“Don’t look — do not look!” she insisted, trying to be stern as he reached to lift the blindfold from his eyes.

“Don’t you think this is just a little silly?”

“Not at all. I don’t want you to know where my house is, for some very good reasons. I promise, if you move that blindfold, I’ll turn around and take you back to your car. Keep your hands on your knees! I mean that!”

“Okay, okay,” he sighed. She looked over at her passenger. In an attempt to hide a sly smile, he turned his head toward the window. She didn’t know if they’d make love when they reached their destination. She hoped they would.

“I might just decide to leave it on you,” she teased. “Tie your hands to the bedposts and climb on top of you.”

“You’re just playing with me now.”

“You think?” Whipping the Corvette onto a side road, she shifted to neutral and raised the hand brake.

“Are we there?”

“No. Be quiet.” She leaned over until she was barely an inch from his ear. Brushing her tongue across his earlobe, she moaned, almost purring. Her teeth grazed his neck as she kissed, then nibbled it. Her hand rested on his thigh, pressing against it. The muscles in his upper leg tightened as her fingers slid closer to his crotch. She pulled away from him, and he sighed.

“I’ll bet we don’t fuck. How much you want to bet?”

“I’m not a betting woman.”

“Maybe you should start.”

Rob was so young. Blonde, blue-eyed, tall and lean, he towered over Marcy’s small frame when they first stood face-to-face. He sat with hands clasped in his lap. No hint of chewed nails, not even the slightest tremble in his voice or tiniest twitch in his fingers. This young man didn’t get nervous and was not the least bit intimidated by a rendezvous with an older woman. Strong veins ran up his muscular arms, beneath the downy blonde hair on his forearms. His jeans were faded, over-washed with threadbare spots on the knees and frayed edges at the hem. His white shirt, however, was crisp and pressed.

He was 23. She was 40, almost old enough to be his mother. That might be the most exciting aspect of this relationship. That, and growing bulge between his legs. With a gentle squeeze, she slid her hand across his lap and back to the gear shift.

“About two more minutes and we’re there.”

“I can be patient.” From the corner of her eye, she saw another smile. Rob was amused, his sarcasm an obvious attempt at teasing her. Sleeping with him would be dangerously exciting, though she wasn’t sure she could go through with it. Not sleeping with him would probably be torture for them both.

They’d met completely by chance. She’d talked with him on the phone for a couple of minutes after dialing a wrong number, thinking he was her best friend’s son. He played along mischievously before confessing that he wasn’t who she thought. When he asked if he could lick her pussy, she was speechless.

“No, don’t hang up,” he’d told her. “I know you want me to make you come.”

Marcy contemplated slamming the receiver down hard. She couldn’t. How long since she’d come? Months. Too many months.

“Slip your hand into your panties,” he whispered. “I’ll bet you’re already wet.” She was. The tone of his voice had changed. It was smooth, sensual.

“What are you doing?” Her voice trembled a little.

“I just took my cock out. It got hard when I started talking to you. Just think how good it’d feel inside you.”

She was thinking about it. She and Gary hadn’t made love in months, and the last time had hardly been worth the effort. She needed to feel loved, wanted, desired. Her new phone friend was doing that for her, and doing it fast. Her fingers found her wet clit, circled it, toyed with it. As she stroked, her hips moved in rhythm as if his cock were moving inside her. She was already close to coming.

“Come on, Marcy, take my cock, baby. Put your hands on my ass and pull me in. Come on, honey. Come all over my cock.”

Gasping, moaning, she shivered against her fingers as she came. He kept talking, kept coaxing.

“You’re making me come, too, baby. Oh, god, you sound so sexy when you come.”

“Come hard for me,” she said, surprising herself. The sound of his moaning excited her, made her long to be with him. It had been too long since she’d enjoyed making love. She certainly never expected to enjoy it over the phone.

“Nice to meet you,” he said when his breathing slowed.

“Likewise,” she laughed back at him. What else could she say after a wrong number turned out this way? A few days later, Marcy called him again when her husband was working late. Small talk gave way to another explosive climax as Rob made love to her with only his voice. His sensual moans in her ear were real enough to send cold chills over her, desirous enough to inflame her passion.

Now he sat next to her in the black Corvette, a gift from Gary for her 40th birthday. She reached to take his hand and he surprised her by gripping it tightly and bringing it to his mouth. Kissing the back of it, he ran his lips along her index finger and flicked the tip with his tongue. Marcy thought she might run off the road.

“This is it,” she laughed. “I need my hand back.” With her palm on the stick shift she pulled into the garage. When she pushed the stick into first, Rob peeled away his blindfold as she switched the ignition off. They unbuckled their seat belts. Taking her hand again, he pulled it to his crotch and leaned toward her, his lips brushing hers.

“I know you want this,” he whispered into her mouth as he pressed her hand against the hard shaft beneath his zipper. For the first time, the reality of what she was doing became clear as his lips met hers. His mouth was sweet and wet, his tongue firm and insistent as it found hers.

