The Investigation

Charlie Weyland had been to the offices of Blaine and Associates several times, but every time he entered their lobby, he felt like he’d gone to the wrong place. It just didn’t look like a detective agency. The furniture looked too tasteful, the carpeting looked too expensive, and the office looked too much like a respectable business.

Mr. Blaine didn’t look like a private investigator, either. He was clean-shaven. His charcoal gray suit was perfectly tailored, and perfectly coordinated with his silk tie. He wore neither a trenchcoat nor a pistol in a shoulder holster.

Mr. Blaine said, “Good afternoon, Mr. Weyland. If you’d be good enough to accompany me into the conference room, we can discuss your case.” Mr. Blaine was so perfectly mannered and emotionless, Charlie thought Blaine could’ve been a Vulcan on one of the Star Trek shows.

Charlie followed Blaine into a large room with a long table. Mounted into the wall near one end of the table was a big-screen TV with a VCR. A videotape and a manila file folder waited on the table for Charlie.

Mr. Blaine said, “Mr. Weyland, per your request, we have conducted a surveillance of your wife to obtain evidence of her suspected infidelity. The evidence you seek is in this file folder and on the casette tape. I suggest you review their contents now and, when you are finished, we may discuss any questions you may have.” Mr. Blaine turned on the TV. He put the tape into the VCR and started to leave the room.

“Mr. Blaine? You’re not going to go over this with me?”

“Mr. Weyland, in light of the contents of that tape, I believe you will appreciate the opportunity do observe them in private. I will be available outside if you need me.” And he was gone.

Charlie sat down. The TV showed what looked like a hotel room. Charlie guessed that a camera had been mounted in a corner of the room, near the ceiling.

The door opened and Dora entered the room. Charlie recognized her immediately. She was wearing the dark blue flowered print dress he’d given her for her last birthday. He remembered her wearing it only last week. This tape must’ve been made on that day.

Charlie held his breath. The other person, Dora’s mystery lover, came in. She had long, blonde hair and she was wearing an expensive-looking pants suit.

Wait a minute, Charlie thought. This couldn’t be right. Blaine had made a mistake. Then Dora kissed the woman. Deeply and passionately, Charlie’s wife kissed this other woman on the mouth.

Charlie felt faint. He couldn’t believe it. The idea that Dora was sleeping with another MAN was almost impossible to fathom, but this?

Charlie stared at the TV with all the fascination of watching a car crash. He recognized the other woman after a moment. Her name was Elaine. She worked in Dora’s office. Charlie remembered meeting her at a Christmas party. Elaine was gorgeous. Spellbound, Charlie watched Dora undress her. Dora first removed Elaine’s blouse, then her bra, then her pants, and finally she pulled down Elaine’s panties. She kissed, then licked, then sucked and then nibbled on Elaine’s nipples, making her groan and call out Dora’s name.

Dora lay back onto the bed, slowly undoing the buttons down the front of her dress. She was wearing nothing underneath. She lay back and Elaine knelt onto the floor between Dora’s legs. Then she started kissing the dark tuft of Dora’s pubic hair, and then Dora said something.

“Eat my pussy,” Charlie heard her say.

Elaine obliged. Her head moved slowly at first, playfully lapping Dora’s cunt with her tongue. Dora told her to put it deeply into her, and she did. Dora told her to play with her clit, and she did. Then Elaine’s head began to move more quickly and Dora started to moan and groan and part of Charlie wanted to throw a chair through the TV, and the other part of him wanted to sit and watch. Charlie sat and watched.

Dora lifted her legs and cried out for Elaine to eat her pussy some more, and then she screamed so loudly that at first Charlie thought she’d been hurt, but the cry was one of delight and when it died out, Elaine was climbing on top of Dora and kissing her breasts and her neck and then her lips.

Dora rolled over on top of Elaine and now it was Elaine’s turn to instruct Dora to eat her cunt and to finger-fuck her and Charlie had to lean forward to hear all of what they were saying to each other.

Elaine said, “Eat my pussy! Suck my clit! Oh, yes, fuck me with your tongue!”

Dora was talking, too. At least it was Dora’s voice. Charlie had never heard her say those things before. “I love your wet cunt! Ooooh, you’re so fucking hot! Wnat me to fuck you, Baby? Say you want me to fuck you!”

Charlie watched his wife and this other woman fuck for an entire hour. They got into a sixty-nine position and ate each other’s pussy. They rubbed their pelvises together and came that way. Dora produced a long rubber dildo from her purse, (Where the hell did she get that, Charlie wondered,) and they fucked with that for a long time. They swore like sailors. They laughed and giggled and begged each other for more. Charlie lost count of how many times Dora screamed. When they were finally exhausted, they lay in each other’s arms for a while and just kissed.

Charlie rewound the tape to the point where Dora and Elaine had really begun thrashing around a lot. He went into the bathroom for a few minutes while they made a lot of noise. When he came out of the bathroom, he was breathing hard.

Finally, the tape ended. Charlie stared at the blank screen for a long time. He rewound it and asked Mr. Blaine to come in.

When Mr. Blaine did so, Charlie asked, “Have you seen this tape?”

“Yes I have, sir. I had to in order to complete the investigation.”

“Has anyone else seen it?”

“Yes, sir. The operative who made it, and three other employees as well. It’s unfortunately quite popular. Do you have any questions? Is there anything else you need?”

“Yes. I want you to make more tapes.”

“I beg your pardon? Mr. Weyland, the evidence is rather solid. If you’re trying to collect more proof…”

“I don’t want more proof. I want you to follow my wife some more and make more of these tapes.”

“Mr. Weyland, I’m not sure you appreciate the cost involved…”

“Mr. Blaine, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll pay for the work you’ve done so far, but if you make more tapes for free, you can keep copies for yourself.”

Mr. Blaine paused for only a moment. He extended his hand. “Mr. Weyland, you’ve got a deal.”

They shook on it. Charlie said, “I’m going to watch it again. Care to join me?”

“I don’t mind if I do.”

© J.T. Benjamin , 1999 No part of this work may be produced without the consent of the author. This means you.

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