent together, watching old movies on the couch, her legs draped over his lap. Had he been hard at her touch then and she never noticed?

With his balls in her grasp, she walked him to the front door, the silken skin pulled away from her, cringing from the cold, but she refused to release it. She took the key back from him and fumbled with the door, trying her best to open it with only her left hand. Finally the lock surrendered and she pulled him inside to the warmth and privacy.

She released him and took the bags that held her new outfit and The Widowmaker.

“I’m going to go change. You get the rest of the stuff opened up and figured out, and take off your clothes.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Melanie walked into the bedroom, leaving him to his task. She closed the door and emptied her supplies onto the queen-sized bed. The black of the new outfit contrasted sharply with the white cotton sheets. She hoped it would have the same dramatic effect against her pale skin.

She pulled off her blouse and bra and slid out of her skirt and panties. She brushed her hand between her legs, feeling for any roughness. She had been to the salon to have it waxed just two days ago, but she wanted to make sure it was still smooth. It was. The Latino girl at the salon had convinced her to get the Brazilian wax and she loved the way she looked, and felt, completely hairless. Her body responded to the light touch, she was already hypersensitive after the way she had spent the last few hours. She shuddered as the feeling passed through her, held her breath and waited for it to subside.

The bustier was difficult to get into, but she managed. She pulled the fishnet stockings on and snapped the garter in place. She wasn’t sure if panties were supposed to go on over or under the garter, so she didn’t bother to put any on. They would only be a nuisance anyway. She looked forward to seeing Jay’s reaction to her naked pussy.

She held the black rubber cock in her hand and examined it more closely. The shape of it was eerily realistic; it even felt like flesh when she stroked her hand along its shaft. The back side of it, where it would ride against her, was cupped to open the mouth of her sex, and there was a small suction cup like device that would fit tightly over her clit. Inside the suction cup there were rows of soft spindles that just putting her finger against made her shudder. She could imagine the feelings they would elicit rubbing against her sensitive nub as she rode Jay. She lifted it up between her legs, judging its appearance on her. It looked alien, but somehow right, as if it had been missing for a long time and she wasn’t used to it, but it belonged there. Perhaps Paul, with his one leg, would know the same feeling if his foot suddenly came back to him.

As much as she wanted it strapped on her, she decided to leave it for the moment. She didn’t want to scare Jay off, and certainly there was a lot of fun to be had in building up to The Widowmaker.

When she came back into the living room Jay was naked and kneeling between the riding crop and the paddle. He had a leather cuff around each wrist and each ankle, all of which had a single metal ring the restraint straps could attach to. The straps were neatly laid out on the coffee table.

She watched him closely as he looked up, gauging his reaction to her appearance. He lingered on her boots for a long time; she read his excitement as clearly as words on a page. When his gaze came between her legs he licked his lips anxiously. At last he looked her in the eyes. She felt powerful and confident with him kneeling at her feet, staring up at her fervently. It was comforting to have his feelings for her displayed so obviously, and exhilarating to know that he would obey her commands.

“Before we start,” he said, “we should figure out a safe word. Something I can say to let you know I need to stop.”

“Okay, like what?”

“Something simple, but not something you would normally say.”

“Ooh, how about Star Trek, or better yet, Enterprise?”

“I suppose that would work, but how about chocolate. That’s what I’ve used before.”

“Chocolate works fine for me. Anything else I should know?”

“Not really. Just, don’t be afraid to make me do something just because I resist and don’t let me get away with anything, because I know I’ll try.”

“I don’t think you need to worry about that. Why don’t you come over here and kiss my boots?”

He crawled silently toward her, his head lowered respectfully to only a few inches above the carpeted floor. She could not feel the caress of his lips against the leather, but she felt the twinge of excitement from deep inside her at watching him do it. A vague heat began to rise in the room, sweat beaded on the inside of her thighs and the small of her back, and the temperature rose even further as she lifted her foot and Jay moved to the sole of her boot, taking the heel fully into his mouth and sucking on it as a cock. She moved her leg back and forth, without the need to speak, without the need to give him direction. He let the boot slip across his lips and tongue and soon the black leather was shiny with his saliva.

