How We Convinced Tony to Swing


“Do you fancy Maggie?” I asked my husband Pete as we lay in each others’ arms after a rather nice half-hour of lovemaking.

“Well yes, she’s very attractive; do you?”

“I do rather, and I fancy her husband Tony too, I wonder if we could get them interested in some fun, it’s been a while since Lucy and John moved away, I sometimes miss the extra buzz, you know?”

“I know what you mean, we have wonderful times on our own Jen, but I often think about those nights last summer; you and Lucy came up with the most outrageous ideas!”

I slid down his body, kissing his nipples. Then I asked, “Well, shall I sound Maggie out a bit? I see her regularly at the gym; we get all hot and sweaty together at aerobics. That’s what gets me so randy every Monday!”

I slid down a bit further, gripping his leg between my own, pressing my slippery groin against his thigh.

“OK then, see what her reaction is, I hope she doesn’t get all offended like that last woman you approached!

“Don’t worry! I’ve learnt my lesson; I’ll take things much more carefully.” I slid further, rubbing my clitoris gently against his shin as I took hold of his cock and began gently sucking at the end of it; his reaction was pleasingly rapid, a swelling and hardening that filled my mouth, giving me a lovely sense of control and power.

I made a ring of forefinger and thumb, pulled his foreskin back tightly, and began to lick firmly around his swollen glans. He groaned appreciatively and relaxed back into the pillows, expecting a luxurious blow job. I had other ideas. I stopped licking then jerked his foreskin back and forth a few times, making him gasp, then I let go of him and lightly hopped off the bed, heading for the shower.

I knew what was likely to happen next, and it did. Within a few seconds I was picked up, thrown onto the bed and pinned down hard as he thrust into me from behind. A few minutes later I was shrieking with pleasure as we came together. Then I really did have a shower.

We chatted again later about Maggie and Tony. We decided that we’d invite them to a dinner party as a first step, and that we’d have a few other guests too, to keep it all innocent.


“Well, that all seemed to go off OK, didn’t it?” I asked Pete as we stood in our doorway watching the last guests drive off.

“Indeed it did! I think we might be enjoying ourselves with Maggie and Tony before long, I’m sure he fancies you, and I sure hope she fancies me, because she’s lovely. I’d love to see you getting it on with her, too; it would drive me wild!”

As Pete closed and locked the front door, I stepped back from him a little and slipped my dress off. I’d worn the little black number, always a safe bet. Pete knew very well what I had on under it.

As part of our preparations for the party we had showered together, getting each other aroused but not letting ourselves come. He’d sat and watched me put on my make-up. Then he’d dressed me, still naked himself, his cock rigid; g-string first, flimsy low-cut brassiere, suspender belt, seamed stockings perfectly straight, high-heels; finally the little black dress.

Now as he turned towards me and his eyes widened with undisguised lust, I said “Right, another slow dance before we turn in, I think, come on.”

I took his hand and led him back into the sitting room, where we had all enjoyed a few dances earlier. Our dinner parties are well known among our circle of friends. Not for us the idle sitting around chatting after dinner, we serve coffee and then we like to roll up the carpet and get our friends on their feet.

Pete took me in his arms and I shuddered with delight as my scantily clad body pressed against him. We turned and stepped gently to the easy rhythm, and I felt his cock rise and swell, pushing against my belly with pulsing urgency.

“Did you enjoy your dance with Maggie? Did you get a hard-on like you have now?” I teased.

“I enjoyed it very much,” he replied, “I got hard immediately, and held myself away a little at first. She wasn’t having any of that, she pulled me close and whenever my back was towards Tony she would give a bit of a wriggle and sigh in my ear, got me really worked up actually!”

“Brilliant!” I said, “Not much doubt about her then!”

Stroking my buttocks gently in time with our dancing, Pete asked “And Tony? Did he show signs of interest?”

I could feel my labia pouting and getting slippery. “Yes, I’m sure he was turned on, but he wouldn’t relax into my arms at all, I would have treated him like Maggie did you, but he was really tense. I saw when he danced with her later that they were pressed real tight together; she was certainly giving him a good time then! I think Tony may be rather less liberated than Maggie, might take a little work. Did you like him though?”

“Yes I did, he’s a nice bloke. He’s intelligent and witty but he doesn’t show off about it; he can take a bit of teasing too, did you hear the way Miriam was winding him up about last week’s Rugby result?”

