Candyboxes (for Roberto)


sugarslick from lapping
at her candycolored center

the subtle tryst of their sheets
kiss-quenched, drenched
those lovers, these beds

those hands around her heart
thighs opening, openingwinging winged flight
fingers upriver
the uber quest to fuck while dancing
deliciously like candy
tongue reaches/splitpeach tremble

can’t answer anymore
when he comes slipping ’round
in a sliding silvery quest
too much cinderella ash
flim flambe the air
between us
don’t try to call, don’t leave that number

catch me later on my cell, or in it
ash of those days
the beds we made up bending
his prick full and swell
the delicate flamenco of his tongue
in fondant, and mine
wrapped around a bon bon
or merely tripping
in the sanguine air seaside
at the salt lick

he was debonair in silver
and all his slicked-sided wanting
the round baldness of the need
or the urges on the tongue
where I quivered poised

that’s how they dip and mark you
one by one
box you deluxe and stranded

in the end
always the thrill of the hunt
for that perfect one, the darkest
deep raspberry center quivering
slips past her lips
so silkily
just candyboys
in their paper cups

© 2004 by Valentina Bonnaire. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Bio: Valentina~ Bonnaire is a member of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association.

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