Jacob’s Ladder

“I had the dream again.”

The doctor looked up from her notepad. “Same one?”


“Would you tell me about it?” she asked carefully.

He glanced at her but then quickly looked away. “I’m not sure.”

The doctor noticed his discomfort and went straight to work. “Mister Jacobs, this is what we’ve been after.”

“I know.”

His subdued response spurred her on. “You came to me for a reason.”

“I know, but-”

“You came to me,” she interrupted firmly, her plan of attack clicking solidly into place. “Nothing you have done up until now has helped you with your panic attacks or your worsening depression. The dreams are the key and that’s why you came to me. You knew this was your last and best chance to finally get better, but to do that you need to let me do my job.”

“I know,” he mumbled yet again, his meek demeanour nowhere near that of the rampaging corporate demon that he was outside the walls of her office.

“You are paying me an extraordinary amount of money for this service,” she reminded him. “We’ve both signed a mountain of non-disclosure forms so that absolutely nothing revealed here will ever be known by the rest of the world.” She lowered her voice to a more personal tone and continued, “You also know that part of those agreements stated that absolutely nothing is out-of-bounds. A full dream analysis requires me to get into the dream as far as I can. Mentally, emotionally and physically, if need be.” He nodded silently, his eyes downcast. Settling back into her chair, she said, “So please tell me about your dream.”

“It’s, um…” His voice trailed off and he swallowed hard. “It was about you.”

“You had mentioned that much before,” she reminded him. “Go on.”

“You were here. In your office.” He risked another glance at her crossed legs but then looked away again.

She scrawled a few notes on her pad. “It might help to close your eyes,” she offered. “Just try to forget I’m here.”

He did as she asked and it seemed to bolster him. “I was here too. We were talking just like this.”

“You were lying on the couch like you are now?”

“Yes,” he replied, pulling the final ‘s’ out a little longer than usual. “And you were on that chair. And we were just talking. It was … nice.”

“It sounds nice. And then what?”

“I was just lying here and talking to you and then I… started thinking.”

“About what?”

“Your … well, your breasts,” he admitted.

She noticed him stumble over the word and asked, “Were you thinking of them as breasts or as something else? Did you use another word?” She saw him grimace, his eyes still closed, and she added, “Remember that nothing you can say will shock or offend me. Part of the agreement.”

His face relaxed a bit and he nodded. “I was thinking about your tits,” he said, the word shaded with lust.

“And what about my tits were you thinking of?”

“I just started thinking about them. Wondering about how big they really were under all that formal wrapping. What colour your nipples were.” His voice lowered and he added, “How they would taste.”

She glanced down at his crotch and saw that his musings were having a pronounced effect on his cock. “And this aroused you?”

“Oh, yeah,” he breathed.

“Go on. What happened next?”

He paused as he tried to get his mind back on track. “Our talking got kind of side-tracked because I couldn’t stop fantasizing about your tits,” he said, clearly embarrassed. “You caught me checking ’em out a few times.”

“Did I seem to mind?”

He stopped then, as if in surprise. “No,” he replied in wonder. “You didn’t. It’s like you knew what I was doing but you didn’t say anything at all. I finally closed my eyes to help get my mind back on our talking.”

She quickly scribbled on her notepad. “This surprised you? My lack of reaction?”

“Not in the dream, but now it does,” he breathed. “In fact-” He cut off his words abruptly.


“Before I closed my eyes, you smiled at me,” he said hesitantly, his voice little more than a whisper. “I just remembered that.”

“That’s great,” she said in encouragement. “Keep going. Was I smiling because I was amused or was it something else?”

“You looked,” he started, squirming a bit as his cock tented the front of his slacks. “Well, you looked kind of flattered.”

“Makes sense,” she replied. “Why shouldn’t I be flattered by you checking out my tits?”

They shared a brief chuckle at this. “I guess so. Might help explain what happened next.”

“Which was?”

His smile faltered and he continued. “We just kept talking but my mind wasn’t really into it much by now. I guess you must have noticed because you suddenly stopped and asked me to please open my eyes.”


“Yeah,” he said in a breathy whisper. “Your voice sounded different and you asked me to please open my eyes, so I did.”