Melanie lowered her foot back to the floor and grabbed Jay by the hair before he could lower himself to continue his cleaning. She turned him to face her, and she caught the joy in his expression. He was breathing amazingly hard, and it was only after noticing it in him that she noticed it in herself. Her own breath was coming in ragged gasping sighs and she felt dizzy, her heart was pounding; she could feel the vibrations of it in her toes; she was completely overwhelmed by the simple act.

It was terrifying, that something so small would provoke such an effect. What would happen later? How could she continue with this if a humble beginning could nearly bring her to her knees? But it was so exhilarating and wonderful. It was an adventure, an exploration, not of outer space and other planets, but of her spirit, her inner space, and Jay’s as well. It was not something she could just stop and walk away from. It was a quest she had to see through, to whatever end.

She moved to the couch and sat heavily. “Would you worship me?” she said, spreading her legs open.

“I always have, and I always will.”

She waved him closer, and he crept between her legs. His breath stirred her longing as it swept over her bare sex. “Do you love me?”

“More than anything.”

“And if I told you I didn’t want you to come, that coming was a gift only for me, would you still love me?”

“I would love you no matter what, Melanie.”

“Good. Then make me come.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

His first kiss came just above the stocking on her left thigh. He pressed deeply into the meat of her leg, drawing her flesh into his mouth and sucking hard. She was already on the verge of explosion. A softer kiss an inch higher, and an inch higher, and he was grazing the edge of her sex and then he was kissing her other thigh, deeply and passionately, with a fervor reserved for the insane. Another kiss, an inch higher, and an inch higher, and her passion was desperate; she fought the need to grasp him by the head and shove his mouth against her slit. She groaned in her fight, not sounds of lust, but of exertion. He brushed against her center again and she thought she would lose control if he didn’t devour her, but he stayed, lightly tracing his tongue along the brink of her opening from the base of her up to the summit, only barely teasing her clit, and then back to the depth again. Trying to keep control was no longer a fight she could win. Her hands, as if of their own accord, reached out and gripped him by the hair, directed him over her clit and pulled him tightly against her, while the whole of her body bucked forward against him. Distantly she heard him grunt, but it was nothing she could do anything about. She was controlled by lust now, a machine with only one purpose, to peak.

He drew her clit between his lips and his tongue danced all around and over it. She couldn’t take a breath and her body, beyond reason, bent forward over his head so she was looking at his back and she was rising off the couch, but still pushing harder against his blessed pleasure-giving mouth.

Finally, with staggering effort, she gave birth to her orgasm, pushing it out with a force she would not have believed possible. It soared through her, shattered her nerves, twisted her muscles, turned the room inside out and threw her back into the cushions of the couch to shake uselessly with convulsions.

When Melanie regained her senses she found Jay resting comfortably with his chin against her stomach, and a cocky smile on his face. She wanted to say something like, “I’ve had better,” just to bring him down a notch, but Jay would see right through the lie. It was the hardest, most fantastic orgasm she ever had in her life, and Jay knew it.

“What, do you think you deserve a medal or something?”

“Yup, the pussy eating championship medal. Thank you, thank you very much, you’re very kind.” He took a bow. Melanie couldn’t stop herself from chuckling in her post-orgasmic euphoria.

“It was pretty good. I’ll give you an E for effort. But I’m still not going to let you come.” That turned the wattage down a bit on his smile. “And you still need to be punished for the way you behaved at the bookstore. I can’t have my little slave boy looking at other women, can I?”

“No, I guess not.”

“You guess?”

“I mean, of course not.”

“That’s better. Go into the dining room and bring one of the chairs in here.”

Jay quickly returned with one of the short, but heavy, wooden chairs in tow. Melanie guided him around to the rear of the chair and bent him over the back support. She rubbed her wetness against his behind, more to measure the height than to tease him, but Jay moaned happily at her touch. It was simple enough to secure his wrists and ankles to the chair legs with the restraint straps; soon he was helpless, and only able to raise his head as high as her thighs.

