Odd Man Out

All the guys think my wife is so predictable. That Lisa always hits her orgasm with the second guy. And the fourth and sixth. Never with the odd numbers. They line up differently every Saturday, but always make me fuck her first. They assume I get to take her home and... read more

All in the Family

“Bad news. Gotta get to the office.” “Again? Carter, you promised!” “Sorry, but- “ “That’s all I ever get from you! ‘Sorry, but…’” “Don’t start with me, Sunny.” “You’re the one who insisted on ‘family’ dinner!” “You wanna live in a mansion, wear fancy clothes, spend... read more

Apropos of Nothing …

Apropos of nothing, the guy sitting next to me said, “I came in my pants once … while I was licking a girl. I was … um, in the zone. Know what I mean? And she was panting and heaving, and making these high-pitched squeally sorts of sounds. And... read more

Playing To Win

She always wanted to play games. We met in the resort I called home, at the casino blackjack table. We played crazy golf the next day, then ran from the rain into a penny arcade. I let her play the “seduce me” game; it was fun and the outcome was certain. Naked in bed... read more

Failure to Communicate

“It’s good to see you both. Sally, why don’t we start with you this week? No? Okay then, it seems you’d like Martin to share first. Martin, how did you do with your marriage boot-camp homework?” “I gotta say, Dr. Smithers, not too great.” “Would you care to... read more

The Results

I never should have come. But I’m desperate, and if the rumors are true—here is exactly where I should be… My nipples respond to the anticipation and chill in the air—stretched like teats, taut in readiness. As if they know what’s about to happen. I... read more


“You know, I’m a bit jealous.” Chloe turned to Sarah, who lay face-down on the sauna bench. “Why?” “Centre of attention, big day.” Chloe grinned. “You’re chief bridesmaid. You’ll have your own big day.” Sarah propped herself up on her elbows. “This spa weekend with my... read more

Giving Up Is Hard To Do

Even as his head moved between her thighs, a niggling thread of anxiety kept pulling her out of the pleasure. She sifted his hair through her fingers, trying to anchor herself in the moment, as his talented tongue worked her lubricated folds. He toyed, repetitively,... read more

Fuck-Me Hot

“Tony gets full marks for persistence,” Judy muttered. Helen sniggered. “Those wandering hands?” Judy sighed. “Can’t help himself. Drunk and thick as pigshit.” Helen leaned close. “Told you that outfit was fuck-me... read more


Debbie stretched, relishing having a huge bed all to herself. The fine cotton sheets felt lovely against her skin. I did it. I picked up a man in the bar last night and we had hot, rampant wild sex in my room. She sat up and looked around. There was the dressing... read more
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