Queer Fiction

Blind Date

Linda stared at her open closet like a deer caught in the headlights of an approaching semi, sensing the impending doom but so paralyzed with fear it couldn't move out of harm's way. She lost track of just how long she'd been standing there in her bra and panties,...

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Daisy Chain on the Thirty Yard Line

I mean his ass is right there. And your job, your glory, your whole career is staring up his asshole and then pushing in as close as you can get. That's what quarterbacking is all about when you think of it. Nothing happens until that snap between the Center's legs....

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"I wonder if it's male or female?" Joe Rose studied the alien sitting at the end of the bar, trying to decide on an answer to his question. There were maybe a hundred different species that came through the Staten Island transshipping station where he worked, and Joe...

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As she faced the firing squad, in a distant chilling dawn, Margarete Louriette Magnons remembered that afternoon when she discovered Amaryllis. Then there had been no war, only desire. Amaryllis lived in Carcasone near the border. It was a small town, only sixty...

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Bad, Rhonda

After a whole lot of soul searching I arrive at the conclusion that the honourable thing to do is to come clean with Karin, my long-distance Email Lover. Therefore, naturally, I lie. I tell Karin this: I've met another woman on line. Rhonda. Just chatting and stuff....

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Hocus Pocus

I was raised Catholic by an Irish mother who helped get Ted Kennedy elected and has voted for him ever since. The fact that I'm an agnostic polyamorous butch lesbian who goes to a dominatrix once a week to get her ass paddled never bothered her, but when I moved to...

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Authenticity 101

I was sitting on our bed in shorts and an Alouettes t-shirt and had just opened ICQ on the laptop, when the cordless rang. The caller ID read "LETHBRIDGE". I smiled and hit the speakerphone. "Hello!" "Hi Daddy!" Becky shouted, "Mommy and I love you!" "And I love you...

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Girls’ Night Out

I caught a whiff of familiar perfume on Friday afternoon as I walked back to my flat from the station. I breathed it in and allowed it to tease the memory from my mind, calling me to go back to that place where we were. "Nina" I whispered back to it. Before it all,...

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This story appeared in The Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly (Haworth Press), edited by Judith P. Stelboum, in 2004 The eclipse of the sun didn't seem important to me at the time. I had never been especially interested in the movements of stars, planets, or other...

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Challenger Deep

Pop rode from Oakland to Guam in my lap. I put my vintage green and yellow A's baseball cap over him so that people wouldn't notice the plain cardboard box with the gold embossed stamp, "Whiteside and Sons Funeral Directors." A dusty cobweb clung to the back corner of...

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