Future Plans

Tomorrow morning, I’m gonna take Betty to the diner and show her off. Betty’s gonna walk into that dive with the biggest shit-eating grin a girl has ever worn. She’s gonna glow and all the guys are gonna see she’s still wearing last night’s clothes.

Then the guys are gonna look at me and they’ll know. Their eyes will go wide. They’re gonna eat their hearts out, knowing that I, Jimmy Malone, nailed Betty. They’ll hate that I gave her the best night of her life and left her screaming for more.

Betty’ll just sit there and do that little giggle she does. She’ll blush and flutter her eyes. Her chest, with those amazing melons, will heave with desire as she remembers how great I was. She’ll beg me for another night, calling me the most amazing lover she’s ever had.

So when the waitress brings the coffee, she’ll give me one of those appraising looks. She’ll linger nearby, eavesdropping. She’ll hear Betty talking about my amazing cock. When the waitress leaves the check, her number will be on it.

Yeah, it’ll be all incredible.

Just as soon as I work up the nerve to ask Betty out.

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