“Yes! She’s wicked”, I pulled Pete’s hand away from my bum and replaced it in the small of my back as we danced on. I leant back away from him, pushing my belly hard against his erection, and began to undo the buttons of his shirt. I continued, “And what of Miriam’s dancing? I doubt she was as provocative as Maggie?”

“Well actually you’d be quite wrong, my dear. Miriam not only rubbed herself quite shamelessly against me all the time we were dancing, and not only kissed my neck every time she thought no-one could see, but she actually slid her hand down between us and squeezed my cock and murmured in my ear that I should pop round and visit her one afternoon while Alastair was out!”

“Never!” I was truly shocked; Miriam and Alastair were neighbours from a few houses along the road. Alastair was in his late fifties and Miriam in her late forties. We’d been guests in each others’ houses a few times, and while Alastair had regularly tried to grope me, Miriam had always seemed the model of decorum.

“Yes, it rather took me by surprise, but then I realised, she’s never had the opportunity before. If you recall, last time they came here and we danced, she had a sprained ankle and had to sit out; and the time before, it was a bigger party and I never got round to dancing with her at all. She’s a pretty sexy mover, impressive tits too!”

Pete gazed longingly down into my cleavage as I pulled his shirt out of his trousers.

I stood back from him a little and he released his arms from around me; I undid his cuff buttons and peeled the shirt off his shoulders. As I had the shirt about halfway down his arms I stopped and used it to pin his arms tightly behind him, and as I nibbled at his nipples I murmured to him “Well if you want to visit Miriam one afternoon, that’s cool, perhaps I could let Alastair have his wicked way with me one day? He’s often promised me that I’d never forget it, that he could give me pleasures I’ve never dreamed of! Maybe I should give him his chance before he’s too old?” I giggled.

“OK”, said Pete, “just a one-off though, I don’t want to get into a big scene with them, Miriam is very attractive physically, but I don’t think we’ve enough in common with them to take it any further.”

I let go of his arms and he shrugged his shirt off, then he pulled me close, reached around and undid the clasp of my flimsy bra, but left it trapped between us as we danced. Then he asked, “I guess Alastair came on to you as usual tonight?”

“Oh, absolutely! I’d be disappointed now if he didn’t! While he was squeezing my bum with one hand and trying to grope my tit with the other, he whispered in my ear, told me that I was a brazen little minx who needed some stern discipline! I said something vague like ‘promises, promises!’ and then he pinched my bum quite hard and said that they would be fulfilled if only I gave him the opportunity!”

Pete chuckled; he slid his hands up my bare back, pushed me away from him a little and swept the straps of my bra off my shoulders. I had to do a little shimmy to make the light material fall from my moist skin. As he watched my breasts jiggling about Pete said “Well Alastair is right; you are a brazen little minx! Shall I ring them now? They were walking; they can only just be home.”

Pete strode to the phone and dialled, saying to me, “Perhaps you’d like to peel those stockings off very slowly while I talk to them?”

I was surprised by Pete’s sudden actions, but saw no reason not to comply, so while he waited a moment for an answer, I danced seductively around him, doing my best impression of a professional stripper.

“Oh hi, Alastair, Pete here. No, no, nothing wrong mate, we just thought we’d catch you before you went to bed. Listen, are you and Miriam doing anything a week tomorrow? No? That’s great, listen, you’re quite right about Jenny, she needs some discipline, I could bring her to you at 7pm, maybe leave her with you ’til midnight. I’m hoping Miriam will be happy to come and spend the evening with me?”

There was a pause, presumably while Alastair spoke with Miriam, by this time I had just peeled off my second stocking and was undoing my suspender belt, standing up close to Pete, my breasts nudging his bare chest as I swayed in time to the music. My nipples were frantically hard, aching for attention. Pete stroked my back with his free hand as he spoke again “Hello, oh hello Miriam, yes OK, that’s settled then, I’ll drive her to your doorstep at 7, bring you back here with me. Oh me too, Miriam, we’re both looking forward to it very much!”

Pete took me in his arms again and we resumed dancing, although I was trembling with excitement, partly at the thought of my coming adventure with Alastair but mostly at the feeling of my near naked body pressing and moving against Pete. He murmured in my ear again “Dance for me for a minute while I lose these clothes.”

As he removed his socks and undid his trousers, I slinked around the room, flaunting my trim little body for him; I cupped my breasts, lifting them, squeezing them together. I was impatient to be rid of my only remaining garment. As he stepped out of his pants and released his stiff cock I danced up close to him, undid the little side ties of the g-string, cast it aside and said “I want that cock inside me right now, mister!”

