The Softer Side


Molly sometimes wondered if the other carousel horses became jealous. She hoped not. It wasn’t that the prancing, cream-coloured pony with the brown mane was so much her favourite as it was that the rest did not belong to her. Of course, it didn’t really... read more


Story inspired by the song ‘Open Door‘ by Genesis (Three Sides Live – Atlantic SD 2000-2) He stood there in silence, contemplating the front door like a critic poring over a work of art or an old wizard enmeshed in thought over some ancient scroll.... read more

The Night the Stars Fell Down

Dan pulled into the driveway and noted every light was on in the house. Not surprising. Cathy never turned out a light. ‘Whoa,’ he thought as he glanced at the dashboard clock. 3:30 a.m. Where did the time go? But then, what difference would it make?... read more

Time in a Bottle

Dark, liquid amber. Amber preserves, they say. Insects trapped in the viscous ooze, captured by a twist of fate that impelled them to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They fight it. Do they understand, know that time has run out? The resin engulfs them,... read more

Wilberforce The Cunning

I’m not usually the sort of person who indulges in quiet reflection, but when I do it often occurs to me that whether He, She, or It is referred to as Fate, the Good Lord, Providence, or however else you wish to designate the concept of a universal, omnipotent... read more

The Last Thing You Remember

She’s a pretty little girl, he thought. Dark, dark hair, and clear, liquid-blue eyes. And such a lovely voice. What was she reading, Frost …? “Home is the place, that when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” Yeah, Frost. Where’d... read more

Waking Katie O’Sweeney

Sean Donovan stared into Katie O’Sweeney’s coffin and caught his breath. There was that smile; that teasing, enigmatic, coy little turn of her lips. A swelling of longing and grief rose in his chest and threatened to pour out his eyes. Holding his emotions... read more

Splashing Corn

Jerry was drunk the first time he told me the story. In fact, he’s been drunk every time he’s retold it, but the first time still lingers for me in my mind. He was drunk that night, too, that night in the summer of 1944. Mickey Mouse was still selling War... read more


What a silly goddamned place this was. Maybe he’d have enjoyed it in his twenties when he was pretty goddamned silly himself. But for now he couldn’t wait to hop on the plane and go home. He looked out the window at the spectacle, faux pyramids and sphinx,... read more

Wait Along

“Will, you enjoy coming to see me about as much as I enjoy snapping on a rubber glove and sticking my finger up your ass.” “It’s a hell of a way to make a living, Doc, but you chose your own profession.” Doc Raines frowned and glared over... read more

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