Androids Behaving Badly

That thing turned off? Well, if it ain’t, it’s your ass and I mean that literally. Off? Good. Yeah, that’s right, I worked for Android Entertainment, Inc. back in the days after Friendship Church vs. Halliday. What was it like? It was fucking great. It was also great fucking but that’s beside the point. Actually, I guess it isn’t. Hell, that was the point.

See, when the board at Friendship found out that the good pastor had been boning someone other than Mrs. Halliday, they claimed he had violated the no-adultery clause in his contract and fired his ass. He sued for wrongful dismissal and claimed that since his boning partner was in fact an android, i.e. not human, no adultery had occurred. The Supremes ruled 8-1 in his favor and boo-ya, the floodgates were open.

The android companies started vying with each other to see who could offer what, you know, the latest features and shit. Huh? Were the androids life-like? Down to the last drop, my friend. They could make one of you and your own mother couldn’t tell you apart. Don’t get me started on clients and their mothers; I could tell you some stories. Maybe next time. What? Hell, if you could pay to play, the gutter was the limit. Kink and fetish, guaranteed disease free, of course, had a halliday. Yeah, that’s an inside joke. You name it, if you had the dough, you could do it.

And as head of security at Android Entertainment, I was there to watch (and record) it all…

* * * * *

Mark Edwards stood naked in a perfect replica of the circa 2011 bedroom in which he and Julia, the future Mrs. Edwards, had first done it. An android replica of Julia, as she had been then, also naked, lay inert on the bed.

“Bank transfer of $20,000 has been verified,” the voiceover said, “Call name of model to activate neural net and begin.”

“Thank you,” Edwards called out. “Julia!” he barked.

‘Julia’ opened her eyes and sat up. “Hello Mark.” She looked around the room and then at herself. “Still into retro-chic I see.” She focused on his erect cock. “Ah. Does it bother you that much?”

“That I wasn’t your first? Yes.”


“Because you always belong to your first.”


“The first man to go inside you, to take you, owns you.”


“Because a cock is power. I wanted to be the first to gore you with one.”

“God, you’re subtle. It’s that simple?”



“Shit, you’re just like her; too fucking bossy.”

“Have them fix me next time…”

Mark grunted in approval.

“…but for now, explain yourself.”

“Sticking you is only half of it.”

“And the other half?”

“Coming inside you; leaving my calling card.”

“‘Mark was here’?”

“‘Mark is here’, forever.”

“And I can’t resist you?”

“Ha, you love it.”

“You’re such a prick.”

“Yeah, well.”

“I wonder…”

“No more talking!”

Julia smiled. “Come here then.”

Mark climbed onto the bed and sat next to Julia. He opened his mouth to tongue her breasts but she spun away, pushed him flat on the bed and knelt next to him.

Julia grabbed Mark’s head. “Your secret porn files are so interesting.”

Mark stared as the android’s pussy morphed into an erect cock.

“I’m so glad I’m your first,” Julia whispered before sliding into Mark’s mouth. She pumped him hard, grunting and leering as he wilted with each thrust. She pulled almost completely out.

Mark closed his lips around the head and stroked it with his tongue.

“That’s a good boy,” Julia purred, driving into him. She gasped and grabbed Mark’s head. “Now you’re mine!” she cried as she spasmed and erupted into his mouth.

Mark swallowed as much as he could as Julia pulsed down his throat, sucking hard until she withdrew.

Julia suddenly realized that Mark was frantically jabbing his erect cock in the air and was about to grab it. “Don’t you fucking dare!” she snapped.

Moaning, Mark withdrew his hand.

Julia licked her lips, bent down, planted a solitary kiss on the tip of Mark’s cock and quickly got out of the way. When he was finished, she climbed off the bed, sat down in a chair and went inert.

* * * * *

“Disengaging neural net override module” the voiceover said in a nearby control room.

Julia Edwards removed the helmet. “What a fucking rush!” she mumbled as the technicians disconnected the disposable bodysuit.

* * * * *

Julia sat down next to me a few hours later at a seedy bar across town and ordered a double shot of Jack. Her $30,000 had already been wired to my Cayman account.

I gave her an encoded CD. “He called you bossy.”

“Honey, I’ve got $200,000 on account with Android Entertainment. Bossy? I’m just getting started.” She threw down her whiskey, slipped the CD into an inside pocket and left.

© 2011 Oxartes. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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