Like a Brother

When Kyle calls and says he wants me to meet a woman, my dick stiffens. I know I’m going to get laid, if I don’t fuck it up.

So I slick back my hair, slide my jacket on, and head out into the night. My imagination runs wild, which pumps me. My blood races with sensual possibility. On the highway, my coupe slides in and out of traffic like a shark through a school of fish. Fast, slow. Fast, fast, slow. The excitement adds to the crackle that covers my skin.

I truly love going to see Kyle at his job in the mountain casinos. This late in the evening, I hit US 6 with little traffic and get to floor it around the twists and turns. Halfway up the canyon, I slow behind a camper, but leave it in the dust at the next wide stretch. It’s long out of sight before I round the turn into Blackhawk.

Despite my visits, I’ve never understood this town. Small stakes gambling was supposed to revive its economy, but ended up swamping it. The old general store and art galleries are long gone in favor of glitz and noise and drunken retirees waiting for the bus to take them back to some parking lot in Denver. With a five dollar max bet, it’s a pale imitation of Vegas, but that doesn’t prevent it from trying. It doesn’t prevent it from being filled with people with too much time and not enough skill at math. So it has its lights and flashing noise and over-touted buffets with everyone from the parking attendant on up looking for tips.

To my surprise, it also has a ‘what happens in Blackhawk stays in Blackhawk’ mentality. Not among the aged guests so much as the staff. In eight years, Kyle’s worked in four casinos and I’ve met several dozen people. Not one of them, even the married ones, remained faithful to a partner. The booze flowed, the trash talk flew, and spare beds in the hotels got comped on a whim. A few times to my benefit.

I pull into the parking lot of The Palace. I am ready.

Kyle’s not. In fact, he’s nowhere to be seen when I arrive in the blackjack room. I circle the room to be sure. Several tables have a handful of players, but more stand empty. The woman in the dealer’s uniform at the closest looks bored.

I smile and approach. She’s a dirty blonde with black roots, in her forties, and her skin shows the effects of too much tanning booth and not enough sunscreen. The curl of her mouth looks wrong without a cigarette. Still, her body’s tight and she’s displaying a healthy expanse of cleavage. I wonder if she’s one of the past-her-prime strippers that Kyle regularly hires. Her name tag says Trixie.

“Hey,” I say, “Kyle around?”

She looks up, takes me in, and shrugs. “He might be in back.”

“Mind if I wait?”

“You gonna play?”

There’s no one else at her table. She’s unconsciously tapping her fingers and fiddling with the large ring on her right hand. It looks like one that used to live on her left, back when times were good.

“Sure. Let me get some chips.”

She smiles and waits for my return.

As we play, I flirt. She warms up as the cards fly. I tip big and chortle when she beats me with an Ace draw. I work on getting her to talk about herself. She’s been in Blackhawk three years and at The Palace two months. She thinks Kyle’s a good boss, and she’s heard about his hot tub parties. Never attended one, which isn’t a surprise. I think I’d remember her if she had.

I work in a few comments about my coupe and my job. I compliment her on her eyes, which draws an amused puff. She knows what I’m doing and she’s heard it before, but she doesn’t shoot me down. A waitress brings me a Jack and Coke and I offer Trixie one, but she declines.

“I can’t while I’m working,” she says.

“So when do you get off?”

Kyle’s hand clamps down on my shoulder. “Her shift ends at one.” He grins at me. “When she gets off is up to her.”

Trixie forces a grin and the waitress disappears.

Kyle eases into the chair next to me and plunks a couple of chips down. Trixie deals him in but he doesn’t look at her. Instead he smiles at me.

“Looking good, Tommy Boy, looking good.”

I shrug. Of course I’m looking good. I’m looking to get laid.

We play a few hands and catch up on each other’s lives over the past two months. He’s gotten semi-serious about a woman, Shelley, who’s moved out on her husband and is now staying at his place. I have a new case at work that’s proving difficult, but I’m confident I can handle it. Trixie listens and I try to pull her into the conversation, but she’s more reserved now that Kyle’s here. When Kyle stands up and says it’s time to go to get a drink, I suggest Trixie meet us after her shift.

