God or the Devil

All I knew at the time and then it was like there was no time or that my whole life was squeezed into the lifespan of a thunderclap or a single hollow click-song of a cicada like the ones that used to descend on my grandparents' farm where later in that old barn on...

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You Like It Like That, Don’t You?

Dennis replaced the telephone receiver. "The boss wants to see me right away. Why is the boss after me?" He asked, turning for answers from Lee and Dean, whose desks were nearest his. "I haven't done anything wrong." "You'd best go smart-like and find out. It's...

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The Thing under the Bed

It lives under the bed. Sometimes, when I'm feeling especially optimistic, almost carefree, I start to believe it isn't there anymore, but who is ever positive all the time? Not I, certainly, and that's when I discover that the thing under the bed doesn't ever leave;...

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The Uniform

The lieutenant sat in an antique armchair that would one day be destroyed, along with the hotel, by the purifying blast of a bomb. But on that night, in that singular moment, everything in the room still possessed an existence, however tentative, an existence innocent...

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They Need Me

The Abbey of Saint Blaise hunkered on the edge of a bluff above the village at the edge of the Adirondacks, but one approached it from the flank along a roadway just out of sight of the gothic-grotesque monstrosity. There was one final bend of the road before the...

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The Room

There is a room. A square room. There is a bed in the middle of the room. A square table. A chair. There are no windows. No doors. It is neither hot nor cold. The only sound is that of your breath knocking against the silence of the room. There is a single fluorescent...

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The Baptism

1870, Annam, French Indochina The church of Dak Rede was a small wattle-and-plaster affair, perched inconveniently on the crest of a hill, just beyond the reach of the humid clutches of the jungle. Its placement, however, afforded the cool morning and evening breezes...

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The Doll

He awoke and he was lying next to it. It lay more as though dead than asleep, though in fact it was neither. It was offline. The dream was already beginning to fragment and fade. It was an important dream, he knew this, but it was slipping out of his reach in pieces....

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The Fifth Horseman

The Fifth Horseman As Eric lay dying in Saint Bartholomew's hospital, four ghastly figures gathered around his bed. "Hello, Eric," said a skull-faced fellow who carried a scythe. His dark robes flapped in the still air of the room. "Who…are you…guys?" Eric gasped. His...

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The Monster Beneath The Bed

The Monster Beneath The Bed "Alice, what the hell are you wearing?" Alice stood in her bedroom and trembled beneath the weight of her husband's critical glare. The delicate black lace nightgown that had seemed so beautiful only minutes before now left her feeling...

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