Eat Your Veggies

Eric ‘Otter’ Stratton: “I think vegetables can be very sensuous, don’t you?”
Marion Wormer: “No, vegetables are sensual. People are sensuous.”
Eric ‘Otter’ Stratton: “Right. Sensual. That’s what I meant.”
—From 1978’s Animal House

I dutifully followed Lisa up beverages and down condiments, absentmindedly pushing the grocery cart as I paid more attention to her ass than to anything else. I would stop as she looked something over, wait for her to toss it into the cart, or not, and then continue my fascination with her derriere. She carried it and herself with a sass that was, well, fascinating, at least to me. Sometimes Lisa would look back, catch me eyeing her and flash me a grin or, if I was really lucky, a leer, which meant that we would do it as soon as we got home, on the kitchen table, or the rug or any place that struck our fancy.

I followed Lisa into fresh produce, watching contentedly as she selected various fruits and vegetables. She put five or six carrots into a plastic bag, picked out one in particular and then flashed me a leer that would’ve melted ol’ Beelzebub himself.

“This is just like yours,” she whispered, gripping the carrot in her fist and then rolling it between her thumb and forefinger, “length…girth.” She slid it slowly into her mouth.

I stifled a groan.

Lisa grinned.

I followed her through dairy and canned goods, trying not to whimper as she sucked on the carrot and slowly rolled it around in her mouth. I leaned forward onto the cart’s handlebar in a vain effort to hide my hard-on. Lisa turned around once; her eyes going straight to my crotch. She just smiled, obviously enjoying my predicament.

When we got to fresh meats, Lisa stopped abruptly and removed the carrot. “I almost forgot. There’s a sale on jeans. You could use a new pair. Go; scoot.”

I nodded and headed upstairs to men’s apparel. All jeans were 25% off. I rooted around, found a pair of Levi’s, and went into the changing room. I hung them up and had just dropped my shorts when Lisa barreled into the little room, with the carrot still in her mouth, and shut the door.

“This can wait,” she said, taking out the carrot and grabbing my still erect cock, “This can’t. Don’t worry, I gave the attendant a twenty.” She kissed me, knelt and took me in her mouth. Lisa can give a long, slow blowjob that has me writhing. This was not one of those; this was a blitz. She went right to work, going up and down, sucking and licking at a furious pace. Suddenly, she clamped down with her lips, swallowing as I gnashed my teeth and exploded down her throat, releasing me only when she had sucked me completely dry. I slumped against the wall, a million miles away.

Lisa stood up and looked at the jeans. “Mm, they look good; can’t wait to peel ’em off you. See you at the car.” She kissed me on the cheek and left.

I tried on the jeans; they fit fine. The attendant smiled at me as I left the changing room. I blushed and broke into a dopey grin; she just laughed.


I followed Lisa through the supermarket again, happily fixated on her derriere. I followed her into fresh produce and stopped. Lisa watched as I went over to the mushrooms, put five or six into a bag and picked out one tiny, perfect, button mushroom.

“This is just like yours,” I whispered, rolling the slightly curved stem between my thumb and forefinger, “size…shape.” I flicked my tongue over the cap.

Lisa gulped and flexed her thighs against each other.

I grinned.

“Um, there’s a special on women’s jeans this week,” she mumbled, “I, uh, I’m gonna go try some on.” She headed upstairs to women’s apparel.

I fished in my wallet for a twenty.

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