God, he was so young. Even his skin felt different, tight and smooth, as he moved his mouth to her throat, the side of his face brushing her neck. He smelled clean, fresh. She clutched his cock tightly, circling her thumb and forefinger near its head.

“Want me to talk to you, Marcy?” he breathed, his lips nibbling at her cleavage. Running her fingers up her thigh, past the top of her stocking, she felt the heat of her excitement growing. With one hand on his cock and the other parting the lips of her pussy, she relaxed as if she were on the phone with him.

Rob unzipped his jeans, then took her hand and slid it inside them. His cock straightened beneath her fingers as she gently pulled it free, smooth and hard, releasing his musky scent inside the car. She leaned back in the seat, lifting her skirt past her thighs. She glanced at the swollen cock in her right hand.

“Close your eyes, baby,” he said. She obeyed. “It’s just like being on the phone with me right now. Except I’m here to help you for real this time.” Gentle thrusts of his hips matched his breathing as his hand slid up her thigh.

“Spread your pussy open for me, baby.” His breath tickled her ear. “Oh, yeah. That’s right. Mmmm, you’re so wet for me. Wet enough for my fingers, aren’t you?”

Her legs opened as he slid his middle finger into her. She gasped, gripping his cock. The awkwardness of their position – the gearshift between them, the distance from his body to hers – failed to put a damper on their passion.

“Feel how hard I am,” he moaned. “Tell me how bad you want my cock, baby. Tell me.”

“So damn bad I can’t wait,” she answered. “I want you all the way inside me. Deep. Hard.” His fingers plunged into her, gliding over her clit and massaging her sensitive lips. Her legs were spread as far apart as possible inside the car. She was ready to come. Soon.

“You’re the hottest woman I’ve ever known, baby.” Kissing her neck, he moaned in her ear. “So hot. So sweet and so wet. Come on my fingers just like I’m gonna make you come on my tongue.” Arching her back, Marcy felt release coming in waves as she rode his fingertips. Her breath caught in her throat as she tried to speak.

“Oh, Rob, yes!” With a hoarse whisper, she lurched forward against his hand. Clenching her thighs together, her body shook as he slowed the pace on her throbbing clit. Aware of his thrusts against her palm, she turned to face him as he kissed her with hungered passion. The slippery head of his cock passed between her thumb and forefinger. A gush of warm liquid covered her hand as Rob moaned into her mouth, caressing her tongue with his. She continued stroking him until he grabbed her hand, gasping.

“We’re not even out of your car, baby,” he smiled as he pressed his hand around hers. “Wait until I get you inside. I’m going to make you want me so bad you beg for it.”

“I don’t doubt you,” she sighed, thinking that if this were the prelude, she might not survive the evening. The confidence of youth was a wonderful thing. With a trembling left hand she pulled a handkerchief from her purse and lovingly wiped the sticky juice from him. He’d unbuttoned his shirt halfway up, revealing a hard young belly. She could imagine it next to hers as he took long strokes in and out of her. Cleaning her hand, she looked up at Rob, who was grinning broadly. He reached to pull up his jeans, then opened the car door. She climbed from the driver’s side, her heart thumping.

She’d been with her husband for seventeen years, almost since she was Rob’s age. Never cheated. Little by little, the passion had left their marriage. She was glad there weren’t any children to witness the gradual decline of communication, the slow death of their relationship. When Gary was home, he was like an uncomfortable visitor in their house. Whether he was cheating, she didn’t know. Maybe his job was his mistress. She’d never stopped liking sex, though; and she’d done everything possible to keep the fires burning. It was time she took matters into her own hands, she mused as she turned the key in the door, noting the stream of white come clinging to her thumb.

“Pardon the pun,” she chuckled aloud, wondering when she’d last made a joke.

“What?” Rob’s voice startled her.

“Oh nothing. Just thinking about taking matters–. Forget it,” she smiled as she led him inside and locked the door behind them. “If you want to clean up a little more, there’s a bathroom that way, and if you want something to drink, I’ll be happy to –”

His mouth on hers stopped her short. As he spun her around, his hands pulled her close. He cupped her breasts as he pressed her against the wall. Her nipples hardened beneath his touch as his tongue searched hers out.

“I don’t want to clean up. I want to drench your body with our heat and our sweat and our come,” he whispered hoarsely, his blue eyes burning into hers. “I want to undress you a little at a time, Marcy. I want to lick your pussy til you yank my head away. And then I want to start all over.”

She had started this adventure by being the aggressor. Now a 23-year-old man with a hunger that matched her own was taking a no-nonsense approach to all-out pleasure. Her heart pounded against her chest so hard, it would have been visible if his body hadn’t been tight against hers.

“Slow down just a little, darling,” she chided him, breathless.

“Why? I came here with you to fuck you within an inch of your existence. Tell me why I need to slow down. You’ve been riding my dick over the phone for months now. We’ve done everything we wanted in our minds. I say it’s time we made it happen for real.”

