It’s Too Hot for Yard Work

That’s why Juan and his men do it. They work hard and fast, but there’s always one customer who disrupts the flow.

Every week the lady on Clitoria lane forgets to unlock her gate and Juan has to ring the bell and ask. Today she couldn’t even be bothered to get dressed. It’s too hot for clothes.

Naturally she doesn’t answer the door. But Juan is thorough, he hops the fence. It’s too hot for patience. He left his shoes, pants, and shirt at the open patio door. There is a sheen on his bronze face and his bronze groin. She smells grass and sweat. It’s too hot to be coy.

She stands, turns, and kneels, leaning over the couch ass up. It’s so hot, her sex opens like moist, dewy petals. Juan’s accent is thick, but his grip on her hips is strong. The lady understands; Don’t. Forget. To leave. The key.

© 2013 Penelope Lake. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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