Stanley’s Resolve

Stanley examined his face in the mirror. I must get rid of these pimples. Then maybe Stanley could have some friends. Even a chance with his blonde cheerleader fantasy, Maryanne. The prettiest girl in school. Built. Like. Hell. But Maryanne already has a boyfriend.... read more


“It’s unassailable. The honour guard watches day and night, always heedful…” “It’ll not be without risk, but she’s penetrable.”Le chevalier de Sémence1was cocksure.If anyone could pull off such a frontal thrust, it was surely him. “Mark my words. Soon Sémence... read more


Damned forced overtime, he thought. Why can’t the cheap bastards see that they need to hire at least three more people? The ride home sucked too. Wearily he closed the door behind him and turned to see his wife – in a bordello-red chemise – loping in full, long-legged... read more

The Cuckoo Clock

The Cuckoo Clock by John E The explosion at the oil refinery across the river vibrated windows throughout the house. A palpable sound, it was made more enigmatic by the dumb blurts of the cuckoo clock following it by less than half a minute, almost precisely at... read more


She’s asleep beside me, snoring comfortingly. For me, sleep won’t come, so I sit at the edge of the mattress and stare. The bedroom by night seems an infinite void. The darkness reflects things back at me like a polished mirror. I see life’s trials,... read more

The Goldfish Bowl

The Goldfish Bowl No one ever noticed Miriam until the day Mrs. Wrasse spied her coming home with a merman. “What on earth is that?!” demanded Miriam’s elderly neighbor. Beaming, Miriam heaved a sinuous male figure out the trunk of her car. He had a... read more

In the Soup

I: Abandoning the soup opera. I was better off unconscious on that raft. The emaciated amnesiac stared into the orangish VegSoup Sea. If only my “rescuers” were sane… But they weren’t. The Captain’s wife, a boozy big-titted floozy, banged... read more

The Thief and The Garden

Jerry, drunk and coked-up, stared into the darkened porn store. Closed—fuck! I was going to steal a butt-plug and a magazine— High as he was, he could barely hold that thought. Jerry stepped out from the doorway of Eupornia, leered at two young, cornholable women who... read more

Whore’s Borscht: From Erotic Tales of Bolshevik Dining after the Revolution

The People’s Representative of Bolshevik Agriculture, Commissar Dyudovich reported that the spiced red beet that grew in the fields outside Shanghai’s Russian Quarter were prolific and richly-colored as bulbous jewels. He observed that The Red General had... read more

The Village Church

Someone else’s footsteps echoed around the ancient church and I snapped out of my reverie. “Afternoon, Mark. I don’t remember seeing you in here before.” It was Edward, the local vicar. “No, I don’t come to services, well except at... read more

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