In a Restaurant

She clasps her small hands under the table. The fingers appear thin and fragile, but are actually quite strong. They separate, open, and settle like moths on the insides of her thighs. The fingers clench, clawing the hem of her skirt higher. It rises around her ankles, moving gingerly in a gentle breeze, slipping up over the sensuous swell of her calves.

She is looking at me as she does this, her large eyes dark and thoughtful, yet with a trace of amusement around her mouth. The lips are large and moist, opening slightly. I see the tip of her tongue. It traces the moist edges of her teeth, then retreats.

The skirt is higher now, bunched in her hands, exposing her knees. She hauls it to her waist and her panties are white and tight, hugging the hairy contours of her cunt.

The first two fingers of her right hand hook through the leg of her panties, pulling them aside. I see her dark hair. It is lush and extravagant, her sex gleaming wetly within, like a small summer lake. I glance up with a great effort. My cock is long and hard. Her eyes have narrowed, arching like quarter moons, and the amusement is more evident around her mouth. She has small dimples. They are sweet and exciting.

The man sitting across from her has not noticed. He does not look up from eating, but his mouth is always moving. She cannot get a word in edgewise so she has given up, gone on to more engaging activities.

Her tongue comes out again, licking her swollen lips. It is pink and moist and erotic.

Below the table, she is pinching her clit, pulling her pussy open like a flower, her petals glistening. She touches a fingertip to the bright opening, leaves it there, lingering, tracing the tiniest of circles, then slowly inserts it up to the first knuckle.

Her expression almost melts into ecstasy. Her chest swells and she begins to bite her bottom lip with her small white teeth. Her date still hasn’t noticed. He eats some salad and drinks his wine and goes right on talking.

And now, under my own table, I am removing my cock from the confines of my pants. It leaps free, lunges into my hand, jerking, and I show it to her. She makes a small, lustful expression and removes the finger from the damp, dewy folds of her pussy. I can see the moisture on it as she inserts it slowly into her mouth. Her eyes close, and then open again, and my heart is fluttering. My arousal is huge and unbearable. I close my fingers around my cock and stroke the skin forward, nearly over its head, then back to the base. My palm brushes against my thick brown pubes. The woman is aroused even further by the sight of my masturbation, and down goes her hand again, finger darting furiously between the swollen folds of her sex.

She is making a sound, almost moaning and I can hear it even across the room. Her date stops talking and gawks at her. She shuts her eyes, her palm thumping furiously against her hot mound, her hard clit. Then she is looking again at me, and I spiral toward an incredible climax. I can see she is at the same point of peril and her date looks over his shoulder at me just as a jet of hot white semen explodes from my cock. This topples the woman over the edge and her hips buck, her belly contracts. Sperm continues to pump from my cock, flowing over my fingers. When I finish, I raise my hand and wipe the knuckles with the restaurant’s expensive cloth napkin.

Her date is looking from me to her relentlessly. And as I zip myself up, his cheeks are red with embarrassment, anger, and envy.

© 2003 Jim Danner. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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