She scrawled a quick note. “And what did you see?”

“Um-” His hesitance returned in force and he clamped his mouth shut in an effort to prevent his words from escaping.

“Tell me what you saw,” she urged, not allowing him to back away now.

“You,” he blurted, then bit his lip hard. The dam broken, he continued, “Well, part of you, anyway.”

“Please open your eyes,” she asked softly.

Without hesitation, his eyes snapped open. Directly above his face hung a firm pair of naked breasts. His eyes seemed to scour them from every angle and his mouth hung open in amazement. “I-” he stammered.

“Is this what you saw, Mister Jacobs?” she asked him, giving her breasts a gentle shake above him.

“Yeah,” he breathed, still not believing his eyes.

“And what did you do when you saw them?”

“I- I kind of-” he stammered.

“Yes?” she asked abruptly, adding a bit of impatience to the question.

“I kissed one of them,” he admitted. “I couldn’t help it.” He licked his lips and could feel the heat emanating from the tempting swells that hung before him.

“Kissed them how?”

He arched his back just enough to capture her right nipple between his lips. He gave it a slow kiss before just barely sucking it into his mouth. He gave the snared nipple one quick swipe of his tongue before laying back again, fully expecting her to shriek in outrage.

Instead, she loosed a sigh of delight. “That was nice,” she whispered. “Is that all you did?” He weakly shook his head. “So show me what you did. All of it.”

The invitation given, he lunged upward and repeated the move on her left nipple while his hands wrapped around both of her breasts and started to caress them lovingly. He ran his broad tongue in long sweeps over the generous mounds, making them slick and shiny. His thumbs teased and tormented her erect buds, eliciting moans of passions from deep in her throat while he continued to nibble at her chest. His body squirmed on the couch, his aching cock begging for attention.

She sensed his dilemma and breathlessly asked, “Was there more?”

“Mm-hmm,” he replied, his mouth refusing to release the nipple his tongue was now curled around as he sucked it. He slowly thrust his hips into the air, hoping she would catch his meaning.

Her hand caressing his bulge answered his silent plea. “You need release,” she hissed, her own body pulsing with the heavenly sensations his incessant sucking and fondling was inspiring. An affirmative groan answered her and she started to undo his belt. “Did I stroke you?” she asked. “Or do you want it sucked?” He shook his head, the movement causing her captive breast to sway back and forth. “Oooh,” she said as his erection sprang free of his slacks. “You want to fuck me? Do me from behind while you fondle my tits?” He sucked hard on her breast, making her cry out in joy. “Do it!” she commanded in a lusty rasp. “Just like in your dream!”

She stood up straight just long enough for him to slide off the couch and stand up. Then she threw herself forward again and reached back to flip her skirt up, exposing her bare ass to his hungry and surprised gaze. She sensed his shock and giggled, “I made an educated guess about your dream.” Her giggle transformed into a shriek of joy when he thrust himself deep into her soaked heat. His hands came around her to grip her breasts and he started to hammer into her, taking her with wild abandon. His balls slapped against her pulsing clit with each thrust and she started bucking back against him, taking as much of him inside her as she could get. “Is this it?” she asked him, each word forced from her by one of his urgent thrusts. “Is this your dream?”

He felt his balls tighten and he gasped, “Yes! Yes!” The moment came upon him and he pulled out, jerking his cock wildly and launching his come in long spurts all over her ass. She came as well, trembling and moaning upon the couch as she felt him unload. She reached one hand back and ran her fingers through the streaks of wetness painting her cheeks.

His voice broke the sound of their gasping. “And then I was flying,” he barely whispered.

“Mmm,” she said with a wide smile. “I know what you mean.” Suddenly the wetness on her ass and fingers chilled unnaturally, as if cooled by a gentle breeze. She glanced back over her shoulder but he was no longer behind her. Pushing herself up off the couch, she turned to see the window to her 33rd floor office now opened wide.

* * * * *

“I had the dream again.”

The doctor looked up from her notepad. “Same one?”


“Would you tell me about it?” she asked carefully.

He glanced at her but then quickly looked away. “I don’t think I should.”

© 2011 B.K. Bilicki. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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