Stanley’s Resolve

Stanley examined his face in the mirror. I must get rid of these pimples. Then maybe Stanley could have some friends. Even a chance with his blonde cheerleader fantasy, Maryanne. The prettiest girl in school. Built. Like. Hell. But Maryanne already has a boyfriend....

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“It’s unassailable. The honour guard watches day and night, always heedful...” “It’ll not be without risk, but she’s penetrable.”Le chevalier de Sémence1was cocksure.If anyone could pull off such a frontal thrust, it was surely him. “Mark my words. Soon Sémence will...

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Damned forced overtime, he thought. Why can’t the cheap bastards see that they need to hire at least three more people? The ride home sucked too. Wearily he closed the door behind him and turned to see his wife – in a bordello-red chemise – loping in full, long-legged...

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Tenderloinedby Valentine BonnaireI took one look at you and I felt my mojo rise. That's what everybody knows about Californians isn't it? You can't expect any kind of tenderness from the kings and queens of the one-night stand can you? Not really. I was going to prove...

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Vanilla Suede

Vanilla Suedeby Valentine Bonnaire"nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands..." —e. e. cummings"Sometimes you just need to be held.""What do you mean?""It helps, especially when life throws you curve balls.""Maybe you're right.""I am.""What about the ghosts of...

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The Other Man

EARLY EVENING: "Honey?" "Uh-huh" "What do you think about when we're making love?" "Huh? - What?" "Do you ever fantasize about making love to another woman?" "Marjorie, I refuse to answer that question until you tell me who you've been talking to, and what kind of...

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One Winter Night in Venice

Snow fell in Venice. Snow fell in softened pale drifts before his footsteps along the Ponto del Diavolo. Though he knew it was impossible, still he felt the vibration of each step shake the ancient stone bridge beneath him. The impossible dogged him, following or...

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The Bathroom Mirror

Stephen stood in front of the bathroom mirror and gazed at his naked body. The bright light bulbs glaring from the perimeter of the mirror prevented the appearance of shadows on his face. Exposed by the harsh light, Stephen had nowhere to hide, like a prison escapee...

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Wantby Elliot DeLockeI want to run my hands up the thighs of the office babe, dressed in killer heels and a grey skirtsuit and stockings with slightly-crooked seams; to unbutton her starched white top to find she's wearing a black lacey bra, with matching panties...

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The Bawdy Ladies of West Savyon

Dafna got off the bus in the exclusive Tel Aviv suburb of Savyon and strolled into the office where she was temping for Sigalit, who was out on maternity leave. "Hi ladies, what's up?" "Hey, we've got Chinese take-out for lunch," Tzipi said. "We're planning a...

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