Her derisive snort is all the ‘no’ I need. I try not to let it bother me.

We grab two stools at one end of the deserted bar. Kyle orders scotch, neat, and I go for a martini. The bartender, a grizzled old guy with hair coming out of his ears, pours the drinks and then slides down to the far end to talk to a dyed-hair redhead in a tight blouse and push-up bra.

Kyle raises his drink, “Salud.”

I toast him back.

“So,” I ask after we’ve each taken a slug of our booze, “what’s the plan?”

He shrugs. “We wait here for the girls.”

I can’t help a small smile. I like the plural.

“What are they like?” I ask.

“Well,” he says, “you’ve met Shelley.”

I nod. It was before they hooked up, and she didn’t make much of an impression on me besides “young and cute.”

“She’s bringing her friend Dana. She’s nice. Shelley says she can get a bit wild, though.”

I grin. ‘Wild’ only means one thing to Kyle.

We sip our drinks and chat about football and life. Mostly life, as Kyle follows football largely for gambling purposes, whereas I’m a diehard Broncos fan. Still, we wander in and out of sports and other trivia since not much has changed for us, since we last got together a month ago, other than him temporarily living with a fuck buddy. It’s just good to talk to him.

Kyle straightens up in his seat and looks past me. I turn and see the women approaching. Shelley’s as I remember her—short, busty, and vivacious with an outgoing attitude that would fit right in at the circus. Her grin lights up the room when she sees us.

Dana… I try to not let my face fall. She’s, well, Rubenesque. Cute face framed by a blonde pixie cut, but her body… not what I’d come to expect when Kyle sets me up. She’s not obese, but I can tell she hasn’t exactly been hitting the gym. She’s smiling, but her eyes shift from warm to guarded when we’re introduced. I wonder what Kyle’s told her about me.

The girls order drinks—Mojito for Shelley, Jack and Coke for Dana. They exchange light chitchat with Kyle about work before Dana asks me about my own job. Her eyebrows go up when I talk about my current case.

“So you’re some sort of hot shot lawyer?” she asks.

I shrug. “I don’t know about ‘hot shot,’ but I’m pretty good.”

“Helped get me through college,” Kyle says. “I would’ve failed without him.”

I roll my eyes. “You were only in danger of failing because you slept through class.”

He shrugs in agreement.

“I used to come back to the dorm and wake him up so we could go to lunch,” I say.

“You were roommates?” Dana asks.

Kyle nods. “But we go back further than that. Our moms were friends and we grew up together.”

“Like brothers,” I add. “Kyle was the sibling I never had.”

“Whereas my bossy big sister is the one I wish I’d never had.” Kyle smiles. “Tom was much more fun.”

“Except when I wouldn’t sneak into Mrs. Weigel’s yard with you when we were thirteen.”

“Hey! She sunbathed naked! It was worth the try.”

I rolled my eyes at the old argument. “And if her dog had seen us, he’d have torn your leg off.”

“Nah, he wouldn’t have caught us.”

“Uh huh.” I turn to Shelley, obviously amused at our interplay. “She had a German Sheppard that was very protective. I was just watching out for Kyle.”

“Which is what we do,” Kyle says. “Watch out for each other.”

I grin and nod my head.

“So…,” Dana says, “if you didn’t sneak into her yard, how did you know she sunbathed naked?”

“All the kids knew,” I say with a shrug.

“Kids say a lot of stuff.”

“Well,” Kyle says, “she may not have sunbathed naked when we were thirteen, but she did when we were eighteen.”

I raise my eyebrows. This is news.

“You peeked?” Dana asks.

“It’s not peeking if she invites you to join her,” Kyle says. His shit-eating grin is almost unbearable.

Shelley playfully slaps him on the arm. “You guys….”

“Hey,” Kyle says, “what can I say? You know I like getting naked outside. Just like you.”

Dana looks pointedly at Shelley, who blushes but doesn’t deny it.

