Queer Fiction

How We Convinced Tony to Swing

JUNE “Do you fancy Maggie?” I asked my husband Pete as we lay in each others’ arms after a rather nice half-hour of lovemaking. “Well yes, she’s very attractive; do you?” “I do rather, and I fancy her husband Tony too, I... read more


My girlfriend, Celeste, says watching me paint makes her hot…at least, this particular series of portraits. Maxwell has that effect on everyone, I think. Celeste is a software engineer with our town’s largest employer. She is brilliant, attractive and... read more


Sideburns; what makes a man grow sideburns? Does he look in the mirror one morning and think; “Hmmm despite the sloping brow and the eye ridges I don’t quite look Cro-Magnon enough. What I need is redundant facial hair that will lower my perceived IQ and... read more

A Stiff Neck

I didn’t really know why I was waiting up for Raf. She was only a friend of a friend, and I was letting her stay with me until she could find her own apartment. Raf’s fit, muscular body, her glowing, sand-colored skin, her dark eyes and her smoky voice had... read more

New Again

It began with unspoken consent, an innocent suggestion to share a room for a cool night in the middle of June. We swerved drunkenly through the city, eyes squinting upward for a vacancy sign. My girlfriend wanted to go home, so I left her on the street corner next to... read more


He wasn’t muscular like Michael normally liked his men, but he was lithe and blonde, something Lewis, Michael’s heavy-set ex, detested. In other words, the man-boy—who’d wasted his breath by offering a name, instantly forgotten by Michael ­ was... read more


“Alfred, is everything set?” “Yes sir. I trust you will find everything to your liking.” “Excellent. Send out the signal, if you would, Alfred.” “Very good, sir.” Alfred bowed and left to attend to his task. Bruce Wayne... read more


I don’t realise I have dozed until one of them moves. It’s Nathan under my arm, my arm across his shoulders, Nathan up beside me on the pillows. His eyes are closed, sleeping, so I think, in his sleep nuzzling my side just below my breast, with his lips.... read more


“But, Lise, you promised you’d go to the Christmas party with me.” “Darrel, that was before we broke up,” I said. “I told everyone a month ago you’d be coming.” “You should have found another date.” “I... read more

Sheelos U-teshuvos (Questions and Answers)*

“My head hurts,” whined Aryeh miserably, tugging his carefully ringletted side locks straight and furrowing his pale brow. The candlelight turned his clear, bright features into golden planes and shadows. “Stop pulling your peyos! We’ve almost... read more
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