I put my arms round his neck and pulled him down onto me and into me. What a fantastic feeling! When you’ve held back for ages and got really excited and wet and then at last you feel his solid cock pushing your slippery fanny open and sliding in, and then he’s thrusting really hard and fast and I’m wrapping my legs round his bum and pushing back into him and we’re both grunting and panting and groping at each other, and in just a few seconds I’m coming, and I feel his whole body tighten and then he’s coming too, pushing and moaning and eventually subsiding in my arms.

Only as I came down from the orgasmic high did I start to realise what a bizarre ‘phone call I’d just heard. The penny finally dropped.

“You bastard!” I shouted as I started pummelling his chest with clenched fists, not knowing whether to laugh at myself or shout at Pete. “You had that all arranged already, didn’t you?” “Well…..” he began, smiling as he grabbed my wrists to save himself further injury, “we had made some tentative plans, but when you said you wanted to let Alastair have his wicked way, well, I saw no reason to delay! Don’t you want to go to spend an evening with Alastair then? We can always cancel.”

“You know very well I want to go, but just remember I owe you one wicked trick! I won’t forget! And by the way …”


“That was a fantastic fuck!”

We both started giggling, and hugged and laughed all the way to the bathroom, where a shower together soon had us ready for a second rather slower fuck in the comfort of bed.


“Have you made any progress towards seducing Maggie then?” Pete asked as he knelt beside the bath washing my back.

“Yes! Last week the gym was really busy, all the changing cubicles were in use when we arrived; when one came vacant I just grabbed Maggie’s hand and said ‘Come on, lets share, or we’ll be waiting ages.’ She didn’t argue or hesitate, so I mentally crossed my fingers and just started stripping off, trying to keep to half the cubicle to give her space. I thought she might wait until I’d changed, but no, she started stripping too! Oh God, Pete, I was so wound up! I tried not to stare and tried to stand clear of her as we changed, but honestly, she is so beautiful! Her tits are firm and she’s got lovely big dark nipples, and I swear they got a bit erect. As we changed our arms brushed together a few times, and once as I was bending to pull a sock off I lost my balance slightly and my bum pushed against her thigh, and she didn’t flinch away or anything, she put a steadying hand on my hip, on my naked skin! I swear she must have seen my nipples go hard! The atmosphere in that little cubicle was electric, I almost forgot my rule about taking things slowly, I wanted so much to just grab her and kiss her right then!”

“Wow” Pete said, as his soapy hands began sliding suggestively around on the outer edges of my breasts. “She’s not likely to be offended then, even if she says ‘no’ when you make a further move.”

“Oh, I already made a little bit more progress, that same day, after our aerobics, it was still busy, so we had to carry on using the one cubicle, I was fantasising about sharing the shower with her, I don’t know if it’s the same in the men’s changing rooms, but each cubicle has its own shower in the women’s area. I started to strip, and she stood and watched as I pulled my sweaty leotard off, then said she needed to go to the loo so I should use the shower first. Well I stayed in the shower for ages, but she didn’t reappear until I’d finished. She came back just as I’d got dry but hadn’t started dressing yet.

“I stood there in the nude while she looked quite candidly at me, then she headed into the shower and pulled the curtain shut before undressing. As I dressed she said ‘I wish my tits weren’t so small. I’d really like to have bigger ones like yours Jen.’ She sounded quite serious too.

“Without thinking I said ‘Maggie, love, your tits are gorgeous! They are firm and shapely, your nipples are lovely, and your tits will still be in the right place years after mine have drooped to my waist!’

“She was silent for a few moments, then she said ‘Thanks for the compliment Jen, but I think yours are nicer, just that bit fuller and more womanly, they’re beauti …’ she stopped suddenly as if she was embarrassed to complete the word, and when the shower stopped she reached out for her towel, wrapped it round herself before emerging. I was going to wait right there for her. But she said ‘See you in the coffee bar in a few minutes then?’ ”

Pete’s hands slid further around me, soaping my ribcage and then the undersides of my breasts, lifting them gently; sometimes he’ll do this for ages, teasing me until I beg him to touch my nipples. I carried on with my tale.

“So this week I was pleased to find the place really busy again, and once again we shared a cubicle, and she wasn’t at all shy while we changed, so I chanced it a bit; while we were both naked I reached past her to get my leotard from my bag, and I deliberately let my breast brush along her arm, she didn’t say anything, but I definitely sensed a reaction, I looked quite openly at her tits, and her nipples were hard, Pete, I mean really hard. I really wanted to touch, but I bravely decided to take things slowly.”

