Larger Burger


Dane had been eyeing Kelly all week, ever since she started her job at Larger Burger. He’d already had a thousand crazy daydreams. Mainly during his lunch break, but also while watching her plump boobs bounce as she hefted boxes of frozen fries. For all he knew she didn’t know he existed. He might just be part of the wall, that particular part she asked to hold the lettuce on the Super-Mega-massive burger an overweight customer was ordering.

He thought he was imagining it, that long Friday morning. There was a certain way she twisted her hairnet seductively, letting a tad of her strawberry blonde hair fall out around her pretty ear. A way she bit her lip, then stuck her ass out while sponging a mess off the floor.

But he wasn’t.

He’d come back to get some more cups, leaving the counter unattended. Lunch wasn’t for another hour so the mall was dead as a graveyard, stray zombie patrons wandering around aimlessly and hunching over tables with vacuous eyes. Kelly was cleaning the inside of the fridge next to the door. She stopped when he came in, letting him squeeze between her and the wall plastered with food prep warnings.

“This damn Friday is too long,” she complained, throwing the damp rag aside and peeling off her gloves.

Small talk? This was the first time.

“What are you doing this weekend?” Dane asked, tearing the plastic off the extra cups.

“Getting wasted, starting tonight.”

She was a party girl, then. Dane took the liberty of imagining her in a short, short, short skirt, with a top that barely covered her tits. All fuck-hungry and drunk. He fumbled the cups. Kelly was watching him, tip of her pink tongue resting lightly on her upper lip. What did that look mean?

Kelly tugged at her apron hard, bringing it down just enough so that he could see the swell of her breasts. “What are you doing this weekend?”

Wish it was you I was doing.

“I dunno, something fun.” Dane stooped to grab a cup that had gotten away, mostly to hide his blush. When he looked back up Kelly was fixing her hairnet, boobs thrust out as far as possible.

“What’s your idea of fun?”

Dane’s eyes fixed on the movement of her fingers as they came down, stroking seductively from her collar bone to the soft hollow between her breasts. Her boobs had to be close to double-D. He fought to raise his eyes, but when he finally looked up she was smiling, raising a perfectly plucked eyebrow.

Dane panicked. “I think I hear a customer,” he said idiotically.

Kelly glanced down at her boobs, then looked alarmed. “OMG look at this red spot.”

“What red spot?”

Kelly jabbed at the exposed top of her breast. “Here, look close. Maybe a spider bite… or…Cancer?”

Dane came closer, forgetting his embarrassment and gazing at the place she’d indicated. It was flawless. “I don’t see it.”

“Look closer, you can’t see it from that far away.”

It wasn’t until his nose was almost touching her cleavage that her hand came down, gliding over his thigh like a warning shot, making him gasp. Its next stop was his crotch, giving a gentle but firm squeeze. He stopped looking for the spot, hand feeling for the door handle, making sure it was closed all the way. This was going to be good. Screw the customers, they needed to lose weight anyways.

It was amazing how quickly she shimmied out of her tight blue jeans, exposing her plump well-formed ass to the lurid harsh back-room lighting. “You like doing girls in the ass?” she asked, in that light musical voice, snatching up the bottle of flower scented lotion she always left on the work sink and tossing it to him.

Dane caught it, his cock twitching. “Do you really want to do this? I mean we could be fired.” He poured a copious amount of lotion on his hand, the smell of daisies drifting up around him. She was pressed against the freezer, like she expected him to frisk her, wiggling her bare ass at him.

“Come on, who wants to work at a shitty job like this?”

“Good point,” Dane mumbled, coating his erect cock in daisy liquid. This shitty job paid his rent to be honest, but that was no more than a fleeting thought at this point. He took a second to part her beautiful pale cheeks, admiring the way the soft blonde fuzz revealed itself, glistening with wetness. He cupped her there, fingers feeling the warm swollen crevice. Kelly moaned in appreciation, sticking her ass further back, drawing his attention to the inviting pucker there, just begging to be stretched and filled. Their boss could come in at any moment, and for some reason that made Dane excited. He got her ass all moist and lubricated, then pushed into the snug hole. Heavenly! Kelly reached high, her feminine fingers hooking onto the ledge of the freezer door as he gave her the fucking she so desired, with strokes that were wet and quick, right to the balls.

A door whooshed and slammed in the back. Dane felt his heart rate go up to an impossible thrumming, like a frantic bird was trapped in his rib cage. Kelly’s head swung around, her blue eyes wide, mascaraed eyelashes almost touching her perfect eyebrows.

“Shit,” they said in unison.

There was a thump as their boss, a stocky, dark-haired middle eastern man, dropped his coffee on the bland tiled floor.

Goodbye job. Dane gave a last thrust, ready to pull out, as his boss cleared his throat.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Kelly squeaked, almost giggling. She thought this was funny, did she?

“Are you on lunch break?” Abdul asked abruptly, dark eyes falling on Kelly’s ass.

“Yeah, yeah, we’re on break,” Dane agreed, although he wasn’t sure why that was relevant.