“Well,” Dana says, “it can be fun, as long as you wear enough sunscreen. This one time….”

She launches into a story about going to a nude beach with an old boyfriend. Kyle follows up with his own story about a topless beach in Europe. With some coaxing, he gets Shelley to admit she liked visiting Valley View and later skinny dipping in a creek. I just sit and smile when one of them tries to pull me in.

I have no stories to tell.

The conversation slides into hiking and camping to which I am able to contribute. I talk about the time we almost stepped on a rattlesnake and Kyle makes it sound more dramatic than it really was. He tells the story of our canoe trip that went awry and I provide the color commentary. Shelley’s face beams at Kyle’s implied derring-do, but Dana just shakes her head.

To my pleasant surprise, Shelley’s attention isn’t solely on Kyle. She laughs at one of my stories about hiking boots in the campfire and playfully asks if it’s true. She teases that I look too much like a man about town to be an outdoorsman, and I partially agree. We slide into a long conversation about Broadway shows and she expresses envy at my season tickets to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. After a bit, Kyle interrupts and turns the back to beach vacations, but Dana doesn’t join in much. By the time we’re done with our second round of drinks, she’s visibly fading.

“I should go,” she says, checking the clock on the wall. “I’ve got some chores to do in the morning.”

“Oh, don’t!” Shelley says. “Come over to Kyle’s with us.” She looks slyly at him. “He’s warmed up the hot tub.”

“Yeah,” Kyle adds with a note of urgency in his voice, “come with us.”

“I’m going,” I say with a push of enthusiasm. I belatedly realize I haven’t flirted with this woman at all and if I’m going to score… I wink at her. “It’ll be fun.”

She looks at me, and almost seems to look through me as she studies my face. “No,” she eventually says. “No, I think I’ll go home. I’m tired and could use the sleep.”

“Okay,” Kyle says with a hint of disappointment in his face. “We still on for next week?”

Dana grins. “You bet your sweet ass we are.”

I look quizzically at Kyle, but he doesn’t notice. Instead, he and Shelley give her a hug goodbye and then she leaves us there at the bar.

“You wanna hit the men’s room before we go?” Kyle asks me. When I nod he adds, “I’ll catch up with you.”

“Sure.” We’ve known each other too long for me not to recognize when he wants to talk to a woman in private. But he’s still talking to Shelley when I finish up and return to the bar.

They fall quiet as I approach. “My turn,” he says and saunters off, leaving me with his girlfriend.

We smile at each other. Her eyes sparkle and she flips her hair back over her shoulder.

“So…,” she begins. She moistens her lips before continuing. “I hear you’re quite the stud.”

I grin. “Who’d you hear that from?”

“Kyle. And around.”

I laugh. “Well, take Kyle’s word with a grain of salt. I’ve never had sex with him.”

“Ohh… That’s too bad. He’s quite good.”

“I’ll bet,” I say with a snort. “But I can love him like a brother, but not the other way.”

I almost sing the last part, but she just giggles. I’m sure she’s caught the Monty Python reference and not been bothered by it.

“That’s really too bad,” she says. “I think two guys together is hot.”

I exaggeratedly roll my eyes and shake my head. She giggles again, and it’s almost musical. Then Kyle returns.

“Ready to hit the hot tub?” he asks as he rubs his hands together.

I decide I’m sober enough to drive and we all head out.

On the road, it turns out I’m not quite as sober as I had thought. After one bad curve where I over-steer and almost plunge down the side of the mountain, I slow way, way down and become hyper-attentive. By keeping my focus religiously on the pavement in front of me, I somehow make it to Kyle’s cabin without killing myself. His Land Rover is already parked so either he’s more sober or more reckless than me. Or both.

He’s waiting for me at the door. He says Shelley’s upstairs getting ready, and then he looks me square in the eye.

“She’s got this fantasy,” he says, “about being with two guys at once. She’s still not sure she wants to actually do it, but if she does, are you cool?”

I swallow hard. I’ve never done the group scene, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it. I just always thought about two women and me, not me being one of two guys.

