Home is the Place

Erica skimmed the border between wakefulness and sleep, slowly emerging from a mellow, cradling fog of serenity. She rolled onto her side and laid her cheek upon her bedmate’s back. She began to kiss her way along the subtle hillocks of vertebrae. Such delicious skin, so soft—so sweet. So—soft?

Erica slowly opened one eye, then raised her head above the flawless expanse of Rachel’s naked back.

Oh, shit! Oh-shit-oh-shit-oh-shit!

The mellow sensation of near-wakefulness evaporated, and in an instant confusion and anxiety poured into the void.

Rachel wiggled, indicating she wanted more attention, then whined softly, like a hungry kitten mewing for nourishment.

She wiggled again. Erica leaned over—this time hesitantly—and planted two swift butterfly kisses.

The knock on the bedroom door startled her. Outside Rob called, “Rachel? Are you awake?”

The door opened before Erica could react. Rob poked his head in and began, “Erica’s not home, did she …”

His sentence fell right off the cliff of his abject embarrassment as he saw Erica frantically yank the bedclothes to cover her own nakedness.

“Ooops! Ah—sorry.” He retreated and closed the door behind him.

A minute later, Erica emerged from Rachel’s room tying the belt around a terrycloth robe. Rob sat on the couch looking up at her. His face was as red as hers.

“Erica—I’m sorry, I really am. I didn’t mean to …”

“Shhh, it’s all right.”

“I—I just—I was worried when I saw your bed hadn’t been slept in.”

Erica sat on the plush recliner opposite Rob. She felt she should explain herself, but she wasn’t clear what she had to explain.

“Jesus, Rob …”

“I had no idea—I mean, about you and Rachel.”

You had no idea? I had no idea.”

He shook his head and chuckled. “That fits right in with they way my luck runs. I room with two beautiful women for a year—all platonic—and they turn out to be lesbians.”

“I’m not a lesbian,” Erica said.

Rob looked at her as if she’d pronounced herself the queen of Russia. She left the recliner and next to him on the couch.

“Rob, I didn’t mean to—I mean—oh, let me just tell you what happened.”

He dumbly nodded his head.

“I didn’t get the part. They called me back three times and I thought I had it, but yesterday they said I wasn’t quite the right ‘type’. Whatever the fuck that means—they never explain.”

“I’m sorry, Erica. I know how hard you worked for it.”

“Yeah, well, I felt like someone kicked the wind out of me. I walked all the way home, then I just wanted to come upstairs and cry my eyes out. Rachel had just gotten off the phone with her mom when I walked in. I didn’t know what they were talking about, but Rachel just burst into tears when she saw me.”

Rob nodded again.

“We both ended up right here on the couch. I told her about my day, and she told me how her mom has been giving her grief—something about her cousin’s bar mitzvah or something. We started drinking wine and we were hugging each other. Then—I don’t know—we started kissing. Just little sisterly kisses on the cheek like we were comforting each other, that’s all. But then we were lip-kissing, then French kissing, then we were taking each other’s tops off and licking each other’s boobs and nipples, and my hand slid into her jeans—Jesus, I just needed a hug, you know?”

Rob tried to respond, but the best he could offer was a hoarse, “Christ!”

His hand moved of its own accord to his crotch and squeezed the bulge there. Erica followed the movement with her eye and her mouth fell open.

“Oh—oh, Rob, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to … get you …”

“Huh?” He realized what he was doing and withdrew his hand like he’d scalded it.

Erica tried to steer toward another subject—any subject. “How come you’re home? I thought you were staying at Angela’s parents’ place for the weekend.”

“Angela and I are history.”

“What? Rachel and I thought for sure you were going to give her a ring. What happened?”

Rob’s shoulders sagged and a sigh escaped him that Erica thought would go on forever.

“I didn’t get that promotion—the one I worked my ass off for. They gave the job to some girl just out of college.”

“Oh, Rob, that sucks. Why?”

“She’s the VP’s niece, that’s why. Anyway, talk about feeling like you’ve had the crap kicked out of you; I told Angela. Brother, I needed a hug too. Instead she lectured me about how I don’t stand up for myself; that I should have demanded the job. So I told her that would have gotten me tossed out on my ass—and fuck them anyway, I’ll be looking for another job.”