It was hard to argue with him, and she couldn’t have found the reasons to disagree if she’d wanted to. Rob was right. They’d gone past the point of trying to impress each other. He stood in her hallway, kissing her neck and running his hands over her naked ass, his fingers toying with her garters. She reached around to pull his hips into hers, spreading her legs wider. His fingertips opened the lips of her pussy, running back and forth to slide into her wetness again.

“Do you want my cock?”

“God, yes, I do.”

“Where do you want it?” His hand rested against her body, two of his fingers stroking her depths. She finished unbuttoning his shirt to kiss his chest, slipping a hand into his open jeans. He was already growing hard again. Pulling his hand from within her, she brought it to her mouth, licking his fingers clean of her juices. She dropped to her knees, tugging at his jeans and underwear until they fell past his thighs. He was growing harder by the second. Marcy ran her tongue up his thighs, first one and then the other. His balls hung at her nose level, and she rubbed her face across them, eliciting a deep sigh of pleasure from him. Her tongue dug at them, licked around them, caressed them.

“Should I take these off?” He pulled at his jeans.

“Not if you can keep your balance,” she mumbled, settling her lips at the base of his cock and sliding them upwards. He could undress later. Her tongue made circles on the smooth skin as her lips sucked at it softly. Over and over, she stopped just short of the tip before starting back down. Each time his breathing grew deeper as she neared the head of his cock, then he moaned as she moved away from it.

“You’re making me crazy,” he confessed as she moved upward again. This time, she plunged the head between her lips and pushed him toward her throat. The cry that escaped his lips told Marcy her timing was perfect. Her wet mouth coated his now-erect cock, and for the first time she realized how thick he was. Bracing himself by placing his palms against the wall, he gently made love to her mouth. Her lips gripped him solidly, driving him to the back of her throat. Suddenly, he stopped.

“I don’t want to wear you out yet, baby,” he panted.

“You were about to come again,” she laughed.

“I’m gonna come a lot before we’re done.” Kneeling, he kissed her and took her hands. “So are you. Let’s get comfortable.” He slipped off his shoes and socks, sitting in the floor to shed his jeans and underwear. Covered only in his half-buttoned white shirt, he stood, reaching to pull her to her feet.

“This way,” she gestured. In her bedroom, she lit candles and turned down the sheets. Rob unzipped her short black dress; gliding to the floor, it fell at her feet. Funny, she had always thought of this as a room she shared with Gary. He’d seem terribly out of place here from now on.

Turning to face her young suitor, Marcy undid his three remaining shirt buttons. His skin was beautifully smooth. The hair on his chest and belly was fine and soft. Drawing him closer, she kissed his shoulder, the taste of his skin sweet and inviting as their naked bodies met. He sat on the bed, pulling her between his legs. With hungry circles, his tongue licked her nipples. Leaning back, he pulled her legs forward so she could straddle him. With her wet pussy poised just over the head of his cock, he guided her hips downward, impaling her on its hardness.

Marcy gasped with pleasure, unprepared for the range of emotions that overtook her. For the first time since she married Gary, another man was inside her. He stroked her gently, fully, from the base of his hard length to the tip. The anger she felt toward Gary and the sorrow over the loss of that love gave way to other feelings. She began to feel stronger, more alive. As Rob plunged into her deeply and deliberately, she focused on the sensations he aroused. By awakening the sensuality she had denied herself, he was giving her more than sensual pleasure. He was opening the door to her freedom.

She looked into his face, aware that if it hadn’t been Rob it would have eventually been someone. Yet, his was the voice that had pulled her from sexual obscurity into discovery. He could have brushed her off. He could have laughed at her, a confused “old” woman with a distant husband, a boring social life and a nearly paid-off mortgage. Instead, he told her she was the hottest woman he’d ever known.

Convinced that the look in his eyes bore out the truth of his words, she moved in time with each stroke of his hips. Aware of their fingers interlocking, his lips pursed to moan her name, she tightened her grip on him. Riding him, surprised to feel her body responding again, she poured her soul out with each wave of pleasure. Stroking the soft hair on his belly, she leaned forward. As she came he rose to grasp her, smothering her neck in kisses. Strong hands stroked her shoulders. Beads of sweat formed like glistening pearls on their foreheads. Fused together, his hips lunged toward her feverishly with each pulsing release of his climax.

It seemed hours before they moved away from each other. Rob lay back, waiting for Marcy to pull away. When she did, he reached for her, kissing her forehead and settling her on his shoulder.

It was a beginning as much as an end. She knew that either she or Gary would have to leave. It didn’t matter who walked away; she was stronger than she’d ever been, stronger than she ever expected. Gary would find it a relief, she was sure.

Smiling, she noticed that Rob was already relaxing into sleep. She wouldn’t let him sleep too long. There was too much catching up to do.

© 2000 by Jill. All rights reserved. No reprints or retransmissions without my permission, please.

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