“I’ll be right back,” she told him, and walked into the bedroom. She retrieved The Widowmaker from her bed and felt an immediate rush as she pressed it into place between her legs. Carefully, she worked it back and forth over her sex until her clit slid into the suction cup like device and her labia were slightly separated into the folds of the rubber. She worked the harness into place over the top of the rubber cock and fastened all of the catches. When she was finished, about ten minutes after leaving Jay, the cock hung freely from between her legs.

She moved her hips back and forth, making the phallus swing, and even that gentle movement sent a river of joy flowing through her.

Jay was wriggling about, trying to find a more comfortable position, when she came back into the living room. It was actually somewhat enjoyable to watch him squirm, and for a few minutes she stood back, not giving any indication that she had reentered the room. He continued to rock back and forth, and she suddenly realized he was not trying to get more comfortable; he was trying to get off by rubbing his cock against the back of the chair.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she shouted.

He stopped rocking immediately, but did not say a word.


“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

“I guess that book was right, huh? Men can’t be trusted not to try and have an orgasm without permission. I guess we’re going to have to get you a chastity device after all, won’t we?”

“I guess, if that’s what you want.”

“Good.” From where she was standing he couldn’t see her. He had no way of knowing that ten inches of rubber was dangling between her legs. She walked broadly around him, keeping herself out of his sight and came up from behind.

“How do you think I should punish you for this?”

“However you want.”

“Well, that’s what I’m going to do, but that’s not what I asked. I asked, how you think you deserve to be punished. I expect answers when I ask questions.”

“Ten whacks with the paddle.”

Melanie opened the bottle of lubricant and began liberally applying it to the strap-on. “Is that all. Ten whacks for disobeying me, for taking advantage of my trust in you? Doesn’t that seem a little light?” She moved herself into position.


“I don’t know, that still seems a little easy to me.” She spread a glob of the slick cream into her hand and rubbed it between his cheeks before grasping his hips. “Jay, have you ever been fucked by a woman before?”

From the way he gasped it was obvious he knew what was coming. But his answer was a complete surprise. “Yes,” he said. It was something that would wait for later, because the tension in her back was increasing, and it was getting harder not to push into him.

She touched the tip of her cock against his opening and instantly felt a twinge deep inside her. She eased forward, barely putting pressure against him and she could feel him tense, futilely attempting to bar her entrance. She leaned forward, ever so slightly, and she could feel the beginnings of his surrender as she eased forward. She began to understand what it really was to fuck something, to stick her dick into something. To penetrate a thing was to own it; it was the ultimate form of dominance; it was marking her territory, staking her claim; it was screaming out loud, “This ass is mine!” And with a single violent thrust she sank into him, eliciting a cry of pain from Jay, and an orgasmic sigh from herself.

The movement was foreign, strange, but eventually she found her rhythm, and her thrusts became long and steady. Jay took her cock all the way to the bone, and though he moaned and cried, he pushed back against her, forcing her thrusts deeper and faster. The pressure built within her and she longed for release, for sweet respite from the intense desire that had taken control of her body. She plunged harder, quicker, shoving her full weight against him, smacking against his cheeks, lifting the legs of the chair off the floor. She used strength she didn’t know she possessed.

Every muscle burned with the effort, the whole of her body was being turned to ash, but finally she was rewarded. The orgasm came over her and granted her exhaustion and peace.

She leaned against his back, too tired to pull her cock back out of him or even to stand without support. “That was amazing.” She laughed.

“I think you should know, I came. I couldn’t stop it.”

Melanie looked and sliding down the back of the chair was his expulsion, a sickening milky white glob of goo slowly making its way toward the floor. She hated the sight of it, always had. “Is it really that hard to get one of those chastity things.”

“No. They carry them at Paul’s store.”

“Good, because as soon as I get back enough strength to stand up straight, we’re going to go and get one.”

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