“What she say?”

“She began bitching that I’d have to start all over and she couldn’t waste her time.”


“Yeah, and then she didn’t even have the class to give me the heave in person. She had her daddy do it. The next morning he says to me that his daughter was brought up to expect certain things in life and it looked like I wasn’t the man to provide them.”

“Oh, Rob, that’s terrible.”

“I wanted to tell him his daughter was a mercenary cunt, but I just got my stuff and left. Fucking good riddance.”

He shook his head; his dark brown hair fell over his eyes.

Erica took his hand and held it in her lap. “Still wanna hug?”

He smiled and nodded, and she closed her arms around him.

They held each other for a long time. Both sensed neither was in a hurry to let go. He whispered, “I was really worried when I looked in on you and you weren’t in your bed.”

Erica eased her embrace and smiled. “You ‘look in’ on me?”

“Well, yeah, you and Rachel. I can’t get to sleep unless I do. I guess I sound like a mother hen, huh?”

Erica smiled, “That’s sweet. I had no idea. Angela’s an asshole.”

She kissed him then, full on the lips, and his tongue sought hers. They broke their kiss and Rob said, “But—but what about Rachel?”

Erica kissed him again, and his hands found their way under her robe. Her body was wonderfully warm and supple. His jeans felt tighter. Erica shimmied the robe off her shoulders and pulled his head down to her small, pink-flushed breasts.

He kissed around her areolas then took a nipple in his mouth as her hands closed over his head, pulling him gently but insistently down her chest.

He kissed his way down her belly as she slid beneath him, and she cried out a breathy moan when he licked her belly button. Continuing his journey, his nose ruffled her red down and then his tongue laved her puffy lips. Erica squirmed and whimpered.

Rob slid off the couch and onto his knees to get better access to her pussy. He made love to it with his lips, teeth and tongue, swirling circles around her clit as it emerged from its viscous sheath. She came as he French-kissed her cunt, and her eyes rolled back as the mellow fog cradled her again.

Rob sat back on his heels and massaged her thighs, letting her come down easy. She licked her lips, her eyes closed; and Rob smiled, loving the sight of her.

He turned and sat back on the couch, holding Erica’s legs in his lap, squeezing and massaging her feet.

Neither noticed Rachel until she spoke.

“Hey, can I have some of that too?”

Erica’s eyes snapped open. Rob looked up at Rachel as she shrugged off her white cotton robe and shook out her long black hair. Her body was as pale as cream. Pink nipples rose and fell with each breath.

She stepped toward him, then kneeled. She deftly opened his trousers, and looked up at him with large, dark liquid eyes.

“Did Erica tell you?” she said. “I had a really bad day.”

“So did I,” Rob replied, his voice hoarse again.

“So did I,” Erica added. She kneeled beside Rachel, closed her arms around her friend and kissed the back of her neck. Rachel kneaded Rob’s cock in her hands then closed her mouth over its purplish helmet. Rob gasped and flung his head back. He closed his hands behind Rachel’s head, lacing his fingers through her hair.

Erica kneeled behind her friend, closed one arm around her belly and leaned forward, pressing her breasts against Rachel’s back. She slid her right hand beneath her ass and found her folds. She teasingly fingered Rachel’s pussy, remotely controlling the pace at which she sucked Rob’s cock.

He let out a yell, and Rachel gulped the flood of come. Her own body reverberated from an orgasm Erica gave her. Rachel released Rob’s cock. Erica cupped her chin, and turned her head to kiss her.

Rachel closed her eyes as Erica gently licked the residue of Rob’s fluids from her lips.

“Holy shit!” Rob groaned.

“Yeah,” Erica nodded.

“Ohhh, yeah,” Rachel added.

Goosebumps covered Rachel’s back. “I’m chilly.”

“Yeah, me too,” Erica said.

“Me three,” Rob nodded. “Let’s go to bed”

“Yup, lets,” Erica agreed, shivering.

“Good idea,” Rachel concurred. “We can sort all this out later.”

Rachel herded her friends back toward her bedroom. “God, I love you guys,” she said.

© 2004 Robert Buckley. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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