I nod.

“Great. You get the hot tub cover, I’ll get the beer.”

I head out to the deck. It doesn’t take long to get things ready, and I stand there feeling a little stupid. I’ve only been in Kyle’s tub twice, and both of those were during raucous parties where the teasing and underwater groping were only drunken foreplay for using the back rooms. Or finding a nice soft place in the woods with a blanket like we did the second time.

Karin. That was her name. Great laugh, average body. Wanted to be on top so the rocks and sticks of the forest floor were in my back. Didn’t return my call when I tried to ask her out for a real date.

Before Karin was… Julie. But that was just a drunken blowjob in the bathroom. And before that, Terri. She was a lot of fun. We played a lot of poker together on more than one visit before she up and moved to Reno. She was the closest thing to a girlfriend I’d had since I started visiting the casinos.

Shit, she was the closest thing I’d had to a girlfriend since Amber.

But I don’t want to think about Amber.

So I’m standing there, gathering enough wool to clothe Scotland, when Kyle slaps me on the back. He sets the beers down and laughs. “Get your clothes off, Tommy Boy!”

I roll my eyes but start to strip. We both pointedly don’t look at each other when we’re nude, and take opposite sides of the tub. I sip some beer and wonder how buzzed I really am. Then the cabin door opens.

Shelley’s standing there is a short terrycloth robe that barely covers her butt. She smiles nervously, and I realize she’s pinned her hair up, but not quick and loose, like my mom used to do, but precisely and beautifully. Every hair is in place. She’s also touched up her make-up and she looks gorgeous.

“You’re already in,” she says with a note of disappointment in her voice.

“Just waiting for you, sweetie,” Kyle says.

With a deep breath, Shelley undoes her sash, and then her robe. She hangs them on the side of a nearby deck chair and climbs into the tub.

Naked, she’s stunning. She’s lean and a bit on the thin side. Her breasts are full, but not so large that they sag. Her areolas are small and puffed out a bit, with small but stiff nipples. I’m too busy admiring them to glance lower down before she’s submerged in the water.

“There,” she says once she’s settled. “Much better.”

Kyle passes her a beer. “Nicer than Valley View,” he says.

“At least the company,” Shelley says. She turns to me. “I went with my husband, and he had a stick up his ass the entire time.”

I make a show of looking behind me. “No stick up mine.”

She laughs.

Kyle’s eyes glint. “So now she’s making up for it,” he says.

I raise my eyebrows and look at her. She returns my gaze without blinking or explanation.

I wonder how we’re going to take this to the next level.

“Speaking of making up for it,” Kyle says to Shelley, “you should’ve known Tommy in college. Our freshman year, he was truly the ladies’ man.”

The old wound in my heart throbs.

“There must’ve been six, seven girls that swore he was the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

Shelley cocks her head and lookes at me. I ungrit my teeth and force a smile.

“My high school girlfriend cheated on me,” I say, “graduation night. I wasn’t interested in anything serious when we got to college.”

“That didn’t mean they weren’t,” Kyle says. “A couple of them wanted more, but Tommy just wouldn’t have it.”

“I was young,” I say flatly. “I grew up.”

Kyle grins and takes a swig of beer.

“So why aren’t you seeing anyone now?” Shelley asks.

“No time,” I say. No meaningful prospects, I mentally add.

“Which is too bad,” Kyle says, “because he’s got this killer shoulder massage.”

He’s pulled that out of his ass, but we all know our cues. Shelley asks what makes it so good. I suggest I demonstrate. We shift around in the tub until she’s in front of me, half-floating in the water. Kyle watches and drinks his beer.

I work on her shoulders until her breath softens. Then I pull her closer, onto my lap. She pushes back, until we’re nearly cuddling. I kiss her neck. She sighs. I kiss her again. She looks at Kyle, and he raises his beer in a toast. I kiss her again, and then she squirms around and our lips meet.

We make out for a while. She’s hungrier—more eager—than I’d expected. After a while, I move a hand to her breast and she loops an arm around my neck. She tastes like beer and cherries. Her tongue probes with fire.