Abdul took a large gulping swallow. “So am I.”

Dane caught his drift, his flagging cock twitching again with excitement.

Kelly giggled gleefully, tearing at the bow that held on her blue, flying hamburger emblazoned apron, stepping out of her jeans at the same time. “Come on boys, you can share lunch.” Kelly took charge after that, turning Dane so that his back was against the metal freezer, pulling her top off and motioning lewdly that Abdul should take her from the front. Abdul produced a rubber, shuffling closer, pants already around his ankles. Dane slid himself back into her ass as Abdul dressed his sizable member.

“Oh yeah, give me that dick,” Kelly moaned in heated encouragement. Abdul carefully aligned himself, bending his knees slightly, then slotted himself deep in her apparently ravenous pussy. Kelly fingered the thick hair curling from under his sweater, mumbling something about a beast that made him look sheepish.

Dane was controlling himself; her ass felt so tight and warm that he had to slow his strokes to almost nothing. Abdul on the other hand started thrusting hard and fast, pulling Kelly’s hairnet off so that her shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair fell in a soft scrumptious cascade. It smelled like orchids, dark orchids, and Dane couldn’t resist burying his nose in it. His eyes focused on Abdul’s hand, which rested on the small of her neck, wedding band flashing as they bounced together. Then his eyes lost focus. He thrust deep with a satisfied groan.

Abdul, not surprisingly, took longer, slavishly covering Kelly’s breasts in wet kisses. Dane didn’t really care, pulling out slowly, basking in the afterglow, letting Kelly writhe and press back against his body.

When he was close Abdul got Kelly on her knees, still the boss through and through, coming all over her cherry red lips and small nose in long pearly strings.

Kelly licked it from her lips, batting her lashes and smiling. “Are you boys ready to make me cum now?” she asked, a certain deviousness in her eyes, like she’d just won a game. Dane gave a guttural consent; this was a dream come true. Abdul was pulling his pants back on, face barely readable. “Dane, sweetie.” She rose, putting a hand on his bare chest, making it flinch like Cupid’s arrow had pierced it. “You lick my pussy, boss can lick my ass.”

Dane was too busy staring at her glorious mound to notice Abdul’s look of dissent, but there it was. “You two need to get back to work,” he said matter-of-fact.

Kelly had other ideas.

“Okay, if you want. I just hope I don’t accidently tell your wife about this. We’re friends on Faceblog. It’d be a shame if she read one of my posts…” Kelly twirled a strand of her hair around her finger, winking at Dane, and just like that, Abdul was back to being a deer in the headlights.

Who’s the boss now?

Dane couldn’t help but smirk as he knelt carefully on the hard tile, staring up at the goddess who was making them worship at her temple. He’d lick any part of her that she asked him to without complaint, and he suspected that Abdul wasn’t as displeased as he made out to. He couldn’t be; he was already parting her ass cheeks, making her lean on the freezer for balance.

Dane hovered close to her pussy, breathing in the scent, that animal sexual scent of a woman in heat. His breath alone made her legs tense.

“Lick it,” she whispered, mouth gaping with an overwhelming desperation for deeper pleasure.

Dane obeyed, a little, probing at her clit with the hard tip of his tongue, circling it carefully as his fingers pulled open her lips, exposing it. She sounded like an animal rutting. He stopped, kissing her mound.

“Do it again.”

It was nice to hear her beg, so nice. She really was a Goddess; he should be begging. He licked her again, a few teasing strokes, licking lower, tongue caressing one labia at a time, circumnavigating her wet soft inside. Then he gave her what she really wanted, latching onto her exposed clit, sucking on it tenderly, tonguing it until she was bucking her hips against his face in agonizing need.

“Don’t stop.” She might have been crying, her voice was so husky and broken. “Please, please.”

He focused all of his intent then, slipping his fingers into her cunt as he sucked and manipulated her ceaselessly, eyes closed, forehead bumping against her soft perfect skin. He could hear Abdul moaning too, the wet sound of his tongue working her stretched little asshole. He was just as turned on as Dane right now, hands kneading her plump cheeks.

When she came it was quiet, surprisingly quiet, her cries muffled by her forearm. She wanted to have fun, not destroy their life. Dane felt a swell of gratitude, giving her pussy a soft bath with his tongue as her body relaxed against the freezer.

“Wow. Just wow.” She was panting, staring down at Dane with a dazed look. Abdul was stroking the insides of her thighs with his thick fingers, making her smile extra wide. “Well then, lunch again tomorrow?”

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About the Author Meno Silencio Silencio

Meno is an often (always) dirty minded writer, who never hesitates to write in various genres, including, but not limited to, erotica, horror, scifi, and romance. Meno has recently published their first book titled “Sons and Daughters of Perdition”, a book of poetry that explores the intimate struggle to leave one’s birth religion. You can check it out here.
If you want to read more of Meno’s work (poetry and short stories mostly), visit this blog To contact Meno privately, simply use menosilencio AT Meno would also include a home address, but fears this will lead to talking to actual human beings, you know, face to face. Eek.

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