This is my first time
With a foreigner, he says.
But it isn’t mine….

Donna George Storey — 2012

* * * * *

warm as sun, your smile
opens me like a flower
in the morning light

Olivia Summersweet © 2012

* * * * *

Rode her like a pro:
old woman, girly –
rent paid

Steve Isaak © 2012

* * * * *

enjoying her scent
he masturbates in her shower
steals panties

Rachel Green © 2012

* * * * *

Two naked bodies
Intertwined twixt midnight sheets
Slick silvered shadows

After the climax:
Glossy flesh lacquered with sweat
Heartbeats race-racing

Ashley Lister — 2012

* * * * *

Almost audible,
sunrise unlocks the new day.
So she does to me.

I love engaging
her weapon-grade intellect
but prefer fucking

Conversation is
overrated when bodies
can speak well enough.

Ass raised and shaking
pinned down and fucked the wrong way
he knows I want it.

To break you open
is for one purpose only;
to bind you with me.

When you stretch, catlike
arms forward, back arched, ass up
I can’t not want you.

I’m warning you now
I’m quite a messy eater;
open your legs wide

Knowing who I am
and all I have planned for you
and you still say “Yes”

Sometimes I need to
get it out of my system
(and deep into you)

Don’t blossom for me.
Pick another metaphor.
I don’t fuck flowers.

no picking needed
unlock me at your pleasure
you have all my keys

Eating a creme egg
I bought on the way to work
pretending it’s you.

Feline aloofness
is all just a ruse so they
can watch you naked.

I want to leave marks
that can’t fade from your body;
marks on the inside.

Raziel Moore — 2012

* * * * *

Boston Rendezvous: Haiku Cycle To GCS

discipline of words.
haiku flowers in its bonds,
a grace in restraint.

safe sex: unopened
condom box on the table.
we swim the shallows.

pain and pleasure twine.
I do not understand but
only laugh, obey.

outside the portal
your flesh trembles, hesitates;
still, that gate is yours.

I am truly glad
you are not in love with me;
I would break your heart.

candle in the night.
still we burn and yearn and dream,
forever lovers.

Lisabet Sarai — 2012

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