When Shelley pulls back and turns, I realize Kyle’s been talking, but between the bubbles and the blood rushing in my ears, I hadn’t heard him. She slides a ways back as he stands up.

“I’ll get the bedroom ready,” he says.

As he gets out of the tub, his erection bounces almost comically.

“You ready for this?” I murmur into Shelley’s ear.

She pauses, but nods. “Have you and Kyle ever…?”

“Done this before? No. Well, not at the same time. But it’ll be okay. You’ll like it. Promise.”

She nods, but I quickly kiss her before any doubts can grow. She returns the kiss and only reluctantly do we eventually part and head to the side of the tub.

We don’t talk as we dry off. It’s more nervous glances at each other, though I do take the time to admire her ass. I linger to put the cover back on the tub as she heads inside.

Then I take a deep breath. Shelley may be ready, but am I?

In the bedroom, I find they’ve already started. Kyle is stretched out on the bed, his hands clasped behind his head, while Shelley kneels between his thighs. She moves her mouth and tongue slowly over his shaft, as if savoring a treat.

I wonder what I’m supposed to do.

“Sweetie,” Kyle says, “why don’t you roll on your back? You can still suck me while Tommy does the same for you.”

Shelley pulls off and rolls over. As Kyle kneels near her head, I crawl onto the bed and wrap my hands around her thighs.

I pause. I can’t smell her arousal and she seems more wet from water than juices. I’m also used to making out for much longer than the few minutes in the tub, as a warm up. I’m not sure how much warm up I need.

But I’m also not a fool and I’m not going to stop now. I lightly kiss the inside of each thigh and when she doesn’t object, kiss her mound and then work my way lower. Her hair is trimmed and matted and I quickly part her lower lips with my tongue and begin to lick the alphabet, as I’d once been told to do long ago.

Slowly, she moistens and begins to squirm. I listen to her breathing, but it’s hard to make out among the wet sounds from above. I look up, but beyond those beautiful breasts all I see is Kyle’s hip and ass.

I return my attentions to Shelley’s clit.

She’s honestly slick and wet when Kyle suggests a switch. I’ve lost a bit of my erection, but the gleam in Shelley’s eyes as I knee walk near her head says she doesn’t care. She gives me a couple of strokes with her hand and pulls me closer. I lean over and grab the headboard as she begins to suck.

Her lips are magnificent. She finds pressures and pacing and licks that I can’t describe. I don’t care, because it’s good. Real good. She even pulls over and gives the head a quick kiss before taking me into her mouth again. When our eyes meet, hers sparkle.

Kyle suggests we shift positions, and soon I’m lying on my back while Shelley continues to suck me. Kyle kneels behind her. She grunts when he enters her. He thrusts hard and deep and it isn’t long before all she can do is hold onto my cock with her hand, the blowjob long forgotten. She whimpers and gasps.

I reach down and cup my hand around one breast. I capture her nipple between my finger and thumb and she shudders when I pinch it. I shift around until I can caress both her breasts while Kyle fucks her.

Her breathing grows heavier, her whimpers more pronounced.

When she looks up, her eyes are glazed. She licks her lips, and I can’t resist. I twist around so I can kiss her. I kiss her and squeeze her breasts. Kyle holds her hips and speeds up.

With a squeal, Shelley comes.

Kyle stops, and we both hold her, me above, him below, and she shakes and twitches through her orgasm. When she collapses forward, Kyle slips out and I can’t help looking at his dick. It’s stiff and slick shiny. His nostrils flare and I know he’s not done.

But Shelley needs some time to recover. I ease her up so she can rest her head on my shoulder, one leg across my own. After some frowns and looks around, Kyle stretches out behind her, almost spooning her. He strokes her shoulder. I can sense his frustration at not doing more, but he’s holding back. He’s being patient.

But he’s also working on turning her on. As he caresses her side and back, I decide to join in. I stroke her brow with my fingers, and push her hair aside. I kiss her lightly on her forehead, then her nose. When she turns her head, our lips meet.

