Sue knew a shy chef from Bangkok
Who cooked her a stew in a wok.
As she savored his gravy
It made him so brave he
Stirred up sweet Sue with his cock.

Tori Diaz — 2007

* * * * *

The old bed made loud pops and groans;
(It even drowned out Granny’s moans);
Well, that’s what Gramps said,
Till they fucked out of bed:
Said Gran, “It’s your creaky old bones!”

Rod Harden — 2007

* * * * *

Young Dick knew that Jane loved to chatter
And even while fucking, she’d natter.
Though she talked a blue streak,
He adored her technique
And decided verbose didn’t matter.

Rose B. Thorny — 2007

* * * * *

There once was a sailor from Wales,
Whose rowing boat sank in the gales.
The mermaids begged, ‘Stay,’
To which he said, ‘Nay,
I want pussy, not hundreds of tails!’

B J Franklin © 2006

* * * * *

There once was a cute pixie maid
Who decided she had to get laid
When she sprinkled her dust
On her lover for lust
His sneeze blew her off, I’m afraid.

Morgan Hawke © 2006

* * * * *

Van Winkle (whose first name was Rip),
Once napped through a twenty year blip;
His wake-up erection
Was such great perfection
His wife was too busy to quip.

Rod Harden © 2006

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