Kiss Me and Then… by Count of Shadow

Cabot Jeffries hung back in the shadows, eyes closed, his head gently nodding as he was swept away by the sultry song…

“More than I can stand, my knees grow weak, each time…you speak.” Jera Peabo whispered into the microphone like a woman on the brink of bittersweet collapse. Her voice was hoarse and smoky, gliding over each phrase as if it were a loving caress of the whole audience simultaneously. “My lips…my lips are yours. Kiss me and then…you’ll know the power you wield so. It’s more than I can stand.”

She stood silently at the end, head down, shoulders trembling from her own emotional surges. The audience, too, sat quiet then erupted in loud applause; a wave of slapping palms that pushed itself toward the tiny stage and engulfed Jera in warm exaltations. She opened her eyes and smiled, moving her head from side to side, then her gaze settled on Cabot and she gasped as he smiled back at her. Her lips opened and closed. She tilted her head and gestured toward the piano. Caddy Whitlow followed her gaze and then immediately went into a reprise; softly coaxing notes from the keyboard.

“Kiss me and then…it’s more…than I…can stand.”

And then — no time seemed to have passed or maybe all time — she was flowing into his embrace; his familiar fingers patting her hair, sliding down her neck, spreading against her back and pulling her so tightly against him she thought her breath would burn his cheek.

“Cabot,” she sighed. “I…I didn’t think…”

“Hush,” he told her. “Don’t say a word. Let me be the one to say I was wrong.”

Jera held him, shaking her head. She could feel the tears start to slip from her eyes.

Caddy passed them backstage with a huge toothy grin. “She-it,” he drawled. “Glad you back, Cabot, but y’all bettah git a hotel room damn quick ‘fore that woman fuck you right here, right now, heh heh heh.”

“Caddy!” Jera barked.

“Hey, now! Ain’t a gotdamn thing wrong with a woman admitting she miss a man’s dick in her.” Caddy grinned again and scuttled away.

Cabot nuzzled Jera’s hair. “That true?” he asked. “Did you miss my cock, baby? It sure missed you. Look at that, gettin’ hard already.” He took her hand and placed her palm against his stiffening rod.

She moaned and squeezed her fingers around the thick shaft in his pants. “I missed you,” she murmured, kissing his mouth hotly.

Cabot peeked around the stage curtain. People were quickly heading for the exit. The waitresses were crowding at another doorway, heading outside for a quick cigarette before clearing up the tables. Backstage was empty except for the two of them. He kissed Jera hard, one hand unzipping his pants and taking his hardon out.

“Show me how much, baby. Show me how much you missed me.”

Jera stared into his eyes. “You crazy? I can’t…there’s people here, Cabot!”

“Nobody here but us, darling. Just kiss my cock quicklike. Nobody looking.”

Jera looked around, her eyes wide. Then she looked into his eyes again. Before Cabot could move, she rubbed her body along his, kneeling. She rubbed his cock along her cheek, filling her mouth with saliva as she did. Without warning, she engulfed the knob and shaft entirely in her mouth. She made little sounds as she moved her head around in small circles, then sucked hard as she drew his cock from her tightening lips. She looked at it a moment, then kissed the tip and slowly drew her tongue along the vein from his balls to the head.

She stood suddenly and bit his earlobe, whispering, “I don’t care if anybody sees.” She slid back down and grabbed his butt, pulling him to her. Her head began slowly moving back and forth, mouth taking him in and forcing him out again; her tongue fluting and swirling under and over; fucking his cock with her mouth.

Cabot stood almost frozen with pleasure, rising on his toes, as she took him deep. He looked down as she pulled his cock out of her mouth and the dimmed stage lights highlighted a thin strand of pre-cum and saliva dipping from her tongue to the dark, round knob of his cock. He shuddered and she sucked him back into her mouth again. He reached down and began sliding his fingers along her hair as she increased the pace of her bobbing head.

In the shadows across the stage a slight movement caught his eyes. He stared, trying to see clearer. One of the waitresses was watching them, her eyes riveted on Jera’s lips and the thick shaft as it slid in and out, effortlessly. She obviously didn’t know he could see her as she lifted her short skirt and slid her hand inside her panties. She bowed her legs at the knees, legs spread. He could just barely see the movements of her fingers as she rubbed her pussy. He looked down at Jera again and began pumping harder into her mouth, now moaning, now whispering to her.

“That’s it, baby. Oh, damn, I’m going to come all in your mouth if you keep that up. You makin’ my cock so hard for you. Fuck it with your sweet lips.”

His words seemed to excite Jera more and she twisted her head this way and that on her neck, taking his shaft in all the way to his balls and then raking her teeth lightly on him as she drew him out.

Through slitted eyes, Cabot kept glancing over at the waitress. Now her eyes were closed and she had slid her panties down so he could see the wetness glistening on her fingers and pussy. She rocked her hips back and forth, driving fingers inside herself — then suddenly she froze as two large hands circled her breasts. She looked over her shoulder and there stood Caddy smiling and kissing her neck. At first she seemed shocked and confused and then froze again as one of Caddy’s hands moved down to cover her fingers and pussy.

Jera’s mouth kept working up and down Cabot’s cock and he almost wanted to faint because it felt so good, but he also kept looking over at the waitress and Caddy. The waitress had reached between her legs and was pulling up Caddy’s long, thick cock against her wet pussy and sliding it back and forth. Then she leaned forward at the waist and shuddered as he drove his cock into her with one push. Caddy looked over her back and grinned at Cabot, moving his body from side to side as he fucked the waitress.

Cabot pulled Jera upright and lifted her dress over her hips. He rained kisses on her puffy-lipped mouth, his hands sliding down to pull her panties aside. She groaned at his ear and lifted her legs around him, one hand guiding his cock inside her; feeling his strong hands lift and hold her in place. She began scissoring her legs as he thrust, tightly holding on to his neck.

“Yesssss, oh, yes!” she cried. Over her shoulder, Cabot could see the waitress rolling her hips as Caddy pumped into her.

As the four of them built to an explosive ecstatic crescendo, the wet sound of fucking became a syncopated rhythm, each going off in solitary riffs of thrust and receding, yet coming back to the ageless melody line of pleasure in the taking.

The other waitresses returning were startled as four voices simultaneously shouted in cuming.

© 2000 William S. Dean. All rights reserved.

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