A Nice Pair

Alan had known Cindy had a twin. A girl twin, a so-called identical twin. Of course it had intrigued him. It’s a Freudian thing isn’t it? The male and his mate’s sister. She’d been on the other side of the world so he’d never met her, until now.

Lindy and Cindy, silly, but that’s mothers for you!

He drove to the airport to pick her up, Cindy had had an appointment she couldn’t wriggle out of so he got the job. He’d expected to recognise Lindy but in fact, it was she that found him.

Bags in the trunk and away. “Coffee, shower, sleep, in that order!” She said with a tight laugh. “What a day, what a flight!”

They pulled in to a coffee shop to satisfy her first need and he listened as she described her journey. He was struck by the differences between the sisters. When he mentioned it she said they’d always tried to be as different as possible. “After a childhood of being dressed alike, treated alike and everybody saying how cute we both looked, I guess we just wanted to be our different selves; as different as we could.”

Well, differ they did. More make up and shoulder length hair made Lindy very different facially. He made a ring with thumb and forefinger, she laughed as he peered at her through the aperture. Seen this way the likeness was incredible. He explained and she sighed, “Oh yes, we’re really pretty much identical.”

Despite the five years since they’d last met, she and her sister seemed to dress differently too. But Lindy’s casual style didn’t disguise the the full- figured femininity any more than Cindy’s business suits did. As for personality differences, that might take a little longer.

He helped her in with her bags, showed her quickly around the apartment and then headed off for his next appointment.

He liked her. He could hardly help liking the twin sister of his wife, when he was crazy about that wife. But he wasn’t looking forward to having her underfoot in the small apartment. Lindy had said it was just until she found a place of her own and then lives could return to normal.

In fact he saw little of Lindy or his wife over the next couple of days. The two girls were busy shopping and “catching up” and just being newly reunited sisters. Alan just got on with his life and resigned himself the inevitable. Anyway the girls seemed to be having a great time.

The company had owed him a day off. He was half way through his breakfast when the two girls set off. Cindy to work and Lindy off on what promised to be a day of job interviews and apartment hunting. The place was his, … wonderful! The crossword and more coffee were next on his busy agenda.

Early afternoon found him in his recliner, dozing in the sunshine that streamed in through the living room window. The sound of the door brought him awake. He wondered which sister was home. “Hi Hon, are you there?” told him it was Cindy.

She headed for the kitchen with what looked like groceries. “I took off from work early to surprise you. I think I’ve been neglecting you.”

She came back from the kitchen. Oh but she suited the short-skirted business suit that she wore. Dark blue and accented by the white lacy ruffles at throat and cuffs. Standing by the chair she looked down and said, “I’ve not been giving you enough attention of late.” To his delight she began working the skirt up her thighs. Then she stepped across his outstretched legs and stood astride him. He slid down in the chair and she knelt first one knee and then the other on the chair and reached for his belt buckle. In a moment he was unzipped and she roughly pulled down the front of his briefs. His cock was responding and rose to greet her.

Her black panty hose didn’t quite conceal her white panties but they were in the way of further progress. As if reading his mind she said, “Just tear them, I want you, want you badly!”

The feeling was mutual and he reached fumbling hands between her legs and in a moment the nylon was torn open and her panty crotch was in plain sight. She reached down and pulled the panties aside and lowered herself. He groaned as he speared up into her tight heat. She squatted there, eyes closed, her pussy walls clutching at his hardness. She raised herself and his cock slowly slid from her. “Sit still, let me milk him.”

Ecstasy!! She slowly raised and lowered herself. He felt her getting wetter and wetter, going from painfully tight to gloriously slick. Both were utterly silent, each in their own little paradise as cock pierced and pussy sucked. Neither hurried, this would go on until they came and it was too beautiful to hurry. Her hands on his shoulders, his on her nyloned thighs. His briefs cruelly tight under his balls, the crotch of her panties chaffing against the side of his cock, the ripped open panty hose. Somehow it all emphasised their hunger. He’d not realised how badly he needed her, needed this.

He froze at the sound of the front door opening. Lindy was going to find them like this! She squirmed on his lap, “Hey, don’t stop!”

“Well, well, well!” said the voice. As she came into view he gasped.

It was Cindy, but it couldn’t be Cindy … could it? he was in Cindy! The twins now really were identical. The newcomer wore a dark blue business suit and had short hair.

The second Cindy asked, “Being adulterous?” she started to hike up her skirt, “Or maybe you’d like to be?”

Cindy or Lindy was still impaled on his cock and Lindy or Cindy was now kneeling on the arms of the chair with her pussy inches from his face.

He ripped open a second pair of black panty hose that day and a second pair of white panties were pulled aside and Alan stopped asking or thinking questions.

A twin had a pussyful of him and he had a mouthful of twin’s pussy. His hands lifted from thighs to ass and he pulled the softness of that pussy harder against his mouth. A twin bounced on his lap with ever more fervour and the one in his face was responding bruisingly to his tongue’s exploring.

As one might expect, the twins came together. Moments later he erupted too. The three of them breathing hard and clinging together and wondering just where all this would lead.

A day or two later Cindy, or she said she was Cindy had a tiny heart tattooed below her belly button. “Just so you’ll know.”

The next evening, in the shower, he noticed that there were two tiny heart tattoos. That was when he stopped worrying and wondering.

Now, after a year, he thinks he knows and then, he thinks he doesn’t. Four sweet breasts to love, two hungry pussies to feed, he doesn’t think he cares.

A Nice Pair by Julius © 2002.All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission from the author.

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