Queer Fiction

Challenger Deep

Pop rode from Oakland to Guam in my lap. I put my vintage green and yellow A's baseball cap over him so that people wouldn't notice the plain cardboard box with the gold embossed stamp, "Whiteside and Sons Funeral Directors." A dusty cobweb clung to the back corner of...

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Tommy was the kind of guy all mothers want to see their daughters bring home. He was good natured, funny, and handsome. He gave up his seat on the bus for little old ladies. He carved turkey at the homeless shelter downtown every Thanksgiving. He sighed heavily every...

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Beautiful Losers

"Oh beautiful losers, you never seem to win. There's something weird about your very erotic sin. It wasn't perfect. Why did it end that way? ...Oh beautiful losers, tear out their eyes. Beautiful losers laying there warm inside. I tried to touch you but you were...

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Home is the Place

Erica skimmed the border between wakefulness and sleep, slowly emerging from a mellow, cradling fog of serenity. She rolled onto her side and laid her cheek upon her bedmate's back. She began to kiss her way along the subtle hillocks of vertebrae. Such delicious skin,...

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The Investigation

Charlie Weyland had been to the offices of Blaine and Associates several times, but every time he entered their lobby, he felt like he'd gone to the wrong place. It just didn't look like a detective agency. The furniture looked too tasteful, the carpeting looked too...

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A Teaspoon of Fame

"John Gage." I froze at the keyboard. I knew that charcoal voice, smooth and masculine. It slid around me every night, stroked my ear, sent warm swells of wishful thinking down my thighs. Don Desjardins was the seductive, erudite host of an all-night jazz program, who...

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The Gay Picture Show

The floor of the old baroque theatre showing 'Aaron in the Sheets' was littered with paper cups and used condoms. The whole place reeked of sweat and cum, plus it was stifling hot. But Denyce was determined to see this through. This was her first assignment, a kickoff...

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The Cowboy Way

I rest my head on my forearm and stare up at the stars, wondering if anything out there in the heavens can compare to this. The campfire throws shadows on the canyon wall. I watch the darkly magnified pantomime of Billy's bent back and curly head bobbing between my...

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The Boys Upstairs

She walks along the barren hall. There is no sound. Fluorescent lights flicker. She tries one door, then another but all are locked. Panic rises in her gut. On and on down the hall, each door refuses to yield. "Murrrp?" She looks down into the bright green eyes of a...

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St. Lucy’s Day

Gunnar Torvaldson rode in his cutter, his horse pulling with its head down against the combined weight of sleigh and occupant. Lamps swung on its sides. He watched the horse's haunches rise and fall, the crystalline air blowing from its nostrils. It was mid-December,...

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