El Padron

Serena smoked contentedly, enjoying the view of city lights shining in the distance. She was sitting on the balcony of the L.A. Cigar Club watching smoke streams drift away on the cool, evening breeze. The height of the 6th floor balcony muted the traffic noises, and in the semi-darkness, the atmosphere was peaceful and intimate. There was only one other club member outside this evening. Everyone else was inside, alternately cheering and cursing the Lakers’ performance.

Serena felt her companion occasionally studying her, but to his credit, he kept his silence. For Serena, cigar smoking was a relaxing, almost meditative, experience. There were few things worse than having a good smoke compromised by inane chatter. Particularly, she thought, the kind of chatter that began with, “You know what they say about women who smoke cigars?” She’d heard that line too many times to count.

According to them, women who smoke cigars give good head. Serena considered the idea for a moment. She did enjoy the act and maybe skill evolved from that pleasure. She loved the hard heat of a man in her hands and those harsh grunts of pleasure from men who couldn’t bring themselves to scream out loud. Serena felt a curl of excitement in her belly.

She picked up her cigar and licked-kissed the tip as if it were a penis. Even though she smoked rather thick cigars, cigars still were not as large as any penis she’d had the pleasure of meeting. She puffed softly, imagining that she held an erection instead of a hand-rolled Padron. Serena looked at her balcony companion, sitting at the table nearest hers, and imagined tasting him. The tactile pleasure of the cigar and her lascivious thoughts made heat spiral up from her belly and out to her nipples.

Serena had noticed the man a few times around the club but they’d never met. He was tall, with a pleasantly square face and a hard, lean body. One well-shaped hand cradled a brandy glass. She could easily imagine his large hands holding her hips while she rode him, playing cowgirl to his stallion.

Serena smiled and reigned in her wayward thoughts. Then again, she thought, why resist when I could go over there and sample him? That way we could experiment and provide some real information on the issue of women and cigars.

She placed her cigar in the ashtray and turned to her smoking companion. “Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt your smoke but I was wondering — have you heard the saying that women who smoke cigars give good head?”

An unchecked smile bloomed on his face. “Actually, I have heard that,” he said carefully.

Serena stood and pulled a cushion from an empty chair. She leisurely walked to the man and dropped the cushion on the floor between his knees. “We have enough privacy out here, if you would like to experiment.” She knelt on the cushion and placed her hands on his knees, stroking his legs. “And I won’t bite — unless you ask me to,” she smiled.

The man let out a nervous chuckle and obligingly opened his pants, pushing them past his hips. “Anything for science,” he murmured.

Serena bent her face to his lap. He was wearing colorful silk boxers. “Oh, lovely,” she said nuzzling her face against the warm silk. “Are you ready?”

His answer became a slowly indrawn breath when her lips found his sex and gently vacuumed him into her mouth. She savored the semi-erect feeling of him, rolling him around her tongue like a mouthful of luscious chocolate.

The man reached down and unbuttoned her shirt, exposing the scrap of silk and lace that was her bra. He kneaded her breasts, pressing her nipples through the lace. His penis grew in her mouth and she sucked harder. She swirled her tongue around the head, enjoying the groans she heard with every stroke.

“Oh, yes,” he whispered harshly. He grew even harder when Serena used her hands and lips up and down, over the full length of him. He felt like steel and Serena felt her own excitement begin to flow. She pushed her breasts harder into his hands.

Using her mouth and hands with gusto, she worked him relentlessly and pressed her tongue into the sweet spot on the underside of his stick. She heard him roughly pull air into his lungs and reflexively squeeze her breasts harder. Every sound from him pushed Serena higher.

“Goddamn!” The word exploded from his mouth and he gripped her head. Serena felt come pulsing against the back of her throat. She swallowed and swallowed, carefully draining him. Her body thrummed with unreleased desire. Finally, Serena stood, made her way back to her chair and dropped onto the padded seat.

She took a sip of her Armagnac. The brandy’s warm, earthy flavor richly complimented the taste her companion. “Yummy.”

“Woman,” the man said precisely, “that was incredible!” He tilted his head to the back of his chair, holding his cigar between his teeth. “As far as that saying goes, you’ve made a believer out of me!”

They both laughed. Serena closed her eyes and took three deep draws on her cigar, bringing it back to life. She smiled to herself enjoying the aftermath and the increased sensitivity of her still aroused body. They puffed contentedly in silence.

“Miss?” Serena opened her eyes to see the man standing before her with the cushion in one hand. “Do you suppose the same thing is true for men who smoke cigars?”

Serena grinned and languidly parted her legs. “I’m willing to experiment.”

© 2005 Akosei. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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