Daisy’s Chain

This story is about Daisy and her boyfriend, Bernie. They are fairly average souls except that they are emerging closet spankos. They are at the Green Acres Mall in Long Island; they are shopping in Macy’s. Daisy is hunting for blouses and skirts to make multiple outfits. She has been pouring over multiple racks of both. Bernie has become hypnotized by the lace panties on the ass of a machete dummy in lingerie. He gets bored in stores, and like most guys, he is mesmerized by the undulating motion of the female bottom.

Daisy does not so much worry about his mannequin’s butt fixation; it’s the fact that he wanders off when told not to do so. It wastes her time and distracts her. Besides, she gets a charge out of controlling him.

In Bernie’s defense, he does not turn and gape at the genuine article in motion as some men do (especially Hispanics and blacks tsk tsk), but she can almost always sense his radar sweeping the seats of the girls around him. It’s a guy thing. So she can hardly give time to complaining about ogling a dummy’s behind.

She is annoyed that he disappears over and over again when she has told him to stay nearby. For thousands upon thousands of centuries, little boys have been wandering off to look at the veloci-raptors or the colorful baboon butts, while their female guardians and companions, dommes and darlings have been trying to find some empty skulls in the bone heap to use as dishware.

This time she finds Bernie after wasting five full minutes and says, “I am going to take you out to the car and spank you.” This is a very good threat as it is completely possible to carry out. Bernie knows she means it. So when she takes his hand, he knows they are going to the backseat of the car where he is going to go over her knee and her hairbrush is going to be applied to his bottom. She grabs his hand and tugs him toward the exit. He is a little confused and very excited. He starts to notice a shapely bottom passing by them and decides he better not get caught right now.

As they march toward the car, Bernie knows that begging is a dangerous waste of time because he has already wasted Daisy’s time and she does not like that at all. Reasoning will get him into an argument that he will lose.

She will counter the potential embarrassment of a bare bottom spanking in a parking lot with the potential embarrassment for her of finding him with his brain pressed to the ass of a dummy.

Besides, both Daisy and Bernie are absolutely sure that the dummy’s behind could never come close to Daisy’s in its appeal to Bernie. He never misses an opportunity to worship her ass in as much detail as possible. She has only recently started spanking him, but he cannot help finding unconscious little ways to get her to do it again. She has no trouble obliging. They get along better too. They had not realized they were spankos before knowing each others.

A problem arises when the couple gets to Bernie’s new Saturn in the mall parking lot. The back seat is far too small to spank him in there. Daisy has him move the car to a corner of the vast lot. Then, leaving the rear door open, she bares Bernie’s rear and spanks him until he is sobbing into his new upholstery.

Naturally, Daisy wants to be eaten for her trouble, and Bernie is more than gratefully willing to oblige. He is crazy to lick her pussy by now.

But there is really no room for that comfortably unless he is almost completely out of the car kneeling on the pavement. She has to wait until they get back to her place and that is very annoying. Another spanking follows and then his mouth settles down to easing her tensions. She still has not found the blouse she wanted.

So the Saturn has to go. Bernie is no car stud, but he can see that room is required on a more lavish scale. He goes out on a cold, wet Tuesday evening to hunt for a trade in. He considers a Hummer, but the payments are too bizarre and the parking would be a nightmare. He returns to Daisy’s home having picked up her dry cleaning in a soaking rain. He is somewhat discouraged.

Daisy asks, “Did you get a new car?” as he comes in the door. He shakes his head, and says, “No” in a tone that is a little dejected and more than a little grumpy. He pushes the dry cleaning with its wet plastic covering into her hand. The water on the plastic gets on her cashmere sweater and skirt.

“Here’s your dry cleaning,” he says in a moody voice and plumps down on the sofa in his wet clothes. He sulks and as a result fails to notice the lovely cream colored patterned stockings she is wearing just for him.

Daisy is sweet, funny, and very cute but, she has very high standards. She is bright and insightful. She always makes an effort where Bernie is concerned to be understanding and intuitive. However, she grew up in Great Neck where decorum is a must. She is a bit of a princess and is not at all used to being told “No.” Grumpy adds considerably to her displeasure. She takes off her sweater, skirt and slip laying them on a rack to dry evenly. Then she walks very slowly to a place right in front of Bernie in her bra, panties, stockings and shoes. She starts to discuss his attitude in a calm voice.

Within fifteen minutes, Bernie is getting a very hard spanking. He is pleading and yelping as tears roll down his cheeks. His other cheeks commence to roast under her attentions. Satisfied that his attitude has been adjusted, she hugs him gently and tells him to get a new car as soon as possible.

Bernie is aware that this will just lead to a lot more spankings but on the other hand, pleasing Daisy is what he loves to do most.

“Something roomy, but no vans,” she says. “Vans are gauche.”

“… and hard to park,” he mutters.

“What was that?” she asks a little sternly, “are you being fresh?”

Bernie, who is still rubbing his very sore bottom says very softly that he is not and for once successfully diverts her by kneeling in front of her pussy and kissing it. Then he gently fucks her in the ass. It’s a cozy evening.

He winds up with a Navigator which is also hard to park but not as gaudy as an Escalade or as humdrum as an Expedition. It costs less than a Range Rover and it is better looking than a Blazer.

The name Blazer did seem to fit the car’s future function but he goes for the Mercury style, darkly tinted windows and highly adjustable seating with lots of drink cups and speakers. Spanking him makes Daisy thirsty and he figures a heavy sound system with lots of bass could drown out the smacking.

The seats fold up, down, around and over each other in so many combinations that she could paddle him for weeks and never run out of new ideas. He in turn will have plenty of room and climate control to comfortably settle his face into her cunt.

The balloon payment will be robbery, but what can you do? He also gets the mag wheels for the fun of it.

When it is finally delivered six weeks later, Daisy is so delighted that her panties quickly become sopping wet. The color he has picked is a lovely dark shade of green that sets off her eyes. He is always losing himself in her eyes. The upholstery is buttery but commandingly firm. She soon has an excellent mastery of how the furniture can be arranged by Bernie depending on her inclination to give him this or that sort of spanking.

That weekend at Macy’s, Daisy has just found a pair of flattering slacks that snuggle between the cheeks of her bottom when she notices that Bernie the Brat is missing. She had to go back to the dressing room to change again and then locate him before she could pay for the slacks. That is another delay in finding a suitable blouse and shoes to go with.

Whenever Daisy needs to remember Bernie’s misdeeds, she produces a tiny book with a silver cover from between her breasts. In it she keeps a list of brief, specific entries. They are the outstanding, unanswered demerits Bernie has earned while they waited for the Navigator to be delivered.

She keeps the book on her person somewhere at all times, and it bears the scent of her feminine warmth. Needless to say, the little book came out during her trip to the dressing room.

Once found, Bernie is sheepish about wandering off to study a long rack of pastel thongs. Daisy says nothing. She sighs, taps her toe briefly in her nice suede boots and crooks a finger at him to come.

She takes him gently by the hand and says, “I think I’ll pay for the slacks. We are going to the car, Bernard, and I think you know that we are going to be there for a long, long time.” While they wait in line, she studies the tiny book and murmurs, “Oh yeeeessssssss, I forgot about that … and that … and that was even worse.”

Bernie’s bottom tingles so much it itches, but she gently slaps his hand away when he starts to scratch. His bottom is hers for the rest of the afternoon.

© 2005 Cervo. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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