Debbie stretched, relishing having a huge bed all to herself. The fine cotton sheets felt lovely against her skin.

I did it. I picked up a man in the bar last night and we had hot, rampant wild sex in my room.

She sat up and looked around. There was the dressing table. The one I leaned on when he fucked me from behind.

She got up and walked across the soft, warm carpet. That tickled my back when we fucked on the floor.

She showered, dressed and put on her make-up. She looked at her reflection. Does he still have my lipstick on his cock?

She packed her small overnight shoulderbag. He slid these panties down my legs while I leaned against the door.

She found a fat envelope in her handbag and opened it. He’s given me cash? Four hundred! I’m so having a shopping spree today.

Debbie looked at her watch. Breakfast, then check out.

There was an envelope taped to the inside of the door, addressed in a familiar hand. Inside was a birthday card. “Loved your fantasy, hope you did too. Have fun shopping. See you tonight.”

Just wait until our anniversary, you sexy beast.

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