I keep kissing her while Kyle keeps caressing her until she’s revived, in spirit if not body. She plays with my cock until it’s steel.

Kyle suggests she straddle me. He reaches for the nightstand drawer while she moves into position. She’s so hot and wet that I easily slide right in.

“Pull her down,” he says.

I realize he’s holding a bottle of lube.

“We’ll do her together,” he says.

Shelley sucks in her breath and bites her lip. I pull her down for a kiss. Her breasts mash against my chest and I lose myself in her hair, her perfume, her touch.

I feel a strange sensation along my shaft, despite its depths inside Shelley. It moves up, and then slowly down, along the top. It dawns on me that I’m feeling Kyle, through the membrane separating Shelley’s ass and cunt.

It feels good. It feels strange. It scares me. I love it.

I start thrusting, slowly, as well. Shelley gasps. I put my hand behind her head and pull her lips to mine. I hold her there so we kiss and kiss and kiss as Kyle and I fuck her in tandem.

The weight and pressure distract me, but not as much as Shelley’s cries and whimpers. She’s pushing back against us now, taking us deeper into her body as we thrust forward. Sweat starts to bead on her chest. I think Kyle’s balls brush mine but all the sensations are too overwhelming for me to name them.

Pleasure envelops and flows between us three. It takes Shelley first, with a cry and a shake, she comes. I’m next, and somewhere while I’m gasping and feeling my nerves explode, Kyle climaxes at well.

We crash from our highs into a sticky, sweating tangle.

Kyle’s the first to recover. He climbs off the bed. “Gotta go clean up,” he says with a head nod toward the bathroom.

Shelley turns to watch him go. Then she looks back at me.

“Is that what you wanted?” she says.

“Uh, what I wanted? Isn’t it what you wanted?”

“A little,” she says. “But Kyle said it was your biggest fantasy.”

“When did he say that?”

“On the drive over here. He said since Dana wasn’t coming, maybe we should fulfill your biggest fantasy.”


I lie there, and I can’t help thinking ‘but it’s not my fantasy’ until the refrain has worn a track in my brain.

Kyle returns and Shelley hops up. She’s in the bathroom before I can even rise up on my elbows.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” he says.

“Yeah,” I agree.

“Really into anal,” he says. “I haven’t been with a woman who likes anal that much since—well, in a really long time.”

Since Amber. I force a smile over my clenched teeth, but Kyle notices anyway. He doesn’t say anything, but what could he say? He’s apologized plenty over the years, and I’ve accepted his apologies every time.

We’re like brothers. We look out for each other. Even when there are scars between us.

When Shelley comes back, we engage in some awkward small talk before I excuse myself to go sleep on the couch. Kyle comes up with some blankets and a pillow and Shelley gives me a thank you kiss before I go. I pause in the hallway and look back. She’s in Kyle’s arms and they’re murmuring something soft to each other.

Kyle and I look out for each other. But this is the first time he’s pushed his own woman into bed with me. Am I so pathetic that he needs to do that?

I don’t like the question. As I lie on the couch, I like the answer even less.

I’ve got the coupe and the job and the money, and I’m driving up mountain roads to sleep with another man’s woman. Or women he sets me up with.

I can’t even pick up an ex-stripper blackjack dealer on my own.

As I lie there, my self-loathing grows and grows.

Eventually, I mentally kick myself. Shelley was into you as much as you were into her, I tell myself. I recall all the kisses and the way she responded to my touch.

You can find someone, I think. Just not up here. Not with Kyle.

I resolve to stop coming to Blackhawk until I’ve got a girlfriend of my own. Once I’ve made that resolution, the weariness fills my bones and I realize it’s the right one.

I’ll tell Kyle in the morning. He’ll understand. After all, we’re like brothers.

© 2013 Big Ed Magusson. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Bio: Big Ed started writing erotica after several years of strange and varied explorations of the sexual and emotional kind. These days, he drifts between erotic romance, character heavy sex stories, and literary erotica. More of his work can be found at and

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