“After our session, we got back to the cubicle and she surprised me by saying ‘Help yourself to the shower Jen, Tony is picking me up in a few minutes and he particularly wants me hot and sweaty! I’ll see you soon!’, then she just grabbed all her stuff and walked off, smiling mysteriously.”

At last Pete’s hands slid up round my tits and rubbed my nipples, I sighed with pleasure. Pete showed no sign of tiring with my boobs, so I just let him carry on while I continued my tale.

“So there I was suddenly left in the lurch, my dream of a shared shower was shattered. I thought of having a coffee, thought of showering anyway, but finally I decided to just pull my tracksuit top on and drive home for a bath.

“So, I was only four or five minutes behind Maggie when I walked out to the car park. As I walked towards the car, I saw Tony’s car parked right beside it, right at the far side of the car park, in the shade under that row of trees. I had to get into the shade under the trees myself before I could see properly, but then I saw Tony, sitting in the driver’s seat, apparently with his eyes closed, head tipped back.

“I thought he was asleep, and was about to go and knock on the window, I wondered where Maggie had got to. Then I saw him move a bit, a big smile on his face, and then suddenly there’s Maggie, sitting up beside him, red in the face, pulling her leotard up.”

Pete’s gentle soapy massaging had gradually become more concentrated on my nipples; his hands stopped moving, he tweaked both my nipples firmly and asked “What? You reckon she’d given him a blow-job right there in the car-park in broad daylight?”

“I do. And she’d had her tits out for him to play with, all hot and sweaty like he’d asked, I felt really jealous; I wanted to play with them! But seriously, do you realise what this means?”

“Uh, sorry, what? I’m a bit preoccupied with tits myself at the moment!”

“Yes well, me too, and I hope it leads somewhere, but what I mean is that Tony’s a bit more adventurous than we thought! Maggie saw me getting into our car, but I don’t know if she realised that I’d seen her getting up from his lap.

“Next week when we’re changing I’m going to ask her about it, see how she reacts; it could be my opening to take things a bit further!”

Pete’s fingers were now pinching my nipples in a slow pulsing rhythm, really hard, just the way I like it if he works up to it slowly as now, verging on painful, incredibly arousing. Then he had to continue on one nipple only as he slid an arm round me and lifted me from my sitting position until I was standing up in the bath, my arms draped round his shoulders as he kissed me. His shirt was getting all wet and soapy, but he didn’t seem to mind at all; he continued the relentless rhythmic pinching of my nipple and slid his other hand down into my groin, parting my labia with gentle fingers.

Finding the way already very lubricated, he slid two fingers into me; I was close to coming and he knew it, the fingers in my fanny and the pinching fingers at my nipple worked in irresistible harmony. I clung to him as my legs began to go weak. When his fingers slipped out of my fanny and started gently circling my clitoris I was over the edge in a few seconds, trembling and sighing with pleasure.

He lowered me gently back into the warm water, rinsing my sensitive tits carefully. Then he asked casually “Are you ever going to tell me about your adventure with Alastair, then?” “One day,” I replied vaguely, “I’ll use it to arouse you one day, and you can tell me about Miriam one day too, but not yet.”


“Enjoy your aerobics today love?” Pete asked as we pottered around the kitchen, putting together a rather late supper.

“I was going to tell you about that! I never did any today, I met Maggie as usual in the car park but she asked if we could skip the session and go for a drink somewhere so we could talk. I was well curious, so we went to the King’s Head and had a good long chat over a few spritzers.”

“Sounds fascinating,” mused Pete as he tried to fish a bit of eggshell out of the frying pan, “did you talk about the famous sweaty blow job?”

We both giggled and I answered “Well yes, among other things! Maggie took me by surprise again, she’s got the situation sussed completely, she knows what we’re after and she’s all for it, but Tony is really reluctant. He seems to believe that if they were to join us in a bit of fun sex then it would undermine their feelings for each other and devalue their relationship. He thinks it would be an insult to Maggie if he were to fuck me, although she has got him to admit that he fancies me, there’s a start!”

“Hang on,” asked Pete, “he doesn’t want to insult Maggie by fucking you, okay, but didn’t he say anything about Maggie insulting him by wanting to fuck me?”

“Well she wants to fuck both of us actually! But no, that’s the weird bit, he’s quite happy to give Maggie the freedom that he won’t claim for himself, I think he’s a bit frightened by it all actually.”

