Innocent Flower

“Ooo-eee,” Annie said, laying out a pair of daisy dukes and a tank top for Caroline, “I remember my initiation. What a hoot! Some big ol’ non-com. My, but he was a tight fit. Oh, don’t fret yourself none. It’s always kinda tight at first, that’s only natural, but you’ll stretch out, you know, the more you do it. Now, you better change. We can’t exactly go crawling on into Willard’s with you looking like that.”

* * * * *

“One more thing,” Annie said, as she turned into the parking lot, “Willard’s may be a dive but with a university, two colleges, a national guard depot and an army base all within an hour’s drive, it is the place where we can get you some head. Hell’s bells, everyone’s on the hunt in there. My, this is exciting! You are excited, aren’t you?”

Caroline nodded.

“Well, good! Now you just let Annie do her thing and we’ll have you fixed up in no time.” Annie parked the truck and took Caroline in arm. “Say, look who’s still trying to save a few.”

A man stood in the back of a truck, waving a Bible and haranguing passers-by. “And Isaiah says,” he cried, as Annie and Caroline threaded their way through the parked vehicles, “that ‘dust shall be the serpent’s food!'”

“You tell ’em, Horace!” Annie shouted. She rolled her eyes and pulled Caroline toward Willard’s main entrance.

* * * * *

Annie and Caroline sat at the bar, surveying the crowd. “Hey now, Willie Earl,” Annie called to one of the bartenders, “Get one of the girls to tell that cute fella over there who’s drinking all by himself that we’ll buy him one if he’ll join us.”

Willie Earl called to a waitress, who went over and spoke to the young man.

“Looks to be a college boy,” Annie whispered, “He’s been eyeballing you ever since we got here. He’ll do fine. You ready?”

Caroline squeezed Annie’s hand.

“Oh Lordy, that’s it. Here he comes!”

The young man sauntered over, drew up a stool and sat down. “Evening ladies.”

“What’re you drinking…?” Annie asked.

“Virgil,” he replied, “and it’s just Lone Star and Jim Beam.”

“Willie Earl!” Annie called out, “Get Virgil here a Lone Star and a Jim Beam.”

“Thank you,” Virgil said, accepting the drinks. “Y’all trying to get me drunk?”

“And spoil the rest of the evening, sugar?” Annie said, clapping him on the shoulder.

Virgil grinned.

“Hey darlin’,” Annie asked, “You wanna go to a private party?”

Virgil turned to Caroline. “What do you think?” he asked, slipping an arm around her waist.

Caroline grabbed Virgil’s face, kissed him deeply and drew back.

“That means she thinks it’s a good idea,” Annie said. “Come on.” She handed Willie Earl a $50 bill.

Virgil and Caroline, arm in arm, followed Annie out to the pick-up.

“Y’all sit back here and get comfy,” Annie said, opening a back door. “I’ll drive. We got a place just outside of town.”

Annie looked in the rearview mirror several times on the way back to the house and smiled; Caroline and Virgil necked the entire way. She turned into the driveway and drove up to the house, which was 100 yards off the main road and screened from it by a line of trees.

When everyone was outside, Virgil pulled out a cigarette. Annie snatched it out of his hand. She reached into her denim jacket and pulled out a thick joint. “This is a special homemade blend of herbs and spices — perfect for the occasion, if you catch my meaning.”

“Damn straight,” Virgil said. He lit up, took a long drag and offered the joint to Annie and Caroline.

Caroline shook her head.

“It’s for you,” Annie replied. “Come on in.” She led Caroline and Virgil into the house, into a large downstairs parlor. Annie flopped down in a soft chair. Caroline sat next to Virgil on a wide sofa opposite.

“Man, this is some good shit,” Virgil said, taking another toke, “So, where’s the party?”

“You’re sitting next to her, hon’.”

Caroline pulled off her top.

“You’re her pimp?”

“More like her chaperone,” Annie said. “Now, Virgil, you are a dear but say ‘pimp’ again and I’ll crush every bone in your body. Follow me?”

“Beg pardon but I meant no offense.”

“That’s OK sweetie. Well, go ahead now. Don’t mind me.”

“You gonna watch?”

“Well, I am a senior sister and this is her initiation.”

Caroline kicked off her sandals and shimmied out of her shorts. “Take these off,” she whispered to Virgil as she pulled at his belt and started to undo his shirt buttons.”They just get in the way.”

“Yeah, I like sorority pussy,” Virgil muttered, looking at the downy tuft between Caroline’s legs and taking one last hit from the joint.

Annie leaned forward, took the butt, tossed it into the fireplace and settled back into her chair.

Caroline straddled Virgil and helped him take off his shirt, kissing his face, neck and chest while she ground against the bulge in his jeans. His shirt off, Virgil sucked on Caroline’s breasts. “Damn, girl,” he muttered, “Must be the weed but I’d swear your skin has darkened a shade or two since we got here.”

Paying no attention, Caroline kissed her way down Virgil’s chest and abs, slipping off him until she knelt between his legs. She traced her tongue over his bulge. “Lose these,” she hissed, “I want you in my mouth.”

Virgil stood up, undid his jeans and pulled them off, along with his jockeys, and sat back down. He moaned as Caroline cupped his balls and licked his cock from base to tip. She climbed onto him, kissing her way back up to his mouth. She rubbed her thighs against his cock and grabbed his shoulders as she kissed his head repeatedly, opening her mouth wider each time. Her skin changed to a deep brown; her legs fused into a long tail, the tip of which she coiled around Virgil’s cock, squeezing and jerking. Her arms melded to her body, which swiftly wrapped around Virgil’s upper body, pinning his arms to his sides.

Caroline’s head morphed into the rounded head of a snake as it enveloped Virgil’s head and began to swallow him. Caroline rolled Virgil onto the floor, shifting her coils, swallowing his shoulders, chest and midriff. Virgil’s legs writhed as Caroline’s tail worked his cock. Caroline withdrew her tail, raised her upper jaw, revealing a soft, pulsating palate, which she brought down hard on Virgil’s cock as she ingested his hips. Virgil kicked his legs and jerked wildly; Caroline quickly gulped him down.

“Yee-ha girl!” Annie shouted, jumping up and clapping her hands. “You done great! Aren’t they adorable? They even provide their own lube. Now just relax, it’ll be a while before you’ll be able to do much of anything.”

Annie collected Virgil’s clothes and tossed them in the fireplace. She turned on the gas, lit one of Virgil’s matches and tossed it in.

* * * * *

(Three months later)

Annie parked the truck in Willard’s parking lot. “Do we look hot-to-trot or what?” She wore a short sun dress, Caroline her daisy dukes and tank top.

“Dressed to kill,” Caroline replied.

Annie pointed as they wound their way through the parking lot.

“Yea,” Horace shouted, waving his Bible, “and believers ‘shall take up serpents…'”

“Shouldn’t that be the other way ’round?” Caroline asked.

Annie clapped her on the back. “Amen sister! Now let us prey!”

They laughed and headed into the bar.

Author’s note:
“Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.” Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Act I, Scene V
Daisy Dukes
Lone Star Beer
Jim Beam
Isaiah 65:25
Mark 16:8

© 2012 Oxartes. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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