Pete frowned, looked at me rather dubiously and said “No, I think guilty rather than frightened. I bet he feels that by letting Maggie go first, as it were, he can then join in without guilt. That’s a cop-out because it puts the decision and the responsibility entirely on her. Is Maggie coming to see us soon then?”

Pete’s optimistic smile faded as I explained “No, that’s the complicating factor, she won’t let him force her into that position, she wants to play, but only if they both agree and both take the plunge at the same time. I can see her point, that way no-one has any cause to feel guilt or resentment.”

As we ate our supper, Pete asked “Should I try to have a word with Tony then? Try to convince him?”

I pulled a disapproving face and said “No! If you see him don’t bring the subject up, he’ll just feel pressured. If he asks about it then obviously you’ll have to play it by ear, but I think I’ve had an idea. I think that we just have to make him think about what he’s missing; maybe his desire will overcome his scruples! Leave it to me and Maggie for a while.”

As we stood doing the washing-up Pete took me in his arms and said “I don’t know how anyone could resist the chance to make love with you, Tony’s an idiot.” His hands began wriggling under my clothing.

“Let’s finish the dishes tomorrow.” I said as I unzipped his trousers.


“Hello Jen love, how did it go then?” Pete asked gently as he arrived home. This was the most awkward moment of the whole business, when neither of us knew what to say, whether it had been good for each other or not.

I smiled at him and took his hands in mine as I answered “Well, pretty good I guess, and you?”

“Uh, yeah, pretty good, and Maggie said she wanted to do it again, so I suppose it was okay for her too.”

“Tony seemed to enjoy himself; he’s a bit cautious though, seemed to think I might break!” I held my arms open and Pete stepped towards me, embracing me gently, he was quiet a moment, then said “That would explain it then”.

“Explain what.”

“Maggie wanted me to be really rough, throw her around a bit, ‘use me like a rag doll’ were her own words; I guess Tony’s always gentle.”

“Certainly was with me, it was nice, but if he’s like that all the time I can see why Maggie fancied a change!”

I hugged Pete hard, pressing us tightly together and continued “Did she show you anything new?”

“Not really, she’s a natural at strip-tease though!”

“I see, better than … sorry, sorry, sorry, I won’t ask.”

Pete laughed and said, “She’s very good, also very different to you, no comparison is possible! Would you … I mean … um, do we all want to do it again or what?”

“I want Maggie too, if you remember, I think the next step is to give Tony a two-girl treat.”

“Why him first? Why not me?”

“Because you’re a big boy and you can cope with it! And you’ll get your turn soon enough as you very well know, so don’t be silly.”

I broke our embrace and took Pete’s hand, “Come on love, let’s get a bath and go to bed.”

“Hang on a moment, you still haven’t told me how you got Tony to change his mind, you said you’d tell me today.”

“Oh that, yes alright then, I’ll tell you while you wash my back.”

As Pete soaped and rinsed I explained it all to him. “You remember the case of the sweaty blow job?”

“Of course.”

“Last week Maggie and I cooked up a little deception that seemed to do the trick. Tony was waiting in the car for her as usual, but she didn’t go out to him, I did, all hot and red and damp with sweat, a little exaggerated with some carefully applied baby oil, my hair stuck to my neck and down my chest. The very epitome of hot and sweaty! And you know, my leotard really is very revealing, especially if I adjust it so my tits are nearly popping out.

“He was surprised of course, asked where Maggie was, and that’s when I told our little white lie, I told him that she was delayed for a few minutes helping another woman who’d fallen from the exercise bars and broken her arm. Well Maggie is actually a First-Aider, so it was quite believable.

“I got into the passenger seat and told him that Maggie wouldn’t be out until the Ambulance arrived. Picture the scene; he’s all horny because he’d been expecting Maggie and a blow-job, then I turn up, looking just like he likes best, I’m already on his mind because Maggie has been talking about the possibility of swinging with us. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I calculated that he would be thinking just the one predictable thing!”

“Damn right!” agreed Pete, continuing to wash me. “So he let you give him a blow-job? That’s what changed his mind?”

“Don’t be silly darling, we had to let him be the one who thought it over and changed his mind. He told Maggie later that day that he’d decided to give it a go with us.”

“So what did happen in the car? Did you just sit looking desirable?”

“No, I ate my banana, rather slowly, and a bit accidentally dropped into my cleavage, it took ages to get out. Then Maggie came out, and I went to our car, I guess his blow-job didn’t take too long that day!”

© 2004 